If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself, Laugh at Other People {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winner* Congratulations to reader Heidi H. (mowerman3@gmail.com)

So. About last night.

I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and my sides ached. In the roar of the crowd, I could hear a woman laughing uncontrollably, slapping her knee and wheezing. It was me. It felt so good.

Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian with an edge. He’s like a clean version of Larry the Cable guy. He’s quirky, off-the-wall and absolutely hilarious. He’s well-known for his YouTube song parodies (just type in his name on YouTube), but his stand-up act is my favorite.

Although, his Chick Fil A song is like a lullaby to me.

His jokes about the church, marriage and parenting are so funny because they are based on truth.

Some of my favorite lines of the night:

  • The end time is near. We know this because of the invention of the Snuggie.
  • Churches that are non-denominational are just Baptist with a cool website.
  • Thesaurus prayers- people who pray like this, “Dear God, please lead, guide, direct, show us the way”
  • What is up with people who squeeze your hand at the end of a prayer? KNOCK IT OFF. You’re freaking us out!
  • The Duggars need a hobby.
  • [On Twitter] No one gives two twits about what you tweet.
  • You know you’re a parent when you end your sentences in  LOUD ADVERBS “Come here quickly. Get over here pronto. Obey me now.”
  • Tim ended the night with a song about “if you’ve tinkled (from laughing), I’ve done my job here.” And then, he thew out DEPENDS UNDERGARMENTS to the audience!

We stood in line and had Mr. Hawkins autograph his latest DVD. It’s 2 hours of hilarity. I said, “I’m giving this one away on my blog.” He said, “What’s the name of your blog?”

“We are THAT family,” I answered.

He laughed, “we are that family, too!”

Aren’t we all??

(sorry about the blurry shot-Have you ever tried to take a photo with a comedian? They don’t stand very still!)

So. Up for grabs: An autographed copy of Tim Hawkins newest comedy DVD, “I’m No Rockstar.” It’s two hours full of videos, jokes and songs. GREAT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT! It’s sure to make you laugh, even cry, maybe reach for the Depends!

Have you ever heard a song or comedy act by Tim Hawkins? Is this your first intro? Leave a comment and tell me  your favorite thing he does to be entered.

You can shop here.


  1. 152


    I love Tim Hawkins and have a different DVD of his. Looks like from your photo he cut his hair since then. I love everything Tim does. He is hilarious~! But that Chik-fil-A song is pretty funny!

  2. 156

    Renea H says

    Yes I’ve heard of him and he is hilarious. Would love to win his new dvd- I don’t have any of his stuff. I love Chonda Pierce, If you haven’t checked her out you should. Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  3. 157

    Erica says

    I haven’t heard of his stuff, but I so appreciate clean comedians. It’s hard sometimes to find something funny that you can still recommend to others…especially when you’re a pastor’s wife!

  4. 160


    I learned about Tim Hawkins from YOU, although I had seen his Homeschooling Family video. He is SO funny…oh, and I love this,
    “Churches that are non-denominational are just Baptist with a cool website.” I don’t need a Depends, but it did make me laugh! 😉

  5. 162

    Cyndy says

    Love the video he made about the homeschool family…his song lyrics are funny and his timing and facial expressions are perfect.

  6. 163


    My daughter loves him. She got to see him at camp and our church. I have heard him on XM radio comedy channel. If I won I would give it to my daughter.

  7. 165

    Sharon P says

    Suddenly, I need chicken nuggets and a large sweet tea………..We love his comedy too, love to win! Enter us!

  8. 167

    Kathy says

    I’ve never heard of this guy, but I know my husband would love him. He loves a great laugh and he is so hard to buy for and he has a birthday coming soon. This would be so perfect!

  9. 169


    Tim Hawkins is amazing! The first song I heard of him was the parody of “Hey there Delilah”. I’ve watched it a thousand times, and I still LOVE it! 😀
    AND I love your blog!

  10. 171


    We love Tim Hawkins in our house.. He is a favorite on God tube.. My kids could spell his name and do an internet search before they could write their own names. So happy that you were able to see him live. I would love that DVD as a gift to my hwole family!

  11. 172

    Mary Younkin says

    My all-time favorite Tim Hawkins video is The Government Can. If you haven’t seen it already, go watch it now. Seriously. Even if you’ve already seen it, go watch it again. It’s good for sooo much laughter! I’ve viewed it countless times.

  12. 173


    I heard him do a song on Focus (I think) about imagining life without fighting children and emotional wives and the like. It was hilarious! I’d love to win a full length DVD!

  13. 174

    Anna says

    We LOVE Tim Hawkins. One of our favorite things he did was about the Super Nanny here is what I remember.
    “This english nanny comes over to America to help us with our demonic children…..”
    No, Thomas no, don’t hit your mother out cold with pot, no we don’t do that.”
    “Come on Thomas lets go, I’m going to drive you over naughty cliff…..yeah come one. No, you don’t need your shoes your not coming back…..say good bye to brother and sister and lets go meet Jesus!”
    I laughed SO HARD when I saw that.
    Also I like “Cletus Take The Reel.” and “A Homeschooling family” well because I’m home schooled 😛

  14. 175

    Anna says

    I posted a comment eariler but I don’t see it so I’ll post again! My cousins and I LOVE Tim Hawkins! We love what he did on the Super Nanny 😛 And we also like “Cletus Take The Reel” To funny! We also like “A Homeschooling Family” ‘Cause we’re all homeschooled and if you notice in that song he sings “We’re sponsoring a Haitian”!

  15. 177

    AmyS says

    Saw Tim Hawkins on Bananas for the first time! Really like his comedy! Love your blog! Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

  16. 179


    My very favorite TH parody is Cletus Take the Reel ~ I love it!!!! A close second, though is Hey There Delilah, ’cause my 17 yr old does a spot-on imitation.

  17. 180


    My kids know that they can get me distracted from teaching school for a good 20 minutes if they somehow steer me toward youtube for some Tim Hawkins. My personal favorite is Cletus Take the Reel, a parody of Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take the Wheel. And a couple years ago, we showed These Are The Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife to a young man who was singing at his uncle’s wedding, and he delighted everyone at the prenuptial dinner with his rendition it!

    We are in desperate need of some new Tim Hawkins material around here!

  18. 181


    I am familiar with him. The only thing I have ever heard of him is the Chick-fil-A song. HILARIOUS!! Would love to win this DVD and laugh!!

  19. 182


    I’m most familiar with his Homeschool Family song, although I’ve seen a few other clips. He never fails to amuse me, and I’d love to have nonstop amusement at my fingertips with a DVD.

  20. 184

    Monica says

    My kids LOVE Tim Hawkins. They finds T.H. on you tube and plays them all – over and over. The chick-fil-A one is good (I love their sweet tea as much as you and maybe more) and we like the Tim Hawkins “The Government Can”.

  21. 185


    What a treat! Thanks for the chance. I don’t know him….although the CFA song and the what not to say to your wife songs sound familiar (my computer was taking FOREVER to load them from youtube, so I gave up_.

  22. 186


    We’ve loved him on Youtube, but never seen him in person. I think my boys’ favorite is the Fire Ants song. Go figure.

    Pick me! 😀


  23. 189


    his homeschool song has to be my favorite. the other night we put the kids in bed and some how my hero and i ended up on youtube. before we new it all the kids were back in the livingroom with us and we were watching his videos on youtube

  24. 190

    cassie greene says

    We saw him at the midwest homeschool convention! I loved that he is able to bridge that gap between being serious in our faith and laughing together and enjoying our God.

  25. 197

    elizabethk says

    What fun – I would love a chance to hear a decent comedian with the family!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. 199


    My sister has actually forgotten the words to the Beatles’ “Yesterday”. The only words that come to mind when the tune pops in her head is “Chick-fil-A”.

  27. 200

    Joy says

    I saw him at my church and then immediately went and watched him on YouTube. He makes me laugh soooo hard. I think Chick-Fil-A is so funny as well as Cletus Take the Reel. I was rolling on the floor laughing the first time I saw that one. I’d love to laugh along with one of his DVDs!

  28. 202

    Maria says

    Oh, I love Tim Hawkins! How exciting that you were able to hear him in person and meet him! My daughet (age 12) and I love his Chic-fil-a song too, but we also really like his Delilah song (funny how I couldn’t stand the original but love is parody!) :)

  29. 204


    When he talks about being homeschooled and watching Zoom and making things with peanut butter. And having no idea what grade his homeschooled children are in. “He knows Greek, but still eats bugs. What grade is that?”

  30. 206

    Heidi H. says

    Thank you so much! I am so excited! Can’t wait to get the dvd and watch with my hubby and some of our friends! Thanks again!

  31. 207


    I love his stuff! One of my faves is the “Things you shouldn’t say to your wife” skit/song!! Ooohh! And the one about bedtime prayers. Funny Stuff!

  32. 210

    michelle says

    Your website is one of my favorites, love the laughs, tears and info. We have one of Tim’s videos and are totally addicted to his you tube stuff. Every time we go to Walmart we think of his “good lord people”!!! We have shared our video with almost everyone we know and have told people about his you tube videos. Would love to have a new one to pass around!

  33. 212

    Tiffany says

    I just stumbled across Tim the other week when I was perusing You Tube for an appropriate video for children’s church. The lesson that week was Samson and Delilah and his his rendition of “hey There Delilah” is hilarious. The children loved it.

  34. 213


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