DIFOP-Update on Pillow Case Dresses

We are at the half way point in collecting supplies for this wonderful project for little African girls.

I am simply overwhelmed at your generosity! Please continue to send in pillow cases and supplies until the end of June. I don’t think we can make too many! New goal: 200 dresses

Received so far:

95 pillowcases (+plus a lot of flat sheets/fabric)

11 completed dresses

$225 for shipping to 15+ seamstresses both ways

14 spools of ribbon, 15 packs of bias tape, 7 packages of elastic, 20 spools of thread.

PLEASE make sure I receive your donations before July 1st. I will be undertaking the huge job of dividing out supplies/mailing the first week of July to give our seamstresses time to make the dresses.

I’ve heard from several that you are making groups with your homeschool kids and churches!! Please make sure the dresses are completed by mid-July, so they can be counted in the total.

(If you are a seamstress, I will be contacting you soon. Please feel free to let me know if you can make these dresses w/ribbon only, bias tape, only or elastic only or ALL THE ABOVE, so I can send you the right supplies in July).

xoxo to all of you!


  1. 3

    Gwyn says

    I volunteered as one of the seamstresses, and I can use all the supplies. Thanks. Looking forward to participating!

  2. 6

    Amanda says

    We are just about to go to the post office to send 4 more pillow cases! Thanks for giving us another opportunity to talk to our kids about being generous and loving others!

  3. 8


    Great news! btw…the bias tape does not go far…I made a dress last week and it took almost an entire package for one dress…that is because it takes like 40 inches per arm in order to have enough to tie up at the top. So anyone wanting to donate bias tape I’m sure it will be appreciated 😀 Hope this helps, R

    ps…here’s a peek at the little pink dress I did…I’m working on a dozen for you by mid july…yeah!


  4. 9

    Hannah Sparks says

    I would love to make some and send in! I have two little boys so I always jump at the chance to work on little girl stuff!! What do I need to know to make them? Thanks!

    • 9.1

      Hannah Sparks says

      Just read the orignal post. I’m excited to help! I’ll let you know closer to date how many I will be sending! Love this project!

  5. 10


    How great that this was todays blog post. I just went today and got everything I need to make my dresses!! How funny. I am so excited to get started sewing.

  6. 11


    I’ve also been gathering supplies and I will send COMPLETED dresses in a couple of weeks!! I LOVE being a part of this project – I just wish I could hand-deliver them! Thanks for the update!

  7. 13


    Thank you for your work on this project! What a worthy cause. I sent a package to you a couple of weeks ago. Hope you received it. God Bless!

  8. 14



    I tweeted you with my email address so that I could make dresses, but never heard back. Can I still help/participate?

    Please let me know.

  9. 16


    Hi, I have made 8 dresses, and plan to make many more. If you would like to send me some pillow cases to make more please contact me. Thank you.

  10. 19


    We have 6 completed dresses, and 6 more almost done. Thank you for sharing your heart and ideas to DIFOP. My daughter has learned to sew and about giving to others. You are a super godly example! I have the same question as Marcy – Do you want me to send them to you or to the organization?

  11. 20


    I still want to do this. I don’t believe I will need any fabric (when people find out I sew, they give me their leftovers!), but I probably could use bias tape or elastic or ribbons. Whatever you have is fine. I will be ready to start right after the 4th of July. Please contact me. I want to make 5 dresses. Thanks!

  12. 21


    I just wanted to update you on what is coming your way – I have made 11 dresses in surprisingly little time which is a GOOD thing since I have so many little ones underfoot. I have 12 more to sew up and my daughter told her pastor’s wife what we are doing – yesterday she came home from church with 33 more pillowcases from the church ladies! Whew, it’s a good thing my daughter sews too – we should have these done in no time and on the way to you. She is going out of town on the 15th so our goal is to finish before then – we’re so glad your little project has grown so big!

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