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    That… was…. the sweetest… thing…. EVER…………….

    This may go completely viral… way too much cuteness.

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    That is just about the most precious thing I have ever seen! She is one smart cookie! I’m gonna get that bible ASAP for my 2 year old. Thanks for sharing.

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    Adorable! Don’t you just LOVE that she has a grasp of some of the key stories of the Bible at age THREE!?! I will have to check out this Bible. Have you tried The Jesus Storybook Bible? We love it…..every story points to Jesus.

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    Sweet :) I need to video my 2 year old (almost 3!) “reading” too. It is so cute to see what she picks up from reading and the pictures!!

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    so cute! we have that bible too. in addition to the The Jesus Storybook Bible someone already mentioned, we also love the Big Picture Story Bible.

  6. 23


    oh how precious!!!! Loved her version. The “pig part” was adorable too. and the ethiopia (n) swimming. I’m totally impressed she could say that. The most adorable was the “boo boo’s” !

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    That was SOOO precious!!! I LOVED the “boo boos, boo boos, boo boos, boo boos” part … and the flying pig … and that she said “Ethiopia”!!! What a blessing!

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    steph says

    Maybe it should be the SRV—Speed Reading Version! I love how she ties the stories together to be a continuous run-on adventure!

    and Jesus said, “IS OK!!”

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us—this was precious!

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    TxMommy says

    Oh my! She is so precious! I am convinced that my daughter and yours must be twins separated somehow… every time I read another entry about her, I’m just more convinced. They were born less than a week apart, and mine was a preemie, too. She totally into the princesses right now (she sings me the Cinderellie song), and reads to me out of our storybook bible the same way. Oh… and we have those pajamas. Both pairs. Lol!!!

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