[Back to School] Do-It-For-Others Project: Shoes

School starts in our part of Texas two weeks from tomorrow!

We have ONE thing left on our back-to-school shopping list: new shoes.

We’re using last year’s backpacks and we brushed up wardrobes at our local kid’s resale shop.

But shoes? I like my kids to each have a new pair. But it isn’t their only pair: They have church shoes, Crocs, flip flops and play tennis shoes.

Recently, I read in a magazine that the average woman has 19 (nineteen!) pairs of shoes.

I can’t help but think of the estimated 300 million people around the world who will wake up tomorrow without a pair of shoes to protect their feet from injury and disease.

Several months ago, I learned that one of my readers from the United States moved to South Africa with her husband with one goal: to provides shoes for people who didn’t have any by starting Samaritan’s Feet South Africa. I was so impressed by their simple goal and profound leap of faith that I decided WE MUST HELP THEM.

Guilt aside, is it really right that I have racks of shoes in my closet while so many people have none?

I’m happy to announce that our newest DIFO project is collecting new shoes for the people of South Africa! The shoe drive starts today and runs thru the end of September.

Dirty feet Pictures, Images and Photos

There are several ways for you to be a part of this shoe drive:

  • Shop for and mail a new pair of shoes to the address below
  • Order a pair of shoes from an online store and have it shipped to the address below (see online deals below)
  • Donate (tax deductible) a financial gift for a pair of shoes here

What will your donation do?

Samaritan’s Feet South Africa is working to make a difference in the lives of kids and adults in need of shoes throughout sub-Saharan Africa. At our Shoes of Hope Distributions, we partner with local organizations, churches and schools to achieve three specific goals:

  1. We TOUCH each person, by washing their feet.
  2. We TEACH each person a message of hope.
  3. We TREAT each person to a new pair of shoes.

Address to ship shoes to:

We are THAT family

8000 Research Forest Dr

Ste 115-110

Spring, TX 77382

**Online stores like JCPenney have great sales on shoes right now! As a matter of fact, you can shop here at the kid’s clearance shoe section, enter this code TEN2YOU which will get you $10 off your $10+ purchase for a sweet deal! Plus, right now, there’s FREE SHIPPING!  You can purchase a pair of shoes for less than $5!! PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE COUPON PER PERSON CAN BE USED.

**So many deals to combine at Famous Footwear!!! First off, all shoes are B1G1 50% off!  You can shop from the sale section where shoes are already marked down up to half price.

-Use code: SCHOOL3 and get 20% off your entire purchase!

-Free shipping applies when you buy 3 or more pair.  Two pair is $4.50 shipping
(thanks to Moms by Heart
for sharing the shoe deals!)

*updated* Walmart has .97 cent shipping and Old Navy has some good shoe deals. Let me know if y’all find other online deals and remember you can make a secure monetary donation here.

Mostly kids shoes are needed right now, boy or girl (especially kids size 3 or 4 up to women’s 6) and Samaritan’s Feet only accepts NEW shoes. Thank, y’all!

Please leave a comment if you’ll pick up/send a pair of shoes!


    • 1.1


      Hi Amy, thanks for asking! Caroline from Samaritan’s Feet here! We need shoes for both boys and girls, so either is fine. While we have a decent supply of adult shoes right now, we are most desperately in need of shoes for children. Anything from a US Child’s 3 or 4 right up to a Men’s or Women’s 6 will help fill the gap we have at the moment.

      From the bottom of our hearts, and many soon-to-be happy feet, thanks so much to all of you who are giving!

      • 1.2.1

        Amy T. says

        Two pairs of shoes are on their way to you. :) We are also going to make a donation. Do you need money for shipping or should we donate through the link above?

  1. 4

    Danielle says

    will you accept any used shoes as well? i have a few pairs that my kids have grown out of that i’d love to donate in addition to new shoes. thanks!

  2. 6

    kristen says

    Our family hopes to buy 10 pair between now and end of September. I just got the first 2 pair from JC Penney online using the code above-free shipping for $10.80!!! Can’t beat that!

  3. 8


    I’ll be doing some online shopping for shoes this week! How will all these shoes get to Africa? Will you need help with shipping costs?

    • 8.1

      kristen says

      No, thanks for asking though, I need to add that to the post. The ministry of Samaritan’s Feet is all over the world. They have a shoe drop off in Houston, so we will carry them down there at the end of Sept. and they will get them to Africa!

  4. 17


    4 pairs coming from Famous Footwear, and 7 pairs from Old Navy (I had a bunch of discounts). I had a mix up with the shipping address for Old Navy so it should be rerouted to you… hoping it works without a hitch.

  5. 18


    What a wonderful ministry! Thanks for inspiring us! I need the county for your address…the online retailer says your zip code spans multiple counties….Which county should I choose: Harris or Montgomery? THANKS!

  6. 22

    elizabethk says

    I don’t sew — but I can order online! God bless you all – SO can see happy children wearing lots of different shoes. I got gym shoes — but are sandals good too? No heels…I would think.

  7. 23


    Kristen, I think your readers are clearing out JC Penney’s stock, LOL! AWESOME! I gave up shopping online, and just donated directly via the link you provided.

    Thanks once again for being the hands and feet, the “connect the dots”, and for presenting the opportunity for us to help.

    Love you, love your heart!

      • 24.1.1


        Yes, Kristen is right — sneakers are the best because these are often the only pair of shoes these kids have, and they have to wear them all year long. South Africa gets pretty cold in the winter, so we prefer to give out shoes that they can wear anytime. But any shoe is a blessing! This is really exciting!

        Thanks so much!

  8. 25

    Sylvia says

    Sending a pair from Penney’s to you. LOVE that you guys are doing these projects. Thanks for your ministry!

  9. 26

    Whitney says

    Four pair from walmart.com coming your way! Two pairs of boys’ sandals, and two pairs of sneakers.

  10. 29


    Target is having a huge clearance of summer shoes. I’ve seen awesome deals in the stores, and on their website too. For example, a pair of boy’s sandals for less than $3.50, or girls glittery sparkle ballet flats for less than $5.

  11. 31

    Jessica says

    ordered 1 pair of toddler (girl) size 5 white shoes off JCP- will have them ship directly to your research forest address.

  12. 33

    HeatherS says

    Ordered 4 pairs of tennis shoes from Walmart.com today to be shipped to you! The kids loved helping me pick them out online. Thanks for providing an opportunity to help others and teach my kids about helping others!

  13. 36

    sara-bo-bara says

    woo-hoo! just took my girls to go shopping for shoes for some sweet little african feet! can’t wait to get them in the mail to you =) thanks for making it easy for us to think of others!

  14. 39

    Neal says

    Thanks Kristen for making this a point of emphasis and making it easy to accomplish – I’m a friend of Caroline’s and they are doing AWESOME WORK!

    I’m about to post this on some of my networking sites – this is a great idea – By the way – 6 more pair 3 boys & 3 girls coming your way from Wal-Mart! It was easy & cost effective for a tremendous cause!

  15. 41

    Sharon P says

    mailing 6 pairs to you . Thanks to clearance rack at Kohl’s and an awesome discount. Thanks for letting us help.

  16. 43


    Just ordered 8 pairs of shoes from Walmart.com. It will be to your address by the 20th.

    My husband and I love to vary our charity giving. We donate to local, national and worldwide so please keep sharing great charities.

  17. 48

    Tammy Griffin says

    We’re sending two pair of boy’s shoes. Should be at your address by August 24. Love to see children run and play in happy feet! :)

  18. 49


    Woo hoo…four pairs of shoes coming your way in two separate shipments from JC Penny 😉 FYI…you can use the $10.00 discount for every order that you place. SO I split my order into two separate and saved $20.00 total. Not bad with free shipping directly to Kristen for four pairs of women’s ked sneakers. Wanted to do something practical, yet fun so I got some pretty pink and green keds. Now I’m off to post and spread the word about this event. Thanks again Kristen for all you do!
    Fondly, Roberta

    • 50.1


      Hi Jen,
      Nope the shoes do not need to be in the boxes. But if they are not then please would you make sure that they are safely tied together either by shoe laces or something else. This will make sure that we do not end up with spare shoes going in separate directions. Thank you for your generosity!
      Love and hugs from SFSA!

  19. 51

    Jenni says

    Hey Kristen, I am going to leave some at Chick-fil-A for you this week. Pick them up the week school starts if you don’t mind…G is out of town this week and I want him to go pick them out…learning lesson. I love your blog, keep inspiring people with your gift!!!

  20. 52


    Hey Kristen! There are 4 pairs of athletic shoes on their way to you directly from JCPenney in 4 separate shipments. In case any of your readers need a tip…by doing each pair separately and using your TEN2YOU code, I was able to save $10 on each shipment, on top of free shipping. Thanks for organizing this great opportunity!!

  21. 53

    Heather says

    3 pairs from Walmart headed your way – for $20 shipped, I was sad they didn’t have any in MY daughter’s size. :)

  22. 56


    This is so exciting! I don’t know what the tally is at the moment, but we are overjoyed to see such generosity pouring in! Thank you all so much!

    Blessings and thanks from Samaritan’s Feet South Africa!!

  23. 57

    Vicky says

    Payless shoes has a good deal going on right now….BOGO 1/2 off, plus a code for $5 off $25 (37544) and if you spend $50 you get free shipping.

  24. 59

    Frances Michaels says

    Two pairs of boy’s sandals from J.C. Penny’s are coming to you. The TEN2YOU code is expired but shipping is still free. I’m happy to help with this effort.

  25. 60



    Did you recently receive 7 pairs of sneakers from Old Navy? The order has been returned twice – once from our old address (from which is was supposed to be rerouted) and then once from your address (they had my name on it instead of yours). Sigh. It should get there this week.

    • 61.1

      Dodi says

      FedEx just called and they are having trouble with the address provided. Can you email me your name and phone number so I can pass it along to them?

  26. 63


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