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    Misty says

    love these, thanks for sharing. Mine will one day say, I quit trying to be perfect to make my husband stop gambling, and started believing I was perfect enough for God.

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    We’re in the process of writing out our own sign right now and it’s similar. Blessings to you for stepping out & making your faith speak loudly.

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    Hm, where do I start. I traded getting my eyebrows professionally waxed (shallow yes but the one that bugs me the most consistently), my hair professionally dyed, summer vacations, date nights, lots of meals out, a new laptop, dance/karate/gymastic classes, many many shoes, and basically any kind of “luxury” for a baby in Ethiopia.

    Gosh, I wonder if she’ll be worth it?? 😉

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    My heart is too full and my eyes too teary to share my sign… yet.

    I love your heart, Kristen, and your bold faith, your simple trust. I see Jesus shining.

    {Also? I love that you’re wearing your Amazima/147 Million necklace in this… for all the reasons I’m sure you chose to wear it.}

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    Misty says

    Can someone tell me how to contact Kristen? I must be blind because I can not find her email addredd. Thank you so much. Misty

    mnmzz at msn dot com

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    Misty says

    Samantha you have no idea how long I looked for it. I clicked every tab up above, searched the right side bar over and over! I knew by then it just had to be right there in front of my face. Thanks again!

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    Mine would say,

    “I traded fear and the illusion of control for real life messy relationships with real and wonderful people and the ability to say yes to life and let it come in and make a mess of things.”

    I might need to be a big piece of cardboard. :)

    I’m right now learning to just say yes to God about stuff he wants to do, do my best, and let him worry about the details I can’t figure out. That’s how I ended up a founder of a non-profit and being able to support Thai orphanages and refugee communities in less than 2 years. still spinning from that one. :)

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    You are awesome, Kristen and our sign would say the exact same thing because that is the path our family has taken in the last six months—and it is incredible to watch God move! Thanks for sharing this video- WOW!

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    Racheal says

    Mine would say “worried about a crumbling marriage and life’s unfair circumstances. It’s all just too messed up, I can’t fix it.”
    And the flip side would say “Keeping my eyes on Christ and everything else will take care of itself”

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    Love these! I think I’d need a few pieces of cardboard…

    Mine would say “once buried by satan under a pile of filthy rubble”…. “… using the rubble satan buried me under to build an altar to Him”

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    My church did one of these with people in our church sharing their signs on Easter morning. It was so powerful and amazing. Mine would read, “Battled eating disorders for 20 years; trusting God’s grace and forgiveness to be enough for me today.”

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    I don’t know… but you had me in tears. That is one awesome video. The power of GOD.

    NOW!!!! That is what I would call “recycled”. AMEN?!?!?!

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    Oh, I love cardboard testimonies! They are SO powerful and they show the power and might of God. My church did it for Thanksgiving a few years ago….and there was no doubt that God can (and DOES) change hearts and lives.

    In bondage to legalism and “trying to be good” for God.

    Living in freedom and discovering just how much He loves me for who I am.

    PS. I’ve been reading your blog for a while (and LOVING it), but this prompted me to actually comment. Thanks!

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    I love it! WOw! is all I can say.. and I am going to take it further…..

    But my cardboard would say.. I gave up feeling worthless, used, sexual assulted as a child, to be loved and cherished in the arms of my Savior

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    I have stopped expecting my children to be perfect in public. They are not and will never be perfect. I am not perfect. I do not have to be held up to a public image when Jesus is my audience. As long as I am serving Him, parenting accroding to Him, and loving Him then I am on the right path.

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    Everyday I trade anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and fear for strength in the Lord, because I can do all things through Christ.

    • 25.1


      Alli, You are not alone in this trade. It’s a daily battle and every bit of it is a spiritual battle. For me, anyway. Just know you are not the only one. I’m praying for you, too. Kymberlie

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    So powerful. My church’s Celebrate Recovery group did cardboard testimonies last year.

    Mine would say, “bound by legalism, self sufficiency, and perfection……. freed to live in Christ’s love”

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    Rachel says

    I wish I could write a sign that said:
    Single mom to one blessing, worried he would never have a Godly father-figure and roll model
    Trusted the Lord and He sent a worthy lifemate for me and (step)father for my son – wedded bliss in Christ!
    (Still praying that will happen. God, are you listening to my heart?)

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    Beautiful! We did this same thing once w/a ministry team…my husband held a sign that said, “They said our daughter was dead in the womb.” My then 2year old walked out with a sign that said, “But here I am.” And my sign said, “And baby 2 due any minute!” I was literally in having contractions w/my son when we presented this. It is still so powerful in my mind.

    Here’s a link to a still pic if it’s ok:

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    Did you read Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream by David Platt? I can’t remember if I read about it here or somewhere else, but it is worth your time.

  21. 34


    We did something like this not long ago at our church. It was so moving and powerful. It was awesome to see some of what people’s cardboard signs read…and see how God was making a difference in lives.
    Thanks for sharing

  22. 35


    I’m not sure what mine would say… I think maybe, just for right now, I’ve only got one side of it written.

    I really like yours. My husband and I are working toward that.

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