What She Taught Me This Week:

1. Falling down hurts, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying ($3 garage sale skates and a big sister teacher).
2. Sometimes stuff just gets in the way (playing inside the empty toy box is better than playing with the toys).
3. A new view changes the way you look at the world (family hike, looking for Dora)
4. Don’t be afraid to dream big and fly (I’ve tried this, it actually works. I dare you: tape purple tissue paper wings to your back and see if it doesn’t give you a lift!)

P.S. I’m unplugging from Twitter, my computer and iPhone tomorrow (Monday) for some deep thoughts…see y’all Tuesday for a special Mother’s Day post (hint: think photograph that defines motherhood to you). Also, I forgot to mention last week that THIS Wednesday, is a suggested themed edition of WFMW: Backwards Edition-ask your readers a question!


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    OK, I LOVE #3! Every single day my 4yo daughter asks me if we can go to Barney's house. She has drawn a map with her finger on the couch with the directions and insists she knows how to get there. It' so cute. I just won't take her because no matter where we end up, it won't be Barney's house and I don't want her to be disappointed. She SO wants to go!


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