(in)Couraging Art {Giveaway}

*UPDATED* Congrats to random number 35, Mrs. 007 is the winner! Don’t forget to shop Dayspring with the code THANKS2010 for 25% off anything and everything by July 31st!

Recently, I made the decision not to buy a single home decor item for my walls and shelves unless it meant something to me.

I took down about half of the stuff in my house and it was liberating. On my walls now: paintings and drawings from my children, pictures of Africa, heirloom linens from great greats, and art.

I call it Meaningful Decor. Or “Have I told you the story behind this?”

One of the perks of writing for (in)Courage is being paid in product-usually enough to buy a couple of small things or one bigger thing each month. (If you are related to me, you already know this since every gift I’ve given for the past year has been from DaySpring!)

I love LOVE LOVE the beautiful art infused with bright colors and scripture. If my walls are gonna talk, I want them to say something meaningful. I’m not kidding: this art (in)courages me:

DaySpring is giving away this beautiful gallery wrapped canvas -John 3:16 Heart & Globe (my very favorite) to one reader today:

Tell me where you’d put it as your entry. AND-DaySpring is doing a 25% anything and everything sale right now–coupon code THANKS2010, expires July 31st, so hurry!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.

Product Details:
*Size: 16″ W x 20″ H x 1.5″ D
*Made in the USA
*Product by Show Offs Art

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  1. 151

    Becky says

    I think the hallway…or by the stairs at the side door (where everyone comes in).

  2. 152

    Stacy M. says

    In my living room where everyone will see it when they come in. It’s beautiful!

  3. 153


    I made that same decision 2 years ago when we bought this house. I have slowly (and I mean that in the FULL sense of the word) found things that I worthy of being in my home. I have a small wall next to our front door that has been waiting for something and this would be perfect.

  4. 154

    Shelly in Kansas City says

    I would put this in our kitchen. I’ve been wanting to paint in there, mostly white & neutrals (to be seller friendly) and this would be a great way to add some color.

  5. 157


    Ooooh, I have been on the lookout for some great artwork for our new family room – this would be PERFECT!!

  6. 158

    BettyC says

    I’d put this in our sunroom. Of course, the verse is perfect! And the colors are, too!

  7. 159

    Angela says

    It would have to go in the entry so we would see it as we walk in the door each day!

  8. 160


    This piece would look so good above my entry table in the foyer. What a great way to welcome people into my home. Headed over to check out what else I might want to buy!

  9. 162

    Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio) says

    I’ve got the perfect spot for this in my teen daughter’s bedroom. …and my spirit-filled daughter would love the scripture, too!

  10. 165


    It certainly is a beautiful piece of art!! :o) I think it would either go in my kitchen, which is a living room/kitchen combination or in my bedroom as a reminder to me and hubby.

  11. 167


    That is a beautiful canvas! I’d love it in our playroom. Can’t think of a more inspirational piece for my girls to see on a daily basis. Thank you!

  12. 168


    I have several places I could put it. It would look great in our bedroom and also in the hallway on the way out of our house would be perfect too!

  13. 169


    I saw this on Dayspring’s website yesterday! I’d put it in the hallway where my front door is…there’s a lot of nothing going on right there! :)

    And I totally used the THANKS2010 code when I bought some stuff from Dayspring yesterday!! I love discounts! :)

  14. 171

    Laura says

    I’d put it in my dining room where it would get lots of “face time” with my family.

  15. 172

    Tiffany says

    I would put it smack dab right by my front door so i would see it everytime i went IN and OUT.
    That picture spoke volumes to my heart. My husband goes to mexico next week on a mission trip so that big heart with the little world just brought tears to my eyes.

  16. 173

    Erica says

    My husband and I are newly married (April!) and we are now in a place where we are going to start looking at homes :) I would put this piece in our to-be bathroom. I have always loved art work in bathrooms! It is a space that everyone uses and notices something different on the walls! It would be a BEAUTIFUL daily reminder. :)

  17. 176

    Kristy says

    I would hang this in our family room about the girls table. We are just renting for a year after moving from Southern CA up to Washington, we wanted to move as a family and could not sell our old house and buy a new one that fast, so we decided to rent for a year. Which means our walls are very bare because I just cannot bare to unpack all those carefully packed pictures for a couple months!

  18. 177


    So pretty! I’d put it above my desk/computer. I really like those ideas and as I am decorating an “empty space” I really want to get meaningful art too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. 178


    I’m moving into a new place and will only have a room…but in that room I’d love to put this. It’s bright, beautiful, and inspirational and would be a wonderful thing to see every day! :)

  20. 185

    Heather says

    I would put it in our basement. Well, after the walls get put up anyway. It would be the perfect centerpiece to decorate around!

  21. 187

    Heather says

    We are in the middle of moving, so I don’t know exactly where I would put it except SOMEWHERE in my new house! 😉

  22. 189


    I have a great blank space in my kitchen I’d love to put it! I could look at it every morning right before I sit down to journal and read my Bible. And it’s a place where I’d see it when I start to get frustrated.

  23. 192

    Emily C says

    We’re moving to a new home next month and I know just the empty wall that some of these pieces could fill!

  24. 194


    I’d love to have something to hang on the wall in my downstairs bathroom. :) Guests (and my kids) would have nothing else to look at while they, well, sat.

  25. 196

    Vonda says

    I would hang this beautiful artwork in my office. I work for a ministry and have people in and out of my office everyday. This is would be beautiful picture and great verse for all of them to see!

  26. 198

    Karyn says

    I think I’d put it in my great room/kitchen with all my daughter’s watercolors she’s been doing (she’s 10). LOVE it!!! Might have to buy it if I don’t win it….

  27. 199

    Karen says

    This would look awesome in my kitchen…where everyone gathers, so everyone would see it and be reminded of that wonderful message.

  28. 201

    Jennifer says

    What a beautiful canvas! I’d love to hang it on one of the walls in my den. :)

  29. 203

    Sarah says

    How beautiful! I would put it in our entryway…right next to the door so I would see it as I was headed out…

  30. 205


    How beautiful! I would love to hang this over the stairs in my entryway – what a beautiful welcome!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. 208


    Lord Willing, we will be moving by the end of August… I am not familiar enough with the new house to have a specific spot picked out, but I am thinking the entryway or my son’s bedroom!!

  32. 209

    Christa says

    At the top of the stairs leading to the upstairs bedrooms. The wall has a big open space that’s just asking for something important to be hung there :-)

  33. 211

    Elaine says

    I would definitely put it in my kitchen on the wall that’s right beside my table. I’ve always wanted a picture with scripture to put there. As a child, my grandmother had scripture hanging all over her house, and those are the ones I remember the most and hold most dear. Thanks Kristen, you always inspire me to live a more Christ-centered life!!

  34. 212

    Kassia says

    I would put it above my fireplace so you can’t help but see it when you come in the front door.

  35. 213

    anna goodrich says

    I love this painting!! I would put it on a wall that is in my entry way.That way, when guest come to my house, it’s one if the first things they see!!

  36. 215


    I love this one! I would send it to my mom. She moved into assisted living last year and her walls are sparse.

  37. 216


    I would give it to my son & his fiancé for their home . . . what a great reminder this would be for them starting their married life out, both of whom have a strong commitment to Jesus.

  38. 218

    Laurie says

    What a great Faith-sharing dicussion starter! I would hang this in our family room where all our guests seem to gravatate to.

  39. 221

    Lorie says

    There isn’t much on the walls in my children’s room so I might put it in there to remind them of God’s love.

  40. 222


    I would love to hang this right above my bed. There’s a nice big empty wall begging for something colorful and uplifting like that.

  41. 224

    jenleahlynn says

    love the colors, so bright and cheerful, i would hang it in the kids playroom, or in my kitchen with my fiesta ware collection.

  42. 227


    I would put this colorful art in my kid’s toyroom because my 7 year old recently memorized this verse for Pioneer Clubs. Plus our toy room is painted bright red and bright yellow and it would match perfectly!!!!

  43. 231

    celeste says

    I think over the fireplace would be just perfect-and I have admired this one for a while.

  44. 234


    I love that everything on your walls has a story. I’m (mostly) that way too. I think the older my kids get, the more sentimental I get. Anyway, as for that art… I’d put it in my hallway so I could look at it every time I walked by!
    Hugs to you,

  45. 235

    Niki Blake says

    I would hang this on our front door right in the center of a huge twig wreath that hangs there. I want everyone that enters to know Jesus loves them!!

  46. 236

    Carey says

    I have a spot in my living room that I’ve been wanting to fill with something meaningful. Since I started reading your posts about your experiences in Africa, I haven’t felt right about going to Hobby Lobby to buy meaningless stuff. This post about your decision to buy only meaningful things has encouraged me to keep it up. I love the painting!

  47. 237


    Those pieces are beautiful! Right now I’m looking for something big and bold to go over our couch…it’s the first thing you see when you walk in.

  48. 238

    Rebecca says

    I have a new house and nothing on the walls! I would love to put it the dining room or the kitchen.

  49. 239


    I would put this in our family room. I want to see it daily and my kids to see it daily to remind them of our core family values. Well, that and it is pretty. :)

  50. 240

    Becky says

    I love their artwork it is both beautiful and meaningful. I would probably put this in my kitchen which seems to be the gathering place for family and friends or at the top of my stairs so that we can see it every time we go upstairs.

  51. 242

    Jennifer Ott says

    I love that piece of art. I would hang it in our living room/dining room/school room. I’ve taken down all our art except one piece that has meaning also, and this would be a great addition!

  52. 244

    Sandy says

    I would give it to my oldest son who just told me that he is enlisting in the Army. When he is deployed, it will come to our home and be displayed in a prominent place so when I begin to worry (like mother’s have a tendency to do) I am reminded that God has him in HIS arms!

  53. 245

    Rebecca says

    We are going to remodel our living room and make an entry area. Probably there in the new entry area.

  54. 246

    Melanie York says

    Love it! I would place it in my daughter’s room…..we are just now moving our 2 year old into her big girl room and this would be a wonderful first-hanging for her little room.

  55. 247


    I’d replace the generic GardenRidge art in my family room with this beautiful piece! Front and center for all to see.

  56. 250


    I would hang this in my daughter’s dorm room when I take her to college next month. The big heart will remind her that she will always be in mine and that her heart should always belong to Jesus. The words will remind her that Jesus loves HER through thick and thin and the bright colors will be the main focus on the drab walls, drawing every eye to it and hopefully bring hungry hearts knocking on her door with questions about her LORD!! <3

  57. 251

    MichelleH says

    I would put this in the kids’ playroom. It’s just funky enough to match their…ahem…eclectic, bright decor. They go in their daily and often have friends over. I think it would be a great reminder for my kids and might spark a discussion with their friends.

  58. 252

    Christie says

    I have the PERFECT spot for it, to the left of the fireplace in our living room. The colors would be perfect there, and I would love the constant reminder of the ultimate love–and sacrifice.

  59. 253

    Jane says

    Right next to my calendar – maybe it will remind me what life is really all about.

  60. 254

    Mary Catherine says

    I have room everywhere! Just spent my summer cleaning out unneccessary items or items with no meaning! I took “store bought art” out of frames and replaced them with photos (taken by me) and artwork by my children! I LOVE the idea of His word in bright colors covering the walls! Thank you for the chance!