My Weekend: It Deserves a List

  • My baby had tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed on Friday morning. I don’t like things like this.
  • The medical staff let her take some comfort items back to the OR, but the doctor had to stop mid-procedure to put the pacifier in the crying baby doll’s mouth. I think they have a new policy now. We like to shake things up.

  • I learned that a large majority of kids come out of anesthesia hysterical, kicking and fighting. My kids is above average.
  • Her recovery started out rocky when the nurse at the hospital mistakenly gave us the wrong ear drops.
  • I learned if you put nasal spray in newly tubed ears, it burns very badly.
  • My 3 year old could win an Olympic event in SCREAMING.
  • It turns out I like the World Cup. Even when Africa wins.
  • I sent my darling older kids to four days of church camp early Saturday morning. But I’m channeling my sorrow by gutting their rooms of all random paper crafts hoarded from year 2004.
  • P.S. I never thought I’d be the Mom who puts her son’s clothes in zip lock bags with a label for each day.

  • But I TOTALLY am.
  • The camp has strict rules about head lice. If they find it, the children aren’t allowed in. I thought about scheduling a quick visit to the dentist. But thankfully, we passed!
  • My toddler is trying on her role as an only child. She likes it, but I miss her brother and sister.
  • I found out my 4 year old iPhone does not float in the commode. Don’t ask.
  • How was your weekend?


  1. 3

    Audrey says

    I put my 9 yo (then 8) son’s clothes in bags last year when I let him go “up north” with my dad last year. This year both my 4 (almost 5) yo and 9 yo are going camping with my mother-in-law, with no clothes in bags. We’ll see how it goes!

  2. 4


    My hubby took my oldest camping with his scout troop. That left me home alone with the other 3. My youngest is four. He makes a lot of lego “airplanes” and describes them in detail while holding them 2 inces from my eyeballs. A lot. A LOT!! In DETAIL. I resorted to drinking in order to calm my nerves. 3 gallons of sweet tea in 3 days. The kids helped…a little. Glad your little cutie is doing ok.

  3. 6


    Oh my…

    You had me at “adenoids” but I audibly winced when I considered nasal drops in the wrong orifice.

    The good news – your four-year old got stuffed animal goodies from your health insurance provider and is now the only true American who has warm and fuzzy feelings about health insurance.

    Other good news – your other two are going to lu-hove summer camp. I hope you survive it!


  4. 7


    Hi, I found your blog at another blog and loved the name. Most days I feel like THAT family too, except I only have one child. My parents picked her up tonight to take her to their place for a week. They brought my daughter’s bff too (smart grandparents). They are sending them to day camp all week. It’s quiet and peaceful but I already miss Sweet Pea, my 12 year old (no her name isn’t Sweet Pea). lol Anyways your blog gave me a few laughs except the part where your baby screamed cause the nurse put in teh wrong drops. Poor thing!! I hope the surgeries help he out.


  5. 8


    The Ziplocks!!!! I am doing that this week for my 8 year old to go to camp next week for the first time.. LOL THought I was the only one. Hope little ears feels better soon.

  6. 9

    Gwyn says

    My dd had her tonsils and adenoids out a couple of years ago. A quick tip – Chocolate syrup chasers after the meds help…………

  7. 10


    Both my boys had tubes placed in their ears – I know all too well about screaming and hysteria. I remember the first time – the nurse told us he’d be ‘irritable’ upon waking up from the anesthesia – uh, yeah, wish she just would have been straight with me – thankfully it only lasted about 15-20 minutes, but it felt like F O R E V E R!

    I like the clothes in bags per day idea – may have to consider that when packing my boys for grandma and grandpa camp in a few days! :)

  8. 11

    Sheila says

    Ah, I’ve been there. I’m sorry. My daughter has had 5 ear surgeries, including 4 sets of tubes, adenoids removed twice (they can grow back – they don’t normally, but they can), tonsils, and sinus surgery. It was unpleasant to say the least, but I am very thankful to say that she is a happy, healthy 10 year old with NORMAL hearing! Thanks be to God! I cry every time she has a hearing test and they tell me she is in the noraml range. God has been good to us. I’m hoping this is a one-time thing for your daughter, but if it isn’t and you ever want to talk to someone else whose been through it, just let me know.

  9. 12


    My thoughts are with you and your iPhone (I mean your daughter). j/k…I’m sure it is nice to have a quieter house, if for only a few days. I sure hope she’s better soon!

  10. 13


    Both of mine had the tubes placed in/adenoids taken out. Can’t imagine the pain from the nasal spray in the ears … yikes! Hope your little one is on the way to a full recovery soon!

  11. 14

    Julie says

    My children were always in the “Projective Vomiting” category after anesthesia. I’d take the screaming any day…

  12. 15

    Caroline says

    We did the tubes/adnoids a while back and I heard them bringing my daughter back from the recovery room screaming the whole way down the hall. They wanted to check the oxygen level in her blood or something before they took the IV out and she was trying to pull it out meanwhile they were having equipment issues with the meter they were using so it was taking even longer. But really I can’t blame her for being upset. She woke up in a scary place without knowing anyone, it’s too bad they wont allow parents back there, you’d think it would go a long way to making the kids happy!

    I did Ziplocks last year for vacation and it worked so well that we do it for all trips now. Otherwise at the end of the trip, my kids are wearing bright orange socks with pale pink polkadot skirts and a plaid shirt. I don’t label the days though, I let them choose each day (or the night before). It also makes it easier to grab an extra outfit if we’re going somewhere that we’re likely to need it (or if someone gets sick in the car).

    PS. Pagers don’t float there either :(

  13. 16


    Wow, I wouldn’t trade for anything!! I actually got to have a little time off from family–a much needed break. And I even got to make some money this weekend–something that hasn’t happened in about a decade!!! My weekend was great, and I hope you have much better one this weekend. :)

  14. 18


    So many things – waaaay too much for one weekend. Wow. The bagged clothes made me smile (I have 3 boys- seems like good idea) but the floating phone made me feel a bit sick.

  15. 19

    Liz says

    Perhaps the Iphone should be stored in a handy dandy Zip lock bag too! :)

    Love your blog it is always so encouraging.

    A mom to 3 boys!

  16. 20


    I’m so sorry about your little one’s tubes. And your iPhone….but that’s a fantastic excuse to get the new iPhone 4! Isn’t it funny how much moms adore the Ziploc bag? I, too, am a lover of all things Ziploc-y.

  17. 22

    Monica says

    That’s too bad about your daughters ears, I hope she gets better soon. My husband has had so many problems with his and we almost had to get them for my son, but I read somewhere that a dairy allergy can show up that way. We were able to take him off of all milk products and it worked!

  18. 25


    Wow, that sounds rough! I hope your little one gets to feeling better soon. B has ear tubes at 18 months and tonsils and adnoids removed at 2 years 9 months. The ear tube surgery was ok but his recovery from the tonsil and adnoid surgery was horrible. I hope you have a better experience! B has also been under IV sedation for several other procedures and he never comes out of anethesia well, not sure anyone really does but it makes a mother’s heart break.

    I never thought about putting my kids clothes into separate bags and labeling them. I like things organized and just so but this thought never crossed my mind. I wonder if my kids would hate me?

  19. 27

    Jelli says

    As a 4 year-old my adenoids were removed. I also had the kicking hysterical reaction to anesthetic, but it happened when they administered it, not later. My favorite parts of the hospital visit were visitors with presents and the abundance of orange sherbet to soothe my sore throat.

  20. 28


    Your weekend was quite eventful. Mine was a little sad after the US team lost in the World Cup. As we are a Sleep, Eat, Soccer Family. World Cup games is all that we’ve been watching.

  21. 30


    We spent the weekend traveling in Iowa – we had 2 presentations scheduled (we’re with Wycliffe – sharing the work of Bible translation). But I just wanted to encourage you regarding helping a child recover from surgery. Our oldest son has had six major and many minor surgeries – each one provides a unique opportunity to share the love of Christ with a hurting child, while gently training your child’s character. My son has learned that his strength is in the Lord, not in his physical body, and that God gives strength right when he needs it! Although I hate to put my dear boy through these things, it has given him a heart for relying on God that he would not have otherwise. He’s ahead of many adults in this regard! May the Lord bless you and your dear family!

  22. 32


    HILARIOUS WEEKEND LIST :)) I’m so sorry about your sweet girl… hope she’s feeling better. Did you see my book giveaway today on my blog… its for camp junkies. My daughter just got home from camp and I used to baggie up her clothes too. The book will literally make you pee your pants… the letters are hilarious!! I hope he’s not homesick!!!


  23. 33


    The first year I sent my son to church camp, I did what you did. Bagged up clothes for each day. When he came home and I opened the suitcase, all but one of the bags was still closed and tidy. Now I just throw it all in his suitcase, and when he comes home, I dump it all in the laundry, not stopping to inspect whether or not they are dirty. I don’t want to know!

  24. 34


    Late seeing this, but I hope you knew about the “iPhone in the bag of uncooked rice” if it was too wet! I’ve revived two iPods that way! (Mine happen to like the fish tank, but that’s another story.)

    I googled it and found it….


  25. 36


    LOVE the ziploc bags! In fact, I pack the kids’ clothes that way already, and my kids aren’t even old enough for camp! I have a 3yo, 2yo, and 4-month-old, and when we travel, I want to be able to pull out “Fridays” clothes instantly, and throw “Friday – Extra Clothes” in the diaper bag, without having to root through my luggage, comparing every piece of laundry to my “Clothes” spreadsheet. . . yeah, I have it all on a spreadsheet too. Just in case my husband or some other family member ends up helping, they will know The Plan precisely.
    So far, this has worked, even when I’ve checked my luggage. Although I know the day will come when the airport personnel will select my bag randomly for “additional screening,” and get a huge thrill out of emptying each Ziploc in my suitcase.
    I’m OCD about things like that, but then somehow I’m always fighting a losing battle with the clutter in my house. I can’t explain it.

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