Discovering Your Child’s Heart {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winner* Wow, I’m so glad I’m not alone in this parenting journey! Congrats to Cariann, our winner. I highly recommend the Family Matters parenting resources to everyone else!

My kids are like night and day. NIGHT and DAY. My firstborn daughter is strong. She is confident and she isn’t easily deterred. She likes to be in charge and doesn’t like to be told no. Her baby sister is a lot like her.

My son is in the middle. He is sensitive, a pleaser, a peacemaker. He wants everyone to get along and often gives up his own desires to make his sisters happy.

My kids are different, but by default, I parent them all the same.

And in the words of Dr Phil (who I do not watch on purpose) “How’s that working out for you?”

Um, some days, not so great.

I’m not intentionally parenting them all the same, I just haven’t known a better way and I even when I try to do it differently, I often slip back into it. Until now.

I’m a long-time fan of Grace Based Parenting. A couple of years ago, I shared their books and gave some away on my blog. Family Matters contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out a new tool to discover the heart of your child and parent to their uniqueness. I jumped at the chance. I don’t feel like I’m a bad parent, but I’m always open to becoming a better one.

Family Matters sent me this family tool smartly disguised as a family game: The Kids Flag Page.

The Kids Flag Page is a fun way for moms and dads to interact with their kids and truly discover the heart of each child—who God created them to be. When you follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to complete your child’s Flag Page and read the information in the accompanying book, you will:

  • Discover the unique way God wired each of your children and how to best relate to them.
  • Find the six key things that motivate your child – what they love the MOST about life.
  • Connect with the heart of your child.
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to motivate, encourage, discipline and help each child succeed in life.
  • Learn a comprehensive strategy for raising your kids in the power of God’s grace.
  • Find out how to bring the best out of your strong-willed kids.

We took our kids out separately and “played the game” to discover their “countries.” I was amazed at the results! My hubby and I are reading the accompany book and trying to implement some of the discoveries.

I highly recommend this tool for every family.

Family Matters is giving away The Kid’s Flag Page today to a reader. Retail value $44. Please leave a comment telling me why this would be helpful for your family.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 151

    Lisa Johnston says

    We could definitely use this. We have 3 kiddos. Two are very similiar, but our oldest son is totally different. I feel like we get it wrong about as often as we get it right. I know we can improve!

  2. 152

    Sharon C Byrum says

    This would be a fabulous tool. My children can be so similar sometimes, but the are sometimes polar opposites, I would love the opportunity to get to know them better.

  3. 154


    I am wondering if this would work also for older kids (teens). My kids are also very different and it has always been a challenge to deal with each of them in a manner that is best for them. I would LOVE to be able to find out what really touches their hearts and how best to respond to each of them!

    • 154.1

      Linda Giangregorio says

      This is truly a great product. I found it because I got one his books, called “Raising Kids for True Greatness”. It is an amazing, beautiful book that really opened our eyes and heart to fully receive the message. I fig. because I loved the book I would check out the website. And I found the kids flag page. It DOES work for teenagers as well as very little ones. I highly recommend it!! I hope everyone has as great a success with it as we did.. Small Disclaimer, you can buy refills for this because you are going to want to make a new one every year.

  4. 155


    Would LOVE to have this parenting tool for our family (two children) and as a helpful ministry tool to the other parents in our church. We are currently hosting a group study in our home on Wednesday nights and are going through the Grace Based Parenting video series and book. What a great followup tool this would be. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  5. 156


    My girls are still pretty young, but I can already see the differences in their personalities. One is more like my husband, and one more like me (Lord have mercy!). This looks like a great resource. Thanks for the chance!!!

  6. 157

    juliea says

    My kids are totally different in every way. I worried that our first two were too close together and would have too much in common and conflict would arise. I was so wrong. They are very very different. Thank you so much.

  7. 158

    Renee Holley says

    Trying to parent four very different kids can be challenging at times. Right now I’m struggling to relate to my almost 12 yr old son. He’s so different from his older brother. I’m not doing a very good job at the moment. Maybe this game would help us all.

  8. 159

    Kylee says

    I would love to win this. I have been searching online for some parenting books. I feel like I am not in control, but want to parent without yelling.

  9. 160

    Tanya says

    I’m a longtime fan of Grace Based Parenting, too. I came across this today and it’s the first I’ve heard of the Kids Flag Page. Interestingly, the day I see this is the day I could put it into practice the most. What a day!

  10. 161


    I think I know my children’s personalities and such, but I don’t always KNOW how that granslates when trying to parent my children…and as I am deeply entrenched with some in the teenage year, I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!!!!
    I remember as a child being frustrated with my parents in the ways the parented us the same, and try not to do that to my children, but Mt Never-Rest is about the explode in the laundry room, the dishes don’t do themselves, these children need the SCHOOL in homeschooling and I do need a shower from time to time…This sounds like a fun tool that can help us understand the differences in each child and maybe even help them in their relationships with each other….
    THanks for the oppotunity to win this!

  11. 162

    elizabethk says

    This is of great interest to me, as well – we are studying Temperaments currently. To better understand ourselves, spouse and children. Two quotes in my reading that have opened my eyes — as I kinda parent them the same too, with a little differences…but not much (lol!)

    “Each child is a unique and unrepeatable person and must receive individualized formation.” – Pontifical Council for the Family

    And Pope John Paul II : “Love contains the acknowledgement of the personal dignity of the other, and of his or her absolute uniqueness.” — and he also wrote in his Letter to Families – “In God’s plan the family is in many ways the first school of how to be human.”

    Grace builds upon nature – it is said. I look forward to growing in the way I raise my individual children – through my studies and what you will be sharing here. God Bless!!

  12. 163


    What a great concept! I’d love to have this in our home. As step-monster to a beautiful 8 year old daughter, it would be great to have some insight as to what motivates her, what works best and what doesn’t. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. 165

    Becky says

    I’ve long been a fan of individualizing education, but as a parent….I’ve dropped the ball. This theory feels like a light bulb moment of better parenting which leads to kids who will be able to walk into their destiny with less “stuff”


  14. 166


    This seems like a fantastic way to figure out the hearts of my children. I feel like I know my oldest’s heart very well, but I still am wondering about my daughter. She is not as open with her thoughts and feelings as my son, so this would be a great way for me to understand her and parent her in the best way for her. As she grows and enters the “tweener” years, it’s so important for us as her parents to not just parent her the same way we parent our son. My greatest desire as a mom is to KNOW my children wholeheartedly and to “train them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”. And in order for me to do that, I feel that I should spend time studying their heart. God made each of them with a unique heart designed to love Him. I want to make sure I am taking good care of those very special hearts. Great giveaway, sweet friend!!

  15. 167

    Jeannette says

    We have two kids 6 months apart so it is tempting to dole out the same treatment. Being consciously aware of their differences and how to parent them differently would be great!

  16. 168

    Elizabeth P. says

    I am always searching for ways to be a better mom. Of course the main resource is the Bible, but other godly resources are helpful too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. 170


    That would be so great! My girls are 22 months apart, and we’ve generally parented them the same. And now we have a baby on the way. Now that they’re 5 & 7. So that’s really going to throw a wrench in things. My girls are so different, but so bent on fairness. Which to them means “same.” My oldest is such a rule follower and people pleaser. My second is going to really get knocked off her block losing her baby status.

  18. 171

    Kellie Beaty says

    Wow, how wonderful. I also have three. The oldest son is just like my hubby, the middle daughter is just like me and the littlest (another son) – so far is a happy medium. This sounds like a great tool to parent to each of them as they need.

  19. 172

    Stephanie says

    Oh boy would I love this!!! I have two girls ages 3.5 and 1.5. They are so opposite from each other. My oldest has always been very strong-willed (or weak-willed if you think about it being an inability to control her will to do as she should!) On the whole she is sweet, loving, and VERY smart. But when she decides to pull the power-struggle, it is one doozy of a struggle! I feel like no matter how I try to interact with her or discipline her, it never really works. Disciplining is exasperating because no matter what form I try (and I feel like I’ve tried it all!) she doesn’t seem to care and goes right back to doing what she was being disciplined for. I really feel at a loss most of the time and am just going through life desperately trying what I can and praying that everything will work out okay by the grace of God.

  20. 173

    Tia says

    I too am a huge fan of Grace Based Parenting and the teachings of Dr. Kemmel. I have two very srong willed young boys both with ADHD. I feel I am failing them both. I just can’t seem to get it right. This would be a wonderful tool for me.

  21. 174


    This sounds like a wonderful tool. I have a stronged willed child and while I’ve read Setting Limits with Your Strong-Willed Child : Eliminating Conflict by Establishing Clear, Firm, and Respectful Boundaries by Robert J. Mac Kenzie I could always use more resources, epecially if it’s one that is “a comprehensive strategy for raising your kids that is a direct extension of God’s heart of grace—a strategy that automatically brings the best out of every one of your kids.”

  22. 176

    Karen S. says

    Hi! Thanks for having this giveaway! I am new to your blog and love it!
    This tool would be so helpful in discovering what makes my 6 yr old tick. There are so many times the only way to get through the day is just by having a good and prayerful cry! Between him and his little brother, there are many times I don’t know what to do. We’ve read the books on Strong-Willed Children and all, but so far nothing has helped us! Thanks for considering me!

  23. 177

    Karis says

    We have 2 young boys. The older one is very strong willed while the younger one is so laid back. We would love any guidance/wisdom on how to effectively parent these 2 very different boys. :)

  24. 178

    Amy K says

    Three kiddos ranging in age from 2-10. Not only are their personalities different, but managing their developmental stages can be quite challenging at times. It’s easy to get lazy and wish them all into the same mold…. but how boring would that be:)

  25. 179

    Heather T. says

    Oh, I soooo need this. I have a daughter and a son. They are totally night and day, and totally different then me. I only had 1 sister so dealing with a boy is proving to be difficult. And my daughter is very strong willed like her father. They love each other dearly but fight like cats and dogs and dealing with punishment is very challenging.

  26. 180

    Amy J. says

    We have a 9 yr old girl, 7 yr old boy, and an 8 month boy- and boy are they all different! :) Would love ideas on how to better parent them in the way best for them.

    thanks for this great giveaway!

  27. 181

    Jennifer says

    It has been quite a challenge to learn my older daughter’s heart motives. God blessed me with her because I thought I had me some skilz with children, having been a p.s. kindergarten teacher and all. I now realize that I got nothin’. Trying to parent her effectively leaves me baffled and terribly discouraged. We just don’t seem to be communicating. Learning her language would be such a blessing and have eternal consequences, I’d wager. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  28. 183



    If this can help me decipher my 12 year old “middle child”, Joshua, and help me learn his heart and how to better parent him, I’d love an opportunity to try this out. He’s terminally stuck on “life’s unfair”, “I never get…” “but he always…” “you never let me….” and so much more. He and I just don’t speak the same language! I’d like some help in connecting him with intentional joy, I’d like to better parent who he is, and to help him use who he is for God’s purpose in him.

    Sounds like a unique and brilliant concept. I’m definitely curious and interested.

  29. 184

    Sylvia says

    I would like to win this because I need all the help I can get and today is one of those days when I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  30. 186


    This would be SO helpful for my 3 kids! They’re all girls, but night and day. The oldest is the typical first born, conscientious, etc. The middle child really frustrates me – wanting to do her own thing, which is basically everything I *don’t* like. The youngest is spacey but sunny and loveable. I really struggle to try to raise each to the best of my ability and in the path God has chosen for them. Thank you for this giveaway!

  31. 187

    Amy Hudson says

    I love Grace Based Parenting and have had the wonderful opportunity to hear Dr. Kimmel speak at two MOPS conventions. It always seems that as we get close to the kids birthdays they have a growth spurt both physically and emotionally. My son is about to turn 8 and my daughter will be 6 so it is that time of year where we need to “figure them out” again! We have also added a one year old to our family last month so things are busy to say the least and this would be a wonderful tool to help us understand their hearts as they are growing and with the new changes. Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!

  32. 189

    Juliann says

    I would LOVE this book to help us on our journey with two boys, 9 and 6 who are as different as different can be. God has now blessed our nest with a beautiful daughter who is almost 1. So a whole new world is opening up to us!
    Thanks for you blog.

  33. 190

    Brenna says

    I would Love this! My son is entering into the pre-teen season – his love languages is quality time which will be interesting!

  34. 191

    Katie Fickey says

    I would love this book too! Seems like a great way to have insight into the way God designed our children! I have three and would love to see if I’m doing anything right! :)

  35. 192


    I could use a little grace in my parenting. :-) We have an adopted daughter (two years home) that is mostly a puzzle to me, along with 3 bio kids that are all different. I’m always up for a little insight. Julie

  36. 193

    jj says

    What a great way to learn about your kids! This sounds wonderful. I’d love to be able to connect better and minimize the frustration that can result from our differing perspectives.

  37. 194

    Monica says

    I need this now! I have 3 children. I will send one to kindergarten in August and one to high school (middle child in middle school). With children at every age level and with differing personalities, I know I have a lot to learn about parenting each one.

  38. 196

    Deanna says

    I don’t have kids yet, but I’d love to have this resource for when I do. It sounds like a great tool. I truly admire parents – I think it’s one of the hardest jobs out there.

  39. 197

    Jill D. says

    my two children are so different and this would be very helpful in approaching them individually. we are also waiting for two children from ethiopia who will be unique and to understand their heart better through a simple too like this would truly be a blessing!

  40. 198


    Love this – my 9 1/2 year old child is already entering that difficult tween stage. I was just telling a friend that parenting her these days reminds me of those super intelligent raptors in Jurassic Park that keep throwing themselves against the electric fence to check for weaknesses. All day long, I’m going zap-zap-zap! boundary defenses are still on, sweetheart.

  41. 199

    Lisa Fullingim says

    I have 3 girls: 4 1/2, 2 1/2 and 6 weeks.

    I’m scared to death I’m not going to reach them for Jesus the way they need to be taught.

    I want them to grow up to be the Godly Women that He wants them to be.

    And I want to reach them the way He created them to be.

    I love my girls.


  42. 200


    Would love to have this! Anything that can better help me understand and parent my two very different children would be a blessing! Love your blog, have been reading you since Africa.

  43. 201

    Staci says

    I would love to have this! I have two children who are as different as night and day, as well. One who is borderline autistic and one who is the life of the party! Thanks for the opportunity!

  44. 202

    Danyiel Wise says

    I think that this would be helpful for my family because I am in the throngs of raising a very determined young lady that I have truthfully ran our of answers for how to make HER HAPPY. In the past two years my pleasent 8 year old has turned into a miserable 10 year old with out much understanding for how to get her emotions and actions under control. I would love to see if this book would give me clear answers to how God wants me to raise her.

  45. 203

    Suzanne says

    As a single mom I am doing my best to raise my 10 year old daughter and 5 year old twin sons the best that I can. Sometimes I feel like my best just isn’t good enough. I would LOVE to have this tool to help me raise my children the way God intended for them to be raised.

  46. 204

    Michelle Myers says

    I am so struggling in this area right now… hubs & I have been discussing some of these very issues about parenting. I have an 8yo daughter, 4yo son & 2yo daughter. Our 8yo is just so full of anger, sometimes, at our younger 2 b/c she thinks she has too many chores & they always get their way. This is true, to a point. B/c of her age, she does have more responsibilities but not an unappropriate amount. So, I keep asking myself, “Where is this coming from?”, “Is her love tank not full?”. (We’ve done the love language thing & try to be mindful of it w/her, especially. Would love this resource!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 205

    Lisa says

    We are just entering into the Adolescent years with two of our four children. Communication is key, and this sounds like a great tool to help us stay connected.

  48. 206

    Elaine says

    I too have 3 children who are all so very precious, but different. It is hard to parent them differently. I would love to have this tool to help me with how God would have me raise and parent them. Thanks!!

  49. 207


    Oh wow – this would be so good for our family. I have 2 DAY and NIGHT children as well. We can use all the help we can get to understand more of whom God made them to be. I’m praying I win…

  50. 208


    Oh goodness. This sounds like an answer to prayers! My husband and I were just talking and praying about this last night. I’m having “discipline issues” with my eldest (I have 2 kiddos) and was at wits end yesterday. I tend to blame myself (I have a short temper!) and think I make matters worse instead of better. I can relate to Michelle M. in regards to anger that my 7 year old has in regards to her younger brother. She doesn’t take it out on him, but on me. I would love a tool like this to figure out her heart, which is definitely tender, and work on disciplining here in a way that is effective vs. me just harping on her! :)

  51. 209

    HeatherS says

    I have two children and they are very different from each other! I always thought my son, the older one, was the strong-willed one (and he is!) but I am now seeing it in my daughter just in different ways. This looks like a great product.

  52. 210

    Jill says

    What a great idea. We would love to do this with our three children…I don’t want to make mistakes and have my middle one get lost in the shuffle….Thanks!

  53. 211


    We’d love to have this resource. Our children are also very different. Our oldest sounds like your daughter. I’d love to have more information about how to train her without breaking her strong spirit.

  54. 212

    Jennifer says

    WOW! Do I need this! Our oldest is entering the teen years and as a home educating family, motiviating, reaching the heart and connecting are becoming more and more crucial and difficult! Our youngest is two and everyone in between would be so grateful to see mom and dad communicating with each of them as God created them, not how He created us!! :)

    Thanks for the oppotunity!

  55. 213

    kat says

    My oldest is only six, but he’s very hard to figure out and I would LOVE any help I could get with raising him better suited to his personality.

  56. 214

    Judith says

    My son has been raising his daughter alone but is about to get married. The girl has two children of her own and they are very different than my granddaughter. They are all really good kids but totally different. I would love for him and his new wife to play this game with all 3 children so that they can become very aware that each child needs to be handled in a different way. Thanks

  57. 215


    I would love to get my hands on this! I am always open to better parenting tips- I want to get this right! :) We have 3 kids, Jacob is 5, Cait is 3 and James is 10 months.

  58. 216


    McDaddy and I just attended a military sponsored marriage seminar and we filled out a Flag Page to better understand our personalities. Our flag pages were pretty accurate. As a parent, I can use all the help I can get. =)

  59. 217

    Theresa says

    Would love to win this! I have 3 and about to adopt several more with unknown personalitites! We need all the help we can get figure out the heart issues on our kids! We never arrive! Love this!


  60. 218


    I am with you on the parenting different personality children the same way. I have the same issue! Sometimes I know exactly what to do for each child but that is rare. More often than not, I’m grasping at straws and falling back on ineffective disciplines or motivations. I want to have a better sense of what my kids need and respond to. It would be really helpful!

  61. 220

    Stacey says

    I would love to win that. I have two adopted children. I have a hard time with my daughter and understanding what her likes and dislikes are. She copies her brother all the time. It would great to sit down with her and really find out who she is and what she likes. It would be really helpful.

  62. 221

    gina lang says

    I would love to win because it would be helpful to me to see their differences. I too parent all the same, i can see it isnt working out well. My 8 and 6 year old boys are really starting to fight. I just separate them usually, but my temper is short and usually punish too much!! maybe this would show me the way?!

  63. 222


    Our son is adopted. He was 8 when we officially adopted him and he is our first son. We are most certainly wingin it when it comes to parenting him. This has our name all over it! What an awesome idea.

  64. 225


    This sounds like a helpful tool. My daughter and I are so much alike (just don’t tell my mom I said that) and we tend to clash a lot. I am starting to see her heart and how God wired her but I would love something designed to dig a little deeper.

    Thanks for the chance!

  65. 226


    Oh how I need this. Sometimes I literally just stare at kids, totally stumped on what to try next. And with kids ages 8, 6, and 3 I’ve hit some challenging ages with all of them all at the same time. I’m like a kitten in a hail storm…haggered looking and defeated.:)

  66. 228


    Wow! Seriously? I have 4 kids and I think I have 2 of them figured out but – who knows. This would be great to try out and would be a real help for my 3rd-born.

  67. 231

    Darby Brion says

    Not only are my kids like night and day, they are 12 yrs. apart in age! My husband tries to motivate my oldest son the way that he needed motivated and it’s not the way my son is wired. He is more like me, his mother! The youngest boy is just like his father which makes it harder for me! This would be a great gift for our family.

  68. 233

    Rachel says

    I sure hope I win!! I would like to know how to better parent my son. He is so sweet, empathetic, thoughtful…and still somehow “all boy!” He is my first and only child, so tool would help us both discover him from another angle.

  69. 234


    I’m a newly single Mama to four… and I’m homeschooling… I can use all the help and understanding I can find and this looks great!

  70. 235


    This sounds amazing! I know some of the things in the hearts of my two girls but my boy is a mystery to me too! He is also sandwiched in the middle and is a peacemaker but I dont really know how to reach his heart. I am hoping this “game” would help me learn how best to do that! I feel like I push him too much into my interests, like sports, and he does them because I have told him it is good for him but I know his heart is not there. Not really sure where it is. Would love the help! Also have a daughter that just turned 18 and she is amazing me by putting her own bible quotes up on mirrors and things. Finally seeing that we have had some positive influence on her and that her heart is searching for HIM! She is going off to college at the end of the summer and I would like to see how I can best relate to her at this time in her life too. And Yes, she would play the game! : )

  71. 236

    Bethany S. says

    We have 3 boys with VERY different personalities!!! This would be SO awesome for our family! Sounds very interesting! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  72. 237


    Oh man….this couldn’t have come on a more appropriate day. For the most part, my kids (2 year old boy and 3 year old girl) are opposite, but in some ways they are the same. Some days, like today, the same and opposite personalities clash in every instant and I have a horrible time figuring out both age appropriate AND personality appropriate consequences and disciplining plans.

  73. 238

    Lisa Palmer says

    Oh this parenting tool sounds like something I would have prayed for! I have 5 children. My oldest is 21, married to a firefighter, and has a 1 yr old baby and pregnant with another due in November. They live with us while saving for a home. We have recently butted heads because apparently I dont listen… ?Perhaps Im too busy grocery shopping,cleaning,taking care of babies to pay attention to the subtle hints of topics that she doesn’t bring up…definately need help and patience here. I have a 20 yr old who is very outspoken. We generally get along well, even if things aren’t great- I know exactly how she feels. Both girls are very smart, beautiful, loving people- but I sure would like to know how to pour out my love in a more personal way. I also have a 6 yr old who is very bright beautiful girl. Kindergarten taught her many wonderful things and how to talk back. uugh. I find myself being a threatning parent. If you dont do this you wont get to do this. then not following through. My 4 yr old son probably spends more time in the corner than he should, because hes too rambunctious (as most boys are) to be safe around the 2 babies. My 2 yr old is very very cute- but a stinker- I need to figure out how to parent her now- before its a bigger challenge. My 1 yr old grandbaby- Im just gunna try to spoil while shes in my house- with out the others vieing for my attention and feeling left out. 5 beutiful children a grandchild and son in law (that is an only child and doesnt like the kaos of our house)- 9 people under one roof…Yes, I could use all the tools I can get my hands on. God has blessed us. Each day I savor little moments. I just want to be a Mom they enjoy and respect. Bless all of you Mommies!

  74. 239

    Cindy says

    That sounds like an amazing tool. I’d love to use that with my two boys (although the 1 year old may be too young yet).

  75. 240


    Anything that helps me reach the heart of my children is needed in my family. I have six children with a seventh due in a month and they are all so different. This looks like a unique way to get to know them each better.

  76. 242

    Kristina Morrell says

    Like everyone else I would LOVE to have this book in order to help me learn how to better parent my children. I have a 13yo boy, an 11yo boy and a 6yo girl and none of them are remotely alike personality wise. The oldest is most like me so in some ways it is easier for me to parent him but in others FRUSTRATING!!! The other 2 have me spinning all the time! Thanks for sharing and I’m so glad I finally found your blog. I have several friends who have been talking about it for a while.

  77. 243

    TxMommy says

    I actually bought Grace-Based Parenting based on your reviews, and it’s been so great for me. I’d love to have a new resource. I feel like I’m always parenting based on the way I was parented, and not according to my childrens’ needs. Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. 244


    This sounds so helpful. I’m constantly butting heads with my daughter – I’m just at a loss. Our personalities are soooooo very different. I’ve re-read the Love Languages books over and over and figured out our “types” but it’s just not enough. I know there’s no magic pill but I keep hoping there will be some tool that will help our family smooth things out and actually ENJOY our journey of life together.

  79. 245

    Tanya Moyer says

    Wow – what a great idea! I would love to own this because I have two girls – 4 years apart. One is 12 and has been in the “tween” zone for about a year…it’s a minefield to say the least! My other girl is 8 and so different from her sister. And I agree that I don’t feel like I’m a bad parent, but I’d love anything that helps me relate to and understand my girls better! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  80. 246

    Jeni says

    Like many of the others, we have 3 children (so far). Our desire is to raise children who love Jesus, teaching by example and in a way that reaches their hearts. And oh are those hearts reached in different ways! What a great resource this would be as we strive to tailor our discipling to meet individual needs!

  81. 248

    Amy says

    With four little ones, I notice the “big” personality differences. It is the subtle things that all tend to get parented together. Would love to have a tool to help me create parenting for the individual.

  82. 249

    Jenny says

    I parent my children the same because I just do what I know. What a growth spurt I could experience if I tailored my parenting style to each child’s heart – now to figure out HOW to do this???? This tool sounds like a wonderful first step in the process and it would be helpful to our family as we begin home-schooling our kids.

  83. 250

    Rebecca says

    I would love to win this. I could definitely use help with my 3 girls who are as different as can be.

  84. 252


    I would love this for our kids. My first two daughters are very different. The first one is like me, the second one is not. I know as they get older, it will be more difficult to manage this.

  85. 253


    My children are small right now but I know that they’re both so different. My son is very obedient and wants to please us while my daughter seems (at 14mo) to be stubborn and wanting to things her own way all the time. It would help us understand them much better as they get older!

  86. 254


    Three kids, three different personalities. This sounds great, because it’s objective and not influenced by my preconceptions about their passions. Being a parent is a constant journey, and we all want to be better at it!

  87. 255


    i think this would be a great way to discover new thigns about each of our 4 kids. especially for my husband, who works so much and doesn’t know them on a deeper level.

  88. 256

    Sam ES says

    Because we’re just starting a family — by fostering. This has gotta be SO important when we’re getting all sorts of kids at different stages of life.

  89. 257


    Why would this be good for our family…We have 6 children. And each one of them is their own unique individual. I too fall into parenting them all the same way to often. What a great idea. Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. 258


    I think this would be helpful with both of our boys, but especially with our younger son. He is 6 and we still are trying to figure out how to parent him….very strong personality! :-)

  91. 259


    Oh my gravy we could use this. Our 12 yr old, soon to be a teen, is a challenge. He is very creative and marches to a very different drummer, one who seems to not have much rhythm at times & then too much at others! I sometimes fear we are going to lose him if we don’t find ways to keep him on a path of productivity and creativity, doing it all as best as he can for the Lord.

    Before I had Little J, I heard a sermon on this scripture: Proverbs 22:6 (Amplified Bible) 6Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it. I had always been taught that it meant spiritual teaching, and of course that is very very important. But the sermon talked about how we as parents also need to help our children “find themselves” and this translation of the scripture says it well. This program sounds like it could help greatly. I will probably purchase it if I don’t win it here. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  92. 261

    Gigi says

    Having had a husband who was laid off for nearly a year stay at home with our kids while I worked has changed the dynamic of our family. Now that I’m recently home again, I am constantly reminded of what I missed and would welcome the opportunity to use something like this to get back on track. I love (and missed) my kids!

  93. 263

    Jenny says

    With our 3rd child due any time now, I realize that each child has been created uniquely by God. Though I recognize their differences, and appreciate them, it is difficult to work that into discipline and even family time together. I think this would be a tremendous asset to our growing family.

  94. 264

    Leslie Grove says

    Well, my kids are way over the age of 11, but Lord willing they will one day make me a grandmother. This is something my children as parents and my husband and I as grandparents can use to better our skills in helping our kids to grow up.

  95. 265


    This sounds wonderful! We are struggling with how to reach my stepson right now. A tool like this would be so helpful in our struggle. I also welcome the chance to be a better mom to my little man!

  96. 266

    Dawnette Thomas says

    I have five children, four whom I know have different needs, 1 is still a newborn. I know I am not helping them in their strengths, nor do I always speak their love language, because not all of this has been identified. This would not only help me with my own five children, but also with the 30 children I teach at our church.

  97. 267

    Kelly says

    I also have 3 and the middle one is the challenge. I spend a lot of time in prayer trying to figure this one out and help him live up to the potential I know God gave him.

  98. 268


    WOW! that sounds awesome! I would love to have this. I have read the 5 Love Languages for Children and learned quite a bit about Madeleine, but this one seems more fun b/c she gets to get involved too.

  99. 269


    Wow, this would be great. I’m actually reading Grace-Based Parenting right now and getting lots out of it. My almost 7 year old and I were just discussing the concepts of his general purpose and specific purpose this weekend and it sounds like this game would be a great way to make those concepts more accessible.

  100. 271


    This would be an amazing tool to have! I would love to learn how to more effectively communicate, disciple and discipline my children. It would be especially helpful as this next year we will begin homeschooling our 5 yo daughter. Another great resource that talks about grace based parenting is called Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk. I’m going to be looking into the books that were mentioned as well. Thanks!

  101. 272


    Oh my gosh, did you say you could learn what motivates your kids?!?! NO ONE has any idea what motivates my oldest, a 7 year old boy. He almost flunked 1st grade because we just don’t know what makes him tick! One day he’s compliant and lovely, the next day he refuses to do anything and no consequence or reward in the world seems to phase him.

    Meanwhile my youngest girl is a holy terror who makes the older two cry, and I have nothing bad to say about my middle child/oldest girl– but she probably does, feeling lost in the middle between 2 kids with stronger personalities.

    I’ve never heard of these tools/resources, it sounds like I’m really missing out! Help me :)

  102. 273

    Carrie Zook says

    My husband and I were just talking today about who we can handle difficult behaviors without squelching the beautiful gifts that we see in our children. This sounds like a great tool for just that purpose! Thanks for the link.

  103. 274

    April Stauffer says

    I think I could benefit from this someday. My kids are only 2 and 6 months of age. I wonder at what age this type of thing is geared for. I think my two year old is very strong willed, especially for me and my husband. Everyone else seems to think he is just fine. Maybe we expect too much from him.

  104. 275

    Christina says

    I have seven year old twins who are as different as night and day. I think this would greatly help us to focus our parenting on their unique personalities and needs.

  105. 276

    Betsy says

    I was just talking to my mom the other day about how different my girls are. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea how to parent them in such a way that when it is all said and done I have made a difference to their hearts. And this sounds like it would provide a unique opportunity to get to know both of them better. And since I’m kinda fond of them, getting to know them better would be a good thing ;-).

  106. 277


    I think you know this would be helpful for me!! I have too many kids!! It would be great to have something to help me on how to reach each of them most effectively!

  107. 280


    I sooooo need this. I have 3 kiddies at home 7. 4 and 2. I would love to know how they tick so I don’t end up so frustrated with them and they wont end up so frustrated with me.

  108. 281


    This sounds great! We have 4 kiddos – two homegrown, ages 13 and 6 and two adopted from Congo in 2009, ages 7 and 8. All four are very different and unique, which is fun. This products seems like a great tool and very helpful as well.

  109. 282

    Kelly says

    We have four boys and God gave me a visual reminder of how different each one is. They each have a different color of hair! One is brown, one red, one blonde and one white blonde. I KNOW they are all different and require different methods of parenting, yet I too fall into the trap of parenting them all alike. I’d love to have a tool to help direct us in meeting each of their unique needs.

  110. 283


    Because I stink at this parenting thing. Pregnancy and birth I can do well, but then once the child is actually in-arms, forget it. I’ve read all the books. I know all the concepts in my head, but there’s a disconnect when it comes to applying it to my actual children. This game/tool sounds like a fantastic idea – and one I could really use!

  111. 284


    Oh wow, this sounds great. My kids are almost 8 and almost 4, and they are as different as night and day. My daughter, my firstborn, is like her daddy–outgoing, energetic, creative, innovative, disorganized, etc. I don’t understand how she functions and often have a hard time relating to her. My son, on the other hand, is just like me. I struggle in knowing how to parent both of them. I sure hope I win!

  112. 285


    I would be super excited to use this game. I have lots of books on parenting to personality (as I’m a career counselor by trade) and love the MBTI stuff since I am the extreme opposite of both my husband and my first child. I would love to see how this game works to a child’s strengths!

  113. 286


    I am a 1st time parent of a toddler at 42 yrs old. I think this product would help me figure out what I am doing better. At this age I feel less confident relying on instinct and feel like I need a manual. Maybe if I knew the inner workings of my son more I would be better able to motivate, encourage, and discipline according to his personality.

  114. 287

    sara-bo-bara says

    i too, by default, parent my girls the same. they are pretty close in age and so sometimes w/o thinking about it i even treat them like they are the same age. i think this idea is such a great one, especially to learn while they are young. =) thanks!

  115. 288

    Faith K says

    As “older” adoptive parents with strongwills, raising two young chldren who are the same age with equally strong wills, we desperately need this book. Everything I thought I knew about parenting I have had to throw out the window. I feel like we are “winging-it” every single day. I think this book could be a lifesaver and save us ALL a lot of tears and drama. My kids are incredible, smart and funny, but I never believed two kids, the same age, in the same family could be soooo strong willed and soooo very different from one another. I grew up in a family of 8 where all of the kids were treated/disciplined the same way and I KNOW it doesn’t work, but I don’t know how to do it differently. I don’t know how or what to do differently. We struggle with how to effectively communicate with and discipline each of them, according to their personalities… throw in Mom & Dad’s strong/stubborn personalities and we often have meltdowns all around. What works for one does NOT work for the other. They really are like night and day. We want to be able to motivate, encourage, discipline and help both of our kids succeed in life and MOST days I feel like I am failing miserably. I think this book could save us all a lot of tears, heartache and DRAMA and hopefully help us be a stronger family because we can communicate with each better and hopefully understand each other better. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!!!

  116. 289


    This sounds like an excellent, and certainly unique, tool that I’d like to see my husband use with our daughter. I know he sometimes struggles with not understanding her like I do. I can’t speak for all fathers, but most don’t always have the liberty to spend the time necessary in order to really know their kids. What I find interesting about this product is that it identifies six things that motivate a kid. That would be priceless to know. Next they’ll be coming out with a version for married couples. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win a giveaway! It’s a great one.

  117. 290

    jessica says

    This would be great!! There are many days that I don’t feel like I know what I am doing…or that I am failing completely at what I am trying to do. It would be great to have a positive and helpful tool to learn more about my kids…

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