A Holy War

The other day in the car, it went like this:

My oldest daughter was singing softly a new song from church….”My God is great-er…My God is great-er”

I looked up from driving and glanced in the rearview mirror. I was happy to hear my firstborn sing such a lovely song. It made me proud. It made me think: I MUST BE DOING A GOOD JOB.

A second little girl’s voice joined in the chorus. In sweet , clear lyrics, she echoed her older sister… “My God is greater…”

This went on for a minute or two. I was bursting with pride at my cherubs daughters.

And then in a swift moment, without ANY WARNING, the song of the younger become… “MY God is greater than YOURS…” and there was a competitive edge to her voice.

To which her sister responded…”No, MY God is GREATER than YOUR GOD!”

And then it downward spiraled into an all out WAR of who’s God was greater.

Yours or Mine.

The end.

</holy moment>

P.S. At some point I should probably explain it’s THE SAME GOD, huh?


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  1. 2


    My super competitive son taught my daughter that losing was great. When she’d run somewhere, she’d throw her hands over her head and squeal, “I lose! I lose!”

  2. 5


    Anyone who has children should never question the concept of total depravity. As sweet and wonderful as they are, they’re born with a nature that says, “it’s all about me!”

    And… you are doing a good job, even when they’re arguing about whose God is greater in the back seat!

  3. 7


    I love it, one day last week my 4 year old was singing about her God and how he saves her and loves her and she is a sinner and I walked in the living room and her dancing looked like something from a strip joint. no idea where they learn it but definitly teaching moments

  4. 10

    Brenda says

    My 5 year old daughter tries to sing this song in the car too, but when the chorus says “My God is Healer” she says “My God is Humor.” I like to think that God does kind of get a little chuckle out of that one!

  5. 15


    Ah yes…isn’t it just lovely? Every morning Hubs and I wake up to “it’s MY mommy!”, “No! it’s MY mommy!”, “MY DADDY!!!”, “NOOO…MY DADDDDYYYYY!!!!!”. I suppose we should be flattered, but seriously, it’s not what we want to hear when we first wake up. :)

  6. 17


    Love it. My kids are all about the sibling rivalry right now – the two younger are currently fighting over whose baby brother it is that I’m pregnant with! The two older are fight over which is better – one wants to be a nun and the other wants to be a mom! I’ve been dealing with it by telling them to go tell their father!

  7. 19


    Ahh the little darlins! Remember theologians they are not!! :)

    When my husband was being ordained….my son told my middle dauther, “We can’t go see our
    Dad right now…he’s being worshipped!”.
    Eek! Right in front of the Chairman of the deacons wife (she giggled, I cringed).


  8. 21

    Anna says

    Haha great stories :) Was the song they were singing called “Our God” by Chris Tomlin? One of my favorites so I was just wondering 😛

  9. 25


    That sounds like something my guys would fight over!

    I do remember a couple of years ago, we were talking about going to heaven and my middle son decided that he would go to heaven with Jesus and his brother would go to heaven with God.

    Like you – maybe I should tell them it’s the same?

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