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Please, please watch this video of our beautiful daughter, Maureen. She came to America to tell you this:


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    Marcy M says

    Thank you for sharing Maureens testimony, she is simply BEAUTUFUL! As a mom who sponsors 3 children it blesses my heart to see how much Compassion is changing the lives of those it serves and the hope it gives to our children.

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    Thank you so much for sharing! I reposted this on my blog today. What a moving story. After watching Maureen’s video my 10 year old wants to sponsor a child now too. Our personal financial situation has stopped me from committing to sponsoring a child in the past but I feel like God is telling me, “Michelle, now is the time”! God bless! Keep up the good work, you are changing many lives, just by sharing.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this video Kristen…can’t wait to share it with my family along with your first post about Maureen. Have a wonderful weekend fondly, Roberta

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    That has to be THE very, very, very best Compassion video I have ever seen since I began with Compassion more than 5 years ago. How could anyone not fall in love with Maureen, or be moved by the compelling way she shares the difference sponsorship makes… the difference Jesus makes. She spells it out so poignantly, so beautifully… Poverty is the lack of hope, and we have what it takes to make a difference.

    Kristen, although we have nine Compassion kids, Maureen is making me consider whether or not we have room for one more. I will be praying.

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    AmberK says

    Maureen. My heart and prayers include Maureen. I’m so sorry she had to endure the hardships that she did but am so grateful to God that her sponsors found her, loved her and encouraged her. Her life has meaning and she is valuable to God. Every child in the world should grow up knowing this. They should know that He holds them dear to His heart. Poverty makes that hard to understand, I think.
    Well, I’m glad she has you and your sweet family. I love that you call her your daughter and I know that she has found family and love in you.
    Samson is our sponsored child, he is 8. We adore him completely and pray for him daily. I hope he has a wonderful story in his life like Maureen’s story of hope and love.
    Kristen, I add your prayers to mine.
    I also wanted to know something…Compassion has asked that we have a global Sunday that we share Compassion children with our churches. I would love to add Maureen’s story here to our church website. Could I? And how?

    Many Prayers and Hugs

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    This video is extremely powerful. Thank you so much for sharing. We sponsor a child through Compassion as well and this makes me realize we need to support him with much more than just our money. I’m Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications but I wanted to post personally as this subject is near and dear to my heart in my own life as well. Thank you again for sharing this extremely powerful video.

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    I had to do it. I could not wait. As soon as I watched the video – i joined Compassion International. My family is now sponsoring an little girl who is only one month older than my own 3 yr old daughter. Thank you, Kristen, for pushing us all to do more.

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      A warm welcome to the Compassion family… it won’t just change this child’s life, it will change your life. I’m so excited for you, I really am!! God will bless this decision a hundredfold.

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    Heather says

    We have been compassion sponsors for seven years, I have been a Child Advocate with Compassion for one year. We sponsor 5 children, in Tanzania, Kenya, India, The Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. I am also a correspondence sponsor for nine children in Tanzania, India, El Salvador, and Brazil. (Two in ES, Three in IN, and Three is BR).
    I have seen MANY Compassion videos, but this, next only to seeing Tony(one of the Moody scholars) speak in person, is the most powerful testimony to the work of Compassion and the POWER of sponsorship I have seen. I shared it on my fb page, and will tweet it as well. It is a testament to the importance of WRITING your sponsored child. Far too many sponsors miss the importance of corresponding with their children. Thank you for posting this!!!!

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    This is so wonderful. I am so glad that your encouragement finally inspired me to sponsor our child, Mbeyu. Her letters are a delight and my boys love to color pictures for her. We pray for her and especially pray for her Muslim parents as she has asked us to, but it’s clear she is shining her light for Jesus to them.

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    Jenn B. says

    Thank you for sharing Kristen! This is such an amazingly powerful message from an amazing young lady. What a blessing to know such a child of God. I pray that our sponsor child will find hope and the love of Christ at his Compassion Project in Ethiopia. I still have chills up and down my body! Thank you!

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    WOW what a powerful testimony! It was so WONDERFUL to hear how God and Compassion International impacted this young lady’s life! Thank you so much for sharing this and encouraging others.
    God bless!

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    I started to watch this when you posted it a few days ago but couldn’t stop blubbering enough to finish it. I finished it today. That is where my heart is. I want God to do something big through me (even if it’s only big to one person). We are so weak, but He is so strong. Thank you for sharing her story, thank you for allowing God to use you to impact so many others like Maureen. I know how very touched you are by her life.

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    She’s amazing. GOD is AMAZING! What a glorious testimony of hope and redemption. She is so well spoken….beautiful in every way.

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