How I Know I’m Doing a Good Job Parenting

Today all three of my kids were mad at me. I told one no on something I didn’t feel good about. I made one complete what they started before they started something else. I stopped one from hiding in the freezer.

There were tears, huffing, heavy sighing and yelling. And the kids even showed some emotion.

No one was happy.

It was a clear sign to me that I was doing a very good job.


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    Hmmm. That must mean that I was a very good mom between 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. today! No one liked me then . . . but hopefully, someday they will thank me. :)

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    I know my son thinks I’m the worst mother in the world, so clearly, I’m doing fine by him. My daughter is too young to tell me what she thinks, so I guess we’ll have to wait for her to tell me how much I stink as a parent, right?

    I have issues I need to work on, but I don’t think I’m that bad.

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    Krista says

    Of course that means you’re doing a good job. I figure the more kids mad at me, the more they are learning life lessons.

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    Growing up, I would huff and puff and tell my mom that she was the meanest mother in the world, to which she would calmly reply “It means I’m doing my job.”

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    The huffing – oh how that DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! My daughter didn’t do it until recently when my son starting doing it. I am perplexed at where he learned this. But at times they will ask “Are you happy mommy or angry mommy today?” UH – hmmm… that will depend on the hour I suppose :-)

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    Victoria says

    This made me smile. My 14 month old insisted on screaming today, and boy was he mad when I made him sit (for a minute). I am glad I am in good company. :) God bless!

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    I really need to hear that right now. My little guy is deep in the terrible twos (only when he’s terrible, not when he is super great) and I’ve had to lay down the law a lot more lately. Last night I had to pull my firm mommy/teacher look at him and he did what I asked, then said, “Mommy, come back.” He knew a different mommy had appeared. You’re right, being a good mommy is being a good parent, and caring. Again, thanks for the reminder. It is perfect timing!

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      “Mommy, come back…” Classic, timeless… you definitely need to either scrapbook it, or write it down…

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    Oh yeah. It’s funny you should post that because just last night, during a curfew discussion, our soon-to-be college freshman said to us, her parents (and I quote): “Don’t you want me to have just one month of fun before I leave?”

    And the answer to that would be . . . no!

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    Love it! My three year old tells me at least 14 times a day that I’m not his friend because I won’t let him get his way all the time. I guess that means I’m a good Mom too!

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    Penny says

    I always know that I’m doing something right, when they get mad at me over discipline. When they say that I’m being mean or whatever the case may be, I tell them, “I’m doing my job then.”

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    Debbie says

    Very funny and true.
    My almost six year says he hates me and loves me, sometimes within a minute or two. I’m the worst Mommy ever, I’m the best Mommy ever, I don’t want to be your son, I’m so glad God gave me to you.
    Can you believe ANYTHING that comes out of their little mouths?? NO.
    I’d love to be the best friend for just one day, you know the kind, the follower that will do whatever is requested. Then he’d love me, right?
    It is rough being a good mom. I was doubting myself there for a little while. Thanks for this post and all the comments.
    Now I know I can’t be the worst mommy in the world, because all of you are! :)

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    Yes, well said. But it sure does get exasperating. I have been working on toning down my anger/yelling and trying to respond firm but calm. The Lord has been convicting me for much too long!

  13. 20


    oh the freezer one totally cracked me up. LOL!
    Well I think you had very good reason’s to say no to them. Its all in a days work. I’m sure they are all completely over it now.

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      Oh, we told my son that if he slams his door and wakes his sister again, we’re doing that. He didn’t realize you could take a door off.

      He’ll learn.

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    I’m so happy someone else knows this rule of thumb! I made the same comment this weekend at an event and another mother looked at me with a strange expression and said, “Oh, I don’t like it when my kids aren’t happy with me.” As her 6yo screamed at her, her 10 yo ignored her, and her 2 yo ran onto the playing field during the game. I’ll take being “the worst mom ever”, thanks.

    The payback will be when, like I do often with my mother, one of them calls home and starts the conversation off with “Mom, I’m so so so sorry for ever saying you were a bad mom. Do you know what your grandson did today?”

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    Kimberly says

    One very wise Grandmother of 12 once told me, “Crying is good for the lungs.”
    I believe her.
    Teaching limits hurts, but you are saving them years of pain and heartache living only on their own whims.
    Go Momma Go!
    We’re that family too.

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    Christa says

    LOL. Love it! Apparently I’m a great parent, too. My kids have been mad all week! Sometimes I even wear a badge that says “Big Meanie.” You’re welcome to borrow it if you wish! 😉

  17. 26


    I needed to see this today! The first couple of weeks were pretty good but this past week my 7 year old and I have been tackling some issues, in particular his new exaggerated moaning every time I ask him to do something, like pick up. It has been no fun for either of us, but I know it’s a battle worth fighting because learning to do tasks without complaining, even ones he doesn’t want to do will serve him well the whole rest of his life!

  18. 29

    Julie says

    My older (and much wiser) sister once told me that if my kids are happy with me all the time, I’m not doing a good job. That was great advice. We live in a fallen world, and people (even young people) are inherently “bad.” It’s our job — as moms and dads — to help guide our children through life safely while teaching them life-long lessons about right and wrong. If we never corrected our kids (and cause a few tantrums) think of how messed up the world will be in the future!

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