We always take pictures on the first day of school. Her are the last three years:

I’ll be adding a new picture for another new school year (2010), in the morning.

I tucked a special back-to-school survival bag into each of my kid’s backpack.

All I need is Kleenex to get me thru the day.

Is it just me, or is this growing up thing, hard?

P.S. I’d like to point out a few things you might notice in the above collage: 1. yes, those are fall decorations in the background of 2009. WHAT WAS I THINKING? It was August and over 100 degrees everyday. 2. In 2008, my 1 year old is wearing a leash. You do what you gotta do. 3. YES, I KNOW: my kids are adorable!


School Year: 2010

5th grade

3rd grade


Do you cry at the start of a new year?

P.S. I only choked up once this morning (and that had more to do with the highly developed, french-manicured girl at the lockers!)


  1. 1


    I can totally remember crying when my first went off to kindergarten. She was like MOM, GET OVER IT! But I was blubbering like a baby. The other 2 weren’t QUITE as bad. Now I homeschool them all so they never leave. :-)

  2. 2


    oh my goodness super cute.
    we are going on our second week of school for my kindergartner and yes I cried when I got home. She is my baby. Her teacher handed out to them a little survival back to school baggie. It was cute.

    this week my oldest starts college and my second son will be a sophomore in high school. Oh Lord help me…when did my babies grow up?

  3. 3


    I love the pics. I love the idea, so may have to steal it as this week will present a few opportunities – my 5 yr old’s first day of Kindergarten and my 3 yr old twins’ first day of preschool. A lot of sniffling and photo taking, I’m sure! And yes, your kids are adorable!

  4. 4


    How SWEET!!! I managed not to cry. But, oh, Kindergarten…I cried in the parking lot…and then later in the day at Sam’s Club when I saw a mom shopping with her 3 y. o. boy. I MISSED my BOY!!! And, I am a sap.

  5. 5


    Just sent my 14 year old off to high school. While it doesn’t compare to sending the wee ones off, it was still tough. See, I’ve homeschooled him all his life… so it’s been a big transition! Well, bigger for me than for him, lol! But after the first week, my new-found freedom sank in and it’s been great!

  6. 6


    Ahhhhhhh. *sniff* *sniff* wahhhhhh. *snort* *sob* im a wreck tonight! And your post didn’t help. Lol! And yes your kids are adorable! See ya tomorrow!

  7. 8


    I did the photos for a lot of years…then one year I realized that I hadn’t done it for a while! Don’t stop I wish I had those years I have missed! The growing up thing is hard..but good also! I have teens and they are fantastic. I think they just keep getting better each year.

  8. 10

    Kat @ Inspired To Action says

    It’s hard for me too. In fact, I almost DID cry last Thursday on their first day of school.

    They were so excited they woke up and got dressed at 5:30am!

    And then…our car light was on all night and the battery was dead. So my sweet 1st and 3rd graders were late for the very first day of school. We were all SO disappointed.

    They were great sports though.

  9. 11


    I love it and feel for you! My little one has just been in daycare, maybe starting official preschool once he’s potty trained, but I know I’ll be doing the same. As for the leash/harness, we’ve got one too, makes for more adventures out, and safer ones at that. I was so against them prior to having a child, and when we had to do an airport trip this summer, I knew it was the best move. It has helped so much!

    To a great new school year for all your kids, and just a few, beautiful tears for you today!

  10. 12


    yes, your kids are adorable :) sent mine off this morning… and they both did smile as they headed off! fall decorations? thank you for the reminder! i need to get out there today and hand up my first day of school flag & haul that candle out of the back room before they get home! better late than never 😉

  11. 13

    Kim says

    Great pictures. I don’t usually cry, but this year might be different. Mine will be going into K, 1st, 3rd & 6th. Lots of change here. But I’m excited for the upcoming year and all the fun and learning that will go on!!

  12. 14


    So cute! I didn’t cry today, I cried after meet the teacher night. Because that big elementary school seemed SO overwhelming. This morning wasn’t bad at all though, the teacher sat my Nathan next to a neighbor girl he hadn’t met before, but they will get off at the same bus stop. My three year old wailed when I dropped him at his new daycare class, but as soon as I got him settled with a puzzle he stopped. He’ll be fine I”m sure :)

    • 15.1

      kristen says

      Work! I’m actually trying to get blog work, writing assignments, an 8 hour-a-week part time job and a ministry-related project ALL DONE while my kids are gone. So, fun, but not nearly as exciting as eating bon-bons :)

      • 15.1.1


        Never pictured you as the bon-bon eating type! I was certain your to-do list held important and meaningful projects. As a full-time employee, mom, and pastor’s wife, I envy the time you have for writing and ministry. I’m gonna be making some changes soon to open the door for more ministry and life stuff and less work stuff.

        The bank account will take a hit, but at some point you have to decide that you really do trust God.

  13. 16


    I cry every year, and at every singing of Happy Birthday. I totally would have cried at the sight of a highly developed french manicured girl at a locker too. I get a little teary even thinking about my girls growing their own set of girls.

  14. 17


    I cry when ever I have one start K5. This year I cried all week long… I actually scared myself a little. I have to say for the record…I KNOW about the ‘highly developed girls’. And on another subject altogether… Your son has some fantastic Lego t-shirts… we would love to know where you got them.

    • 17.1

      kristen says

      I hadn’t noticed he had on two lego shirts, two years in a row. Can you tell he’s a lego guy? We got those (both years) at JCPenney’s. They are always on sale (like $7.99 each) around this time of year. He’s gotten one every year and I end up having to hide them in the back of his closet because he wants to wear it everyday. Boys!

  15. 18

    Wendy says

    I cry EVERY year on the first day of school. I can’t help it. I try to be one of those “normal, grown up Moms” that accepts it and then goes about her day – but I can’t! I’m one of those Moms that secretly doesn’t ever want her little girl to grow up and wishes she could stay little forever. But, my little girl started her first day of junior high today. She was so excited and barely nervous – which made me so proud. But she still wanted her Mommy to drive her to school instead of carpooling with her girlfriends – which made me secretly so happy!

  16. 19


    This is precious! I cried when my 1st son went to kindergarten. Now we homeschool but I do occasionally look at them across the room and tear up at how big they are getting. This morning I was waking my oldest and rubbing his head and realized it reminded me of getting him up out of his crib so many times. : ) Aww!!!

  17. 21


    Oh yes, I so remember the first day our oldest stepped onto the bus and headed to Kindergarten…. I cried off & on until she arrived back home that day.
    When our youngest started kindergarten, It wasn’t as bad, although sad knowing they were growing up… They are both adults now….. I cried at the weddings also….
    I am so emotional!!!

  18. 23


    Ha ha! I do remember your obsession with fall last year. All I could think was, “Girl, I live in the Pacific northwest . . . . don’t push fall on me quite yet!”

  19. 24


    I never cried, even when he was younger. I was excited for him – it was something new and exciting. This year was I doing the happy dance as I took him to school. This was the first summer he stayed in the house doing NOTHING and it drove me nuts!

  20. 25


    I have to admit that I cried the first time I left my oldest baby at a babysitter and went back to work. I cried when my oldest started junior kinderkarten. I don’t think I have cried since. I look forward to the first day of school so bad that I skip and sing all the way to the bus stop and then to the school to drop off the other too. It’s like having a party all by myself. Does that sound mean? Just being honest.

  21. 27


    My oldest is going to kindergarten this year. And I’m so gonna cry. I was going to try not to, but I had a friend suggest that I talk to Maya about school before it happens so that she knows what I’m feeling and I’m not trying to hide it from her. So we talked about how exciting it is and how I’m a little sad but totally thrilled that she is growing up. Now our discussions look like this.
    Me: What am I going to do when you go to school?
    Maya: Cry
    Me: What are YOU going to do?
    Maya: Go to school and have fun!

    So hopefully this approach will be successful!

  22. 28


    Today was my son’s first day of preschool as well. I am tearing up now, thinking about it, but there were no tears there (thank God!). It’s hard to believe that my baby is big enough to go to school, even if it is just half days. It’s going to be even harder for kindergarden (or kindergarten?) I bet!!

  23. 29


    FRENCH MANICURES in 5th grade?!!?!? Holy Cow! Sent my oldest to 1st grade today – so excited to hear how it went, I can hardly wait to pick her up. No tears this year! I pulled her out of full day kindergarten last year to enjoy the last chance (unless I home school – not likely) to have her with me most of the day. So, I was ready for today. May or may not have even had a countdown ticker on my phone! :) I’m not a good mom to toddlers. I was a middle school teacher and we’re just a different breed…. so I’m actually looking forward to life with older kids…. last year – Kindergarten was the worst… I’m blogging about it later today/tomorrow…because it was a monumental year for all of us!

  24. 30


    Yes…every year…even now if I think about it too much. This year I sent an 8th grader, 5th grader and 1st grader off to school. Lord have mercy! I miss them so!

  25. 31


    No, I will definitely not be shedding tears. I’m thinking a celebratory margarita at 8:05am on the 30th may be in order! Oh, thank you God that we have almost made it through summer without killing anyone! :)

  26. 32


    I cried the week before school started last week, but not on the first day. Imagine that. We will have two in school (Kinder & Pre-K two days a week) and one homeschooler (8th grade) .. I WILL cry when he returns to B&M school next year. I started making first day of school day traditions this year since we were all home next year. your children are so cute. Happy school year!

  27. 33


    Yes, I bawl . . . b/c mine don’t leave!! hahaha. They stay with me, and I always question my decision to homeschool at the beginning of the year! :) It’s all good, though!

  28. 34


    I think the thing that hurt my feelings the most was my son starting 6th grade this year. Me beginning 6th grade still sits in the back of my middle aged mind. So it’s hard to believe I now have a child there. And let me tell you, I was floored by the bodies on some of these 11 year old girls. WHOA! Glad my son still has that girl allergy.

  29. 35


    I sure do know how you feel on the first day…my baby started his senior year in college yesterday and I still get a queasy feeling, brought about by thoughts like, Did he get his school supplies bought? Did he get his textbooks bought? Did he set his alarm? Does he have any clean clothes? Of course the answer to all of these questions is Yes, but I go over them anyway, and then I remember that the kid is 22 years old and if the answer to any of those questions is no, it is not my problem! Oh the peace! After putting 4 of them through college, we are ready for the end of this chapter…Praising God that they have all become intelligent, loving, responsible citizens in spite of their parents! We sure are proud! Hang in there moms, it is the most important job on earth!

  30. 39


    I usually am ready for them to go back to school. But this year…well tonight is open house, they start tomorrow and I can feel the edge of tears. Come on Momma, get a grip! *me talking to myself* Yes, the grow up so fast. Everyone always says it, but it’s so true.

  31. 40

    Lorie says

    My 4yo ds start kindergarten last week & I cried 4 out of 5 days. I miss him while he’s gone but he’s loving it.

  32. 42


    What a lovely idea, to take pictures each year. We haven’t been doing that, and now it’s almost too late. Next week Miss 17 is leaving for two whole months! I won’t cry. Maybe.

    But I will take pictures of all five kids before she goes.

    Your two oldest sure look like you and your husband! Lovely photos.

    Annie Kate

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