Enjoy the Journey

I like plans. Carefully laid plans that go perfectly, um, planned.

I work hard at organizing my home, the budget, my blog, my life. I’m at Point A, I define Point B and take the best route there.

Lately, nothing has gone as planned. And I know that’s how life is at times.

But this time it’s different.

Africa happened and I changed, my life and plans right along with it.

I don’t even know what Point B is anymore. Our family is on an uncertain journey and I don’t know where it will lead.

This week, we’ve pushed aside our organized life and we’ve opened our hearts and future to the possibility to something we would have thought insane six months ago.

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy. I’ve fretted and worried money into reserve and now I just give it away.  I’ve hoarded and decorated and and now I don’t care. I’ve tried to make sense of this new unexpected journey.

The other night as I soaked in the tub and tried to clear my mind, crowded with thoughts of an uncertain future, I heard these words:

enjoy the journey

Enjoy The Journey


Point A and B are destinations, it’s the getting there, the place in-between where we grow and live.

It was exactly what I needed to hear: enjoy the journey….

I am.

How about you? Are you at Point A or B or somewhere in between?


  1. 1


    Do we ever really get to point B, not sure?? I envy your journey at times, and I love hearing about it. I loved seeing Africa through your eyes, and I love the changes that it has made in your blog. I am on a different journey, the one God chose for ME. We each have our own I suppose, some easy, some hard, but all journeys can be for God’s glory. Thank you for sharing yours!

  2. 2


    Wonderful insight honey. I love you! I think the past 15 years have been a journey, it’s just that right now we’ve hit some rapids. The crucible of life is what refines us. I’m just glad that it’s good hard times that we are going through. In the word of one great philosopher, “God’s gonna take you on a river ride.” Ha


  3. 3


    Truthfully…I don’t know where I’m at. I don’t know where I should be or where I’m going. Its hard on my journey. As my husband & oldest son do not attend church with me. And its like pulling teeth to get the 15yo to go but once he’s there he enjoys it. My 4yo just loves church. My husband and I are of two different faiths and he’s not a practicing his faith.
    Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I want to do or say something religious. He gives me a weird look.
    SO my journey…is still a journey.

  4. 6


    Oh my! I am the same way. I want. No. I NEED to know exactly where we are, exactly where we are going and exactly how we are going to get there. The slightest deviation from the plan has me breathing into a paper bag.

    And then I started reading “mom blogs” about a year ago. And then I recently did the Bible in 90 Days. And then I took a good look at my life and what I have always been told that I should want for my life… and I realized that I am exactly where I was raised to want to be. Only, I’m not so sure this is right. Like someone else’s underwear, it doesn’t seem to fit me. And more importantly, I’m not so sure this is where my husband wants our family to be… and I’m no longer sure that this is the place that’s best for our children. And we’re no longer sure that this is what God intends for us.

    So right now I know where we are… But I don’t know where we are going. Or how we are going to get there. So, can you tell me HOW you go about enjoying the journey? And while you’re explaining it, could you be a peach and pass me that paper bag, please…

  5. 8


    I am so much rethinking my life. Between you, Dave Ramsey and my pastor, I’m seriously getting rid of the cr*p in my life. It’s just not important anymore. I think I’ve been on this journey for a while, but the three of you put it in high gear for me :-)

  6. 10

    Kim Fuchs says

    I made my journey (hopefully one of many). We adopted a special needs child. Two years ago, it seemed like the scariest and hardest decision of our lives. And then we put it in God’s hands. Decision made instantly easy, because we knew with all our hearts God would provide what we needed. We adopted this beautiful child. Now I can’t imagine my life without her.

  7. 11


    We are so with you on the journey. Before we began our adoption process in 2006, we were Point A to Bers. Now, we’ve learned our tight grip of control, and are working hard at enjoying the ride. It is just that, a ride. Might as well throw your hands up and trust the designer of the ride. Another thing? The ride goes by too fast too worry about stuff.

  8. 12


    Enjoying the journey…somewhere between Point A and B, but closer to B, I think. But then again, by the time I hit point B, doesn’t a Point C pop up? Enjoying the 2 young foster children and 3 young biological children that God has blessed us with. Wanting to adopt at some point on this journey, but waiting until God brings “our kids” into our lives via foster care. Who knows…it may be the little munchkins that our with us now, or it could be a different pair. For now, I’m just enjoying the ride, even if at times I do get those flutters in my tummy when we hit a steep hill. Wanting to be one of those people who lift both arms high up in the air like you see in a commercial for an amusement park, as they go down a hill…I’m working on it!

  9. 13


    I’m perpetually in between. Every time I get close to Point B God steps in and changes the destination. But I generally like it that way. I’m the type of person that always needs something to work toward or I get uncomfortable and moody :) In fact, we’re about to start a big journey he’s placed us on. We’re moving to Africa (for Hubby’s work)for at least 18 months, a totally different area than you were in, but I’m still really excited about the adventure of it all!

  10. 14


    What a thought provoking post! Hm…my point A and B…I’m actually thinking they have turned into another language of letters, having a child now, if that makes sense. What I once knew as routine and could count on is being completely redefined by my child’s and our family’s needs. It, in itself, is a learning experience, and I am now more open to trying new things, going a direction to see if it works, and if it doesn’t, trying a different path. It is definitely a journey!

  11. 15


    I think we all are somewhere in between! Sometimes not quite sure where point B is exactly!! What was point B yesterday is often times not point B today. And our journey’s are all of different distances! Today my point B will be getting suitcases into the car, but tomorrow, point B is Utah! I pray that when you get to your point b, today’s or tomorrow’s, that you enjoy it more than you worry about it!

  12. 19


    “We’ve pushed aside our organized life and we’ve opened our hearts and future to the possibility to something we would have thought insane six months ago.” That’s EXACTLY what’s going on in my house, too! Well, I know it’s not exactly the same. What we’re considering is different than what you’re considering, I’m pretty sure. But still – God has a funny way of taking our expectations, our PLANS (I love plans) and turning them (and us) on our heads, doesn’t He?!

    On a much, MUCH lighter note, I wrote about today being National Iced Tea Day and could not help but think of you and your Chick-Fil-A cow costume! :)

  13. 21


    That’s just what I need to write on my walls. I think I’ll settle for a spot on the fridge for now. I’m so in the middle of waiting that I’m finding it hard to enjoy the days in between.

  14. 22

    heidig says

    I’m not exactly sure where I am but I do know that I’m exactly where I should be! Thanks for asking.

  15. 23


    Definitely in between – God has led us to be part of Wycliffe and we’re thrilled to be sharing our ministry and work with Bible translation but with all this travel and preparation it’s hard to not feel unsettled.

    However, this in between stage is a ministry in itself and I don’t want to waste it! It’s concentrated character development to travel for thousands of miles with 9 people in one van, but what a great opportunity.

    It’s important to be faithful where God puts us for the time being – not always waiting to see “what’s next”.

  16. 24


    How perfectly timely this is for me! God hs been working on my heart on this very thing! I am a complete Type A, planning, OCD control FREAK and life isn’t exatly turning out according to my “plan.” God has been telling me…very clearly… to be STILL and let Him work. It’s so hard for me, but the journey, even if it’s not the journey I had planned is exactly where I want to be, because I know that God has ordained each step. Thank you for the reminder. I need a reminder every day…sometimes several times a day!!

  17. 26


    I honestly have no idea where I am. Mostly I’m “uncomfortable” but yet, not really THAT uncomfortable. Like comfortable with a side order of uncomfort every now and then thrown in for good measure.

    Hunh, typing this out makes me wonder if I’m even AT point A yet. Sure I’m organized and I run a tight ship at home with our finances, schooling, discipline, events, etc. and yet? I feel like something is missing.

    Well I’m sure you are thrilled “I” answered with my no answer, answer. HAHAHAHHHAHA

  18. 27


    OH MY GOSH! I swear I had the same experience just yesterday morning. My children were driving me batty (normal) and I just sunk down to my knees to pray for help, peace, patience. And God told me to enjoy it, because some day I would look back and really think: “Wow, things were great back then!” So I’m trying to enjoy the journey, too. Loved this post!!

  19. 29


    That is an interesting question. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of having a destination. I’ve always seen life as one big journey with point A or B. I’m definitely enjoying the journey because I have NO idea where I’m headed!

  20. 31

    Kelly says

    Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear also. I’ve been so focused on point B that I haven’t even really noticed the journey. Ugh! Thank you so much for the reminder – you’ve changed by out look. Thanks for being God’s voice to all of us today!

  21. 32

    LaChelle says

    I love this post. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. My husband and I are both very goal-oriented. We believe that with lots of hard work and discipline and sacrifice (and God willing) we can achieve our dreams. And that sounds so cliche, but we HAVE experienced that in our life, and it feels wonderful to make your dreams happen. I still feel like I’m somewhere in between A and B, but I’ve reached a lot of “mini-B’s” in the last several years, and that’s what keeps me excited about living and learning and growing!

  22. 33


    We are on a journey too… Point A is behind us and point B is still a ways off…and I have little control over when or how we get there…Point B is still off in a fog…not real clear. Sometimes I enjoy the journey, riding along side my while my husband drives… we make decisions together and it’s exciting. Other times I feel like I got my coat caught in the door and I’m being dragged… flopping in the road… wishing the journey would slow a little so my mind and heart could catch up. I love this post. Thank you!

  23. 34


    I often hear the Lord’s prompting telling me to “stop trying so hard.” Then I can enjoy the journey. Thanks for the lovely reminder. I look forward to following where your journey leads your sweet family.

  24. 36


    This is the lesson of my life right now. We went from trying to move to another town, and my going on staff as a worship leader, to taking the house off the market, quitting my church job, and now we are in the process of adopting two boys from Haiti! At this point, we feel like we have no clue what point B is! And we have left that open to the Lord… our life begins to look so different from what WE had expected, we are just along for the ride at this point! And, trying to enjoy the process, difficult as it may be. We just got back from our trip to Haiti, where I met our boys in person for the first time. (We had skyped). Amazing experience… another course-changer…still processing and blogging and sorting it all out.

  25. 37

    AriannaFan says

    I made it to the door of Point B and have been back pedaling ever since. I am sorta hovering in the same location. I lost sight of Point B…matter of fact, I’m not sure what Point B is. Lots has happened lately and like you, there seems to be a loss of control and a buzz of chaos. I am trying to find my Point B…hopefully it will come soon!

  26. 38

    cheryl says

    I am a planner to the highest degree and right now I am desperately trying to enjoy the ride. My husband is trying to go back to the Army and we are trying to get pregnant. Point B looks just beyond our reach but I try to keep telling myself that God is testing us with this journey to see how bad we really want to get to Point B. When we get there I know we will appreciate it that much more!

  27. 39



    My cousin, Jane, Esme’s mom, follows your blog. So, I recently started reading your blog too. I have just started my blog. I am so busy lately that I feel that I am on several different journey, although I suppose it’s only one with many facets. I am in school and I don’t know what path my journey will veer onto when I finish the online classes I am taking. Thanks for telling me about yours though.

  28. 40


    Am I at Point A or Point B or somewhere in between?

    Ummm … I feel like my life has been somewhere in between, even when I’ve thought I’ve been at Point A or Point B. It’s frustrating, because I’m another planner, OCD, control freak. But the older I get and the more I get to know God, the more I’m OK with the joy being in the journey. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s an adventure, if that makes any sense.

  29. 41


    Thanks for a wonderful post. I am learning to embrace the DETOURS that God sends my way as I journey from Point A to Point B. I am learning that sometimes the detours bring me more joy than what I would have found if I had continued my path. Other times the detours slow me down and give me unexpected encounters that I would have missed if I had been running down my path. And at other times the detour is rough but a time of building that makes me stronger for the journey yet to come.

    I have learned that while I WAIT and seek God’s direction I need to BE STILL and listen for Him. But others times He tells me to BE STILL, to pause my plans, and in those time it is hard for me to WAIT for His direction. I get ansy and want to start doing something, anything but He is teaching me to WAIT upon Him and His timing.

  30. 42

    April says

    We are looking forward to getting you know you and your family more on your journey from the point that we met you at until we are rejoicing in Heaven together and pray that our paths meet again soon!

  31. 43

    Lorie says

    I have a 4.5yo DS, a 19mo DD, and a 4mo DS. I’m trying my best to enjoy the journey & forget about the rest (right now).

  32. 46


    Bloggy friend, K I’m sooooo proud of you for reaching deep in your heart and praying about the A’s, B’s, C’s… and Z’s!!! Life is an adventure and you are THAT kind of gal that wants to live a crazy amazing life. If you EVER need help with fundraising for your future adoption I will help you!!! I created “Pick Your Country” and families are having wild success with their projects. I have 14 countries celebrated with Simply Love. We are ALL in this together!!
    You know where to find me:))
    Simply Love Link to help with fundraising- http://mycrazyadoption.org/pick-your-country-starts-today

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