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    I’m just getting ready to check out these links. I just have to comment that seeing “How to Make your Marriage Sexually Pure” right next to “Homemade Ice Cream Recipes” in my blogger reader made me laugh. Ice Cream is the answer for everything!! Well, I mean (ahem), I’d have ice cream after… or before…
    Anyway, thanks for the unintended laugh!

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    Okay, I’m back. My whole family (all 6 of us) just crowded around and watched The Dad Life. That’s awesome! My hubs laughed so much he wants to post it on Facebook.

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    Oh My sides hurt from laughing while watching the video…my DH wasn’t laughing as much 😉 Thanks Kristen…I had to share this on FB. Have a great weekend, fondly, Roberta

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    My e mail has not been working properly so if you have sent me any thing about making the dresses in the last week please re send it. I have already started making dresses but need any new information on when and where to send them. you can contact me at

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    Oh my goodness, this is so HILARIOUS!! I’m putting it on my blog right now and linking back to yours. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m still giggling!

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