Why is America Blessed?

This is the question I can’t stop thinking about.

Why does North America have so much, while the rest of the world has so little?

The little trip my hubby and I took at the beginning of the month wasn’t a romantic getaway. It was an informational meeting with an amazing Christian charity that works in Africa. We wanted to learn more and we did. We don’t know if we have a future with this group, but we are asking God and we’re trying to be patient.

In one of the sessions, they had every person take a colored piece of paper from a closed box. Our classroom was divided into groups based on our colored slips of paper. The medium-sized groups with 10 or more people signified the countries with world’s most wealth, America one of them.

In the far corner of the room, sat the group with the smallest amount of wealth: Africa, a continent with more than a billion people with the smallest amount of money per capita in the world.

It was shocking to see the room divided so unfairly and heartbreaking to know that this wasn’t a game. It was real.

Why is America so blessed? What are we to do with our wealth? We are a nation possessed with achieving more and more and more. I know no one likes these kind of questions. They make us feel uncomfortable. I have always thought that every pay raise, every unexpected check in the mail, every extra in my life was God’s blessing. God’s blessing for me. Now, I’m not so sure. Why would God want me to have more and more and MORE, while so many have nothing?

Every good gift comes from God above, but gifts are meant to be given.


I received this comment yesterday and thought it was thought-provoking: “Yesterday I read a post on Get Rich Slowly about how frugality is great, but really there’s nothing wrong with buying lots of nice things for yourself as long as you can really afford them. When I’d finished the article, I thought, “Is there no room for giving in this?” I believe there IS something wrong with lots of spending, even if I can “afford” it. Because maybe I have what I have not because I earned it, but because God blessed me with it. And maybe He expects me to share it, even just a little. But probably a lot.”

Why do you think America is so blessed?

Is it so we can build a greater country or is it for us to help that poor continent and others like it in the corner of the room and make HIS glory known?

WFMW: Summer Swimming Tip

This tip is brought to you by my smart 10 year old daughter:

When you are getting out of the pool and your swimsuit is really wet and your cold or you need to dry off to go home, wrap your towel tightly around your body-as tight as you can. Hold it closed with your arms and scrunch down all the way to the ground, keeping your arms pressed against your body, while kneeling.

It really does wring out your suit quickly!

I wouldn’t know. I tried it, but fell and couldn’t get up.

But it works for her!

What works for you? View WFMW guidelines here. Don’t forget next week’s (suggested) theme is: “Share your favorite summer recipe(s)!”

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The Rusted Chain {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winners* Congrats to Jessica and Krys!

So true:

Image of How Great Is Our God necklace

The Rusted Chain is one of my new sponsors. I met the sweet owner, Beki on Twitter ages ago (the Intenet makes instant friendships, no?)

Her awesome company raised $3000 for Compassion International for Haiti. I love that.

Oh, and her jewelry is amazing and she’s one of the most reasonable hand-stamped jewelry makers around!

Some of my favorites:

Image of Dream. Teach. Inspire. necklace

Image of Happy Day earrings

The Rusted Chain creates jewelry with a purpose. Beki is a mom, a blogger and a blog reader, just like us. Please visit her site and tell me what speaks to you! TWO readers will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.

My Weekend: It Deserves a List

  • My baby had tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed on Friday morning. I don’t like things like this.
  • The medical staff let her take some comfort items back to the OR, but the doctor had to stop mid-procedure to put the pacifier in the crying baby doll’s mouth. I think they have a new policy now. We like to shake things up.

  • I learned that a large majority of kids come out of anesthesia hysterical, kicking and fighting. My kids is above average.
  • Her recovery started out rocky when the nurse at the hospital mistakenly gave us the wrong ear drops.
  • I learned if you put nasal spray in newly tubed ears, it burns very badly.
  • My 3 year old could win an Olympic event in SCREAMING.
  • It turns out I like the World Cup. Even when Africa wins.
  • I sent my darling older kids to four days of church camp early Saturday morning. But I’m channeling my sorrow by gutting their rooms of all random paper crafts hoarded from year 2004.
  • P.S. I never thought I’d be the Mom who puts her son’s clothes in zip lock bags with a label for each day.

  • But I TOTALLY am.
  • The camp has strict rules about head lice. If they find it, the children aren’t allowed in. I thought about scheduling a quick visit to the dentist. But thankfully, we passed!
  • My toddler is trying on her role as an only child. She likes it, but I miss her brother and sister.
  • I found out my 4 year old iPhone does not float in the commode. Don’t ask.
  • How was your weekend?