(in)Couraging Art {Giveaway}

*UPDATED* Congrats to random number 35, Mrs. 007 is the winner! Don’t forget to shop Dayspring with the code THANKS2010 for 25% off anything and everything by July 31st!

Recently, I made the decision not to buy a single home decor item for my walls and shelves unless it meant something to me.

I took down about half of the stuff in my house and it was liberating. On my walls now: paintings and drawings from my children, pictures of Africa, heirloom linens from great greats, and art.

I call it Meaningful Decor. Or “Have I told you the story behind this?”

One of the perks of writing for (in)Courage is being paid in product-usually enough to buy a couple of small things or one bigger thing each month. (If you are related to me, you already know this since every gift I’ve given for the past year has been from DaySpring!)

I love LOVE LOVE the beautiful art infused with bright colors and scripture. If my walls are gonna talk, I want them to say something meaningful. I’m not kidding: this art (in)courages me:

DaySpring is giving away this beautiful gallery wrapped canvas -John 3:16 Heart & Globe (my very favorite) to one reader today:

Tell me where you’d put it as your entry. AND-DaySpring is doing a 25% anything and everything sale right now–coupon code THANKS2010, expires July 31st, so hurry!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.

Product Details:
*Size: 16″ W x 20″ H x 1.5″ D
*Made in the USA
*Product by Show Offs Art

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  1. 6


    LOVE this!!! I would put it in my kitchen / dinining room area because that’s where we probably spend the most time.

    Keep up the great work, Kristen! Love your blog and all the wonderful things God is doing in your life!

  2. 7


    Hi Kristen! Left a comment! I enjoy reading your blog and especially how your trip to Africa has changed your life! Keep up the good work!

  3. 12

    Amy T. says

    LOVE this! I would put it at the end of my hallway so that I could see it everytime I walked down the hall (which is like a kagillion times a day!)

  4. 14

    Mindy S. says

    The colors would be perfect in my little girls room in the new house that we are building.

  5. 19


    I would put it in the middle of my picture wall. A place where all the pictures of those I hold close to my own heart could be centered around it just as I pray everyday those actual individuals remember to be centered around Jesus everyday! It is such a beautiful and vibrant piece of art with one of the most precious scriptures inscribed on it!!

  6. 20


    I would put this in my powder room where I already have a cross collection, I have a blank wall that I have been wondering what I would put there. Plus many visitors use this bathroom and they just might read it and read a life changing verse!

  7. 22

    Michelle T says

    I’d put it on the wall right inside my entry way. It’s definitely a statement piece to show off!

  8. 32

    Jen C says

    I would either put it in my kitchen (after we get rid of the ancient wall paper in there :-), or in our entryway… either place we’d see it a lot :-)

  9. 33


    What a beautiful canvas! I would hang it in the reading corner of our “computer” room. That room is kind of devoid of anything interesting on the walls and I spend tons of time there. Looking up at a beautiful and inspiring piece would be great!

  10. 34


    Wow…that is just beautiful! If I won this I would hang it on a small wall above our love seat in our living room so it would be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.

  11. 36


    I’ve loved this one for at least a year now . . . just LOVE it. I think it would go in my bedroom, but maybe I would have to re-think the living rooms walls if I won it. It’s so great. Our walls are mostly adorned with family pictures, framed Scripture and paintings that my dad has done. I love the “cleaning out” idea and have been doing my fair share of it this summer in anticipation of baby #6 who is scheduled to arrive in october.

  12. 42

    Racheal says

    I would put it in my living room. That is the only place anyone would really ever see it. I love it.

  13. 43

    Jackie says

    I would put it in the kitchen where it would be seen by all! Thanks for the opportunity…

  14. 44

    Toni says

    We are moving to the parsonage at our church in the next month or so, and so I will be redecorating soon! I would love to find a place for it in our new home! 😉

  15. 45


    In my daughter’s room, as it so speaks of her heart and colorful personality, and as a reminder that she will be the one who will lead my husband to Christ if I don’t see it finished in my lifetime.

  16. 46


    How beautiful! The colors would look wonderful in the kids’ playroom, and it would serve as a great reminder for them.

  17. 48


    that is gorgeous, as is the squares/cross one! I would put that either in my living room where it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door, or else in the dining room. How beautiful!

  18. 49

    JR says

    I’m looking at an empty space on the wall above my desk in the living room thinking, “that heart would look awesome right there!” :)

  19. 51

    Julie Melloan says

    Oh, I LOVE that painting. I would hang it above my mantle in our family room and be encouraged every time I looked at it!

  20. 52


    In the hallway between my two children’s bedrooms – yep – that’s where I’d put it. So that I would see it each night when I tucked them in, and each morning when we awaken.

  21. 53


    This would go in our part time nursery. The walls are blank and our little guy is only with us four days and three nights per week so we would be thrilled to have something so bright and colorful on the wall.

  22. 54

    Renee says

    I’d put it in the entry way, what a great reminder to pass on the way in or out of the house.

  23. 55

    Heidi says

    I would hang it in our schoolroom/playroom…the colors would match perfectly and the message would be an excellent reminder!

  24. 58


    I absolutely LOVE this! I would put it in my kitchen for sure. That is definitely where I would see it the most often. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. 60


    This would definitely go in my girls’ room. It is my oldest daughter’s favorite verse, and she recites it all the time.
    (I tried to enter the inspiring blogs question, but it isn’t working right now… will try again later).

  26. 62


    I would put it in my entrance way to inspire me and others entering my new house that hopefully we’ll be moving into this weekend!

  27. 64

    Laura Elizabeth says

    I would put it right above the kitchen table, in 2 weeks when I am married and move into my new apartment with my new husband!

  28. 66

    Michelle says

    I would put it in our living room. We spend a lot of time in here and it would be a reminder of what we are teaching our family.

  29. 67

    Julie says

    I would love to hang this in my kids’ room. Our 5 and 3 yr olds share a room. Both have been asking questions lately about Jesus, and why he died on the cross. I think this painting would help them understand, and would mean a lot to them.

  30. 71

    Emily N, says

    I would love that piece of art in my entryway… or perhaps living/family room. Either place I woulod see it and be inspired every day!

    ~Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

  31. 72

    Tami Leonard says

    What a fantastic painting!! I would put it over the mantle piece of the fireplace in our living room. The front door opens into this room and it always seems to be the 1st place people look. What a welcoming reminder that would be for all who come in! Thanks for a fun giveaway! I love your thought that “if my walls are gonna talk, they should say something meaningful!” :-)

  32. 73


    I would use it as part of a collage wall above the couch in my family room. I envision some shots I took of my boys at bible camp this summer in all sorts of shapes and sizes with hand painted by my kids frames to match the colors in the art work circling this piece in all directions..with the heart in the center as it should be –I actually have this piece on my wish list for Christmas -I found it when I last visited (in)courage and went to day spring off of the ad there 😉

  33. 74

    rachaek says

    I would put it on the wall in our entry way/ loungeroom. I have been looking for a piece of art that is meaningful and beautiful, this would be perfect!

  34. 76

    Sidnie says

    I bought this canvas for my momma for mothers day! I would love to have it in my house too. I would hang it in our hallway because we’d see it most often there.

  35. 81


    id put it in my entryway, or in the living room right off of the kitchen. our walls our bare, so this would be so nice!!

  36. 84


    This would definitely go in my daughter’s room. It’s so “her.” :)

    A few years ago I took down all the pictures in my hallway and purposely put up pictures so that our entire family (and extended family) are represented. I also re-framed all of them to be in black frames so that the pictures would stand out more. I really love walking down my hallway now. It tells a story. :)

  37. 85

    Michelle says

    I would put it at the end of the hallway in between the kitchen and the living room b/c that’s the highest traffic area in our house and needs some beautification.

  38. 86

    Mandy S says

    We have a cathedral ceiling in our living room, so it would work perfectly on the wall above the main door. Anyone leaving our home would be reminded of the message that Jesus died for them!

  39. 88

    Nancy says

    I love this kind of art too! I’d probably use this piece as inspiration for the redecorating I’ve been wanting to do in the guest room. I want to do blue & green….that pop of orange would be awesome!

  40. 90

    christine Friel says

    Definitly will go up in the youth room. My teenagers love all my subtle(and not so subtle) art and posters I have used to decorate the walls. I enjoy giving them things to think about and use them as a spring board for discussions.

  41. 91

    heather says

    We’re moving to a new house in the next couple of months… new art (and gorgeous inspiring art at that!) would make that more fun!!

  42. 93

    Diana says

    I think this would be great in our living room – that way anyone who comes to our home would see it!

  43. 94


    It’s beautiful … and I would put it in my office (connected to my kitchen) where my kiddos and I could see it often. :)

  44. 95

    Erin says

    Simply beautiful, it’s no wonder this art (in)courages you! I would place this in my kitchen or office. Absolutely love it!

  45. 96


    Oh, Kristen this is just stunning!! I think I would put it my dining room or kitchen. The colors would match my kitchen perfectly. What a beautiful piece! Thanks so much for the chance!

  46. 97

    karen says

    I would put it on the blank wall I’m staring at right now. There is NOTHING above my computer desk. I think I would also use it to inspire the color I need to pick out because painting in here is long overdue! Thank you for doing this giveaway!!

  47. 98


    Beautiful! Just this past weekend I was finally able to complete my decorating ideas in Lil Man’s bedroom.. While the picture doesn’t match any other room decorations it does match his precious love for Jesus. I would hang it in his room between his bed and the space where Lil Bit’s bed will eventually go.

  48. 100


    I have tried to post to Blog Frog the blog that is currently my inspiration but I can’t seem to get anything to post. I click the submit button and it changes to ‘Saving” then sits without posting. The entry I am trying to post is:


    Stephanie Nielson inspires me to be all that I can possibly be. She gives me courage and strength. Anyone who can endure all that she has been through and remain faithful should be an inspiration to anyone.

  49. 103

    Carrie Zook says

    I would but this in our new living room (just moved in a few weeks ago.) Our living room will be filled with Africa stuff and reminders of our times overseas, as well. This would fit in great with all the colors and memories we hope to have in that room.

  50. 107

    Sandi says

    I would probably hang this by my front door. It would be a great daily reminder. Thanks!

  51. 108


    Love it! I would hang it by our front door so everyone who comes in and out would be reminded of God’s enormous love for us, and the world!

  52. 111


    The blog that inspires me most is nieniedialogues.com. after Stephanie Nielson’s horrible accident and near-death experience I have been a devoted reader. Her perseverance is inspiring and makes me want to be a better mom.

  53. 112


    I love that print! I’d put it in our homeschool classroom. We permanently place a few meaningful things on the walls, and this would be a perfect addition!

  54. 113

    Joy says

    I would put it in the guest room. It matches the blue I used in there perfectly!

  55. 116

    Colleen says

    Beautiful piece. I also have a hard time putting just anything on the wall…I loved your recent post on how you’ve chosen to decorate your home. This piece would be the perfect addition to the wall by my son’s room.

  56. 118

    Tracy says

    I think that it’s gorgeous… i have a whole room in my house that is decorated in crosses and scripture…. honestly, i’d give it away.. i think it’s (in) Couraging and would love to share it with someone else who would love it just as much.

  57. 119

    Lyndsi says

    The living room. We don’t have anything on the walls except wedding pictures. This would be lovely.

  58. 120

    Amy says

    This one is my favorite too!!! I’d put it in my eat in kitchen, since that’s where we spend the most time!

  59. 121

    Julie says

    I’ve been admiring this art for a while now. I love Madison’s story and think about her every time I look at the print. What an inspiration. I would definitely hang it in my living room.

  60. 122


    I would put this up in my living room! I LOVE this! Alot of my decorating has become centered aroud the word Faith..and Scripture as well. I agree that it is nice to have something that really means something on the walls!

  61. 123


    This is BEAUTIFUL! I would put it in my room. I have no art in there now and it’s very white and boring. This would be perfect!

  62. 124


    Oh this canvas is one of my favorites and I have wanted it for so long! I would put it in my living room! Gorgeous and so meaningful!

  63. 125

    Melissa says

    I LOVE these pictures. I think I would hang this in my 5 year old daughter’s room. It would be beautiful hanging in there!

  64. 127

    Melissa says

    Blogs like yours inspire me! Blogs that talk about how God has changed someone’s life or what God is doing in their life. And just day to day things that us mommies go through!

  65. 128

    tia bennett says

    I would put it in my entry way for a pop of color. I love words and have scripture and words, sayings all over. If I am going to see something everyday, and reread something everyday, I want it to be meaningful and preferably scripture.

  66. 129


    oh lovely. I’d hang it in my kitchen 0f course. the place where everyone congregates. if my walls are going to talk (and I think that idea of yours is great) then let them talk to the biggest audience. !!!! I hope i win, I hope I win I hope I win…..

  67. 133

    Courtney says

    Oh, I would LOVE this! We just rearranged our living room and have a bare wall that needs something pretty, and this would be perfect!!

  68. 137

    Marcy M says

    Beautiful! Decorating is not my gift so my walls are pretty bare except for some photos of my kids. I love that it is so colorful and I think it would look great hanging in my entry.

  69. 144

    Deanna says

    I’d want to put it in the entryway or the kitchen. We bought our first house in January and just got done with all the painting and such. The walls are completely empty though.

  70. 147

    Mickey Wherritt says

    I would either put it in my desk area at work so that I may look at it while I work, or my neice is getting married in 10 days and it would be a good piece to start decorating around in her new home.

  71. 148

    Valerie says

    I’d hang it about our keys next to the front door as a reminder for us as we leave the house!

  72. 150


    It would go over my picture of my late Grampa who passed away almost 2 years ago. He used to read me scriptures when I was little and this was one of them. His passing and remembering what he told me as a child was the reason I came back to the Lord.
    nicolepipkin {AT} gmail {DOT} com