DIFO Pillow Case Project GRAND TOTAL

I’ve been counting and recounting, checking and double-checking.


I’m blown away by the number of pillow case dresses we made as a community to dress little girls in Africa!

The grand total………………………………………………………………………


Thank you. A million times to the dozens and dozens of seamstresses who created dresses and for everyone who sent supplies!

My daughter and I are just about done sorting them by size and packing them in zip locks to be shipped this week.

Please don’t miss out on the NEW PROJECT that will be announced in a couple of hours: Shoes (to go with all those pretty dresses!)


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    YAY! This covers me with goosebumps. Over 350 little girls!? I’m trying to picture HOW MANY little girls that is… and picture how CUTE they’ll be in their new dresses… but, more importantly, how encouraged they will be that so many people in America who have never met them (and probably never will) care enough about them to work together to make sure they have clothes.

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    Yay!!! It’s such a blessing that so many worked together to do for others! Thanks for working so hard on this project and encouraging everyone, Kristen. To God be the glory!

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    oh my goodness! i love these little dresses and i am blown away at how many you had made up! how incredible! this makes my heart so happy! you don’t know me… i follow your blog though- love your creativity and heart! we’re adopting internationally from ethiopia and a good friend of mine recommended your blog. keep it up girlie, you’re doing awesome things!

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    niki mccall says

    Hey, I just came across your blog and saw this post about pillow case dresses. My husband and I are adopting from Africa, and I am planning on taking the orphanage plenty of pillow case dresses. If you had some time, could you send some info on how you organized this? This is so great that I ran across this….I hope you find time to answer…if not though, I completely understand!! thanks a bunch!!

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    WOW…that is fantastic! Such good news and I can’t wait to share it 😉 Thanks Kristen for all your work in coordinating this, fondly, Roberta

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