If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself, Laugh at Other People {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winner* Congratulations to reader Heidi H. (mowerman3@gmail.com)

So. About last night.

I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and my sides ached. In the roar of the crowd, I could hear a woman laughing uncontrollably, slapping her knee and wheezing. It was me. It felt so good.

Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian with an edge. He’s like a clean version of Larry the Cable guy. He’s quirky, off-the-wall and absolutely hilarious. He’s well-known for his YouTube song parodies (just type in his name on YouTube), but his stand-up act is my favorite.

Although, his Chick Fil A song is like a lullaby to me.

His jokes about the church, marriage and parenting are so funny because they are based on truth.

Some of my favorite lines of the night:

  • The end time is near. We know this because of the invention of the Snuggie.
  • Churches that are non-denominational are just Baptist with a cool website.
  • Thesaurus prayers- people who pray like this, “Dear God, please lead, guide, direct, show us the way”
  • What is up with people who squeeze your hand at the end of a prayer? KNOCK IT OFF. You’re freaking us out!
  • The Duggars need a hobby.
  • [On Twitter] No one gives two twits about what you tweet.
  • You know you’re a parent when you end your sentences in  LOUD ADVERBS “Come here quickly. Get over here pronto. Obey me now.”
  • Tim ended the night with a song about “if you’ve tinkled (from laughing), I’ve done my job here.” And then, he thew out DEPENDS UNDERGARMENTS to the audience!

We stood in line and had Mr. Hawkins autograph his latest DVD. It’s 2 hours of hilarity. I said, “I’m giving this one away on my blog.” He said, “What’s the name of your blog?”

“We are THAT family,” I answered.

He laughed, “we are that family, too!”

Aren’t we all??

(sorry about the blurry shot-Have you ever tried to take a photo with a comedian? They don’t stand very still!)

So. Up for grabs: An autographed copy of Tim Hawkins newest comedy DVD, “I’m No Rockstar.” It’s two hours full of videos, jokes and songs. GREAT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT! It’s sure to make you laugh, even cry, maybe reach for the Depends!

Have you ever heard a song or comedy act by Tim Hawkins? Is this your first intro? Leave a comment and tell me  your favorite thing he does to be entered.

You can shop here.


  1. 4


    The only thing I have ever heard was the chikfila song. I have got to go to youtube now. I would love a dvd with someone the whole family can watch. I get tired of the raunchy comedians. I am glad you had a great time and so glad you told us about him!

  2. 5


    Oh we love Tim! We listen to all of his videos on YouTube. The one about the fire ant makes me grab the depends. Oh if he were a planner and not a comedian, he would throw the depends out before the first song! Chick-fillet is so funny. Any on marriage. Love the songs. Earnest take the Reel gets me every time.
    He needs to sell a million dvd’s to get the funds to bring his family for an extended 50 city west coast trip so I can follow him up hwy 101 every night with my family. :)

  3. 6


    I don’t know if I could pick just one thing! He’s hysterical. If I had to choose, it’d probably be 10 Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife! Good advice for any man! Thanks for hosting!

  4. 11

    Lynette says

    *I heart Tim!* My favorite of his is “Kids Rock” – popular secular songs re-worded by Tim – Hilarious!! You can find it on You Tube. I also like all of his marriage and parenting advise/stories. It must have been amazing to see him live – I probably would have needed some depends by the time he was done. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. 12


    We have never seen him except on YouTube but he is so funny! The Chick-fil-a song is my favorite because we LOVE Chick-fil-a and it is true that you always want what you can’t have (Like Chick-fil-a on a Sunday!). Can’t wait to see some new stuff!

  6. 16


    *LOVE* “The Homeschool Family” song! We like to watch it and laugh together – as we are a large, homeschooling family (although NOTHING like the one he portrays! lol!!!)

  7. 19


    i’ve heard of him, but never seen him! i’ll have to go find some of his stuff on youtube! sounds like you had an amazing night- oh, it feels so good to laugh til you cry!

  8. 24

    Lyndsi says

    My husband and I like to watch him on YouTube but haven’t seen him live. It must have been awesome. My husband’s favorite bit is “Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife.”

  9. 28


    Oh, my word! He is so funny…I would love to see a whole show! Since we are, ourselves home schoolers, we love his “The Home school Family” song, although my boys know about every song he has on You Tube. Glad you had a good time!

  10. 29

    Aleta says

    I’m not familiar with Tim, but I’m always on the lookout for good, clean comedians. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  11. 32

    Megan says

    He sounds like a blast! Would love to win the DVD so I can hear him and share with my family.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. 33

    Laura Marshall says

    My son goes around singing “Ford we lift you name on high” and “Better is Hyundai than a …” We think he is hilarious!

  13. 37


    He makes me “pee in my pants” for sure!!!! I love when he does the bit about the “hedge” of protection. Chick’fil’a makes me laugh, too. My 14 yr. old son totally LOVES him.

  14. 38


    I love his Chick Fil A song, but the one that really made me take notice of his comedy act was his song “A Homeschool Family.” A couple of my homeschooling friends actually were the ones who “introduced” me to him.

  15. 40

    Renee Holley says

    I’ve never heard of him, but my husband and two sons love good clean comedy so they would probably enjoy him.

  16. 44

    Angela Fowler-Wells says

    Tim Hawkins is great. Love the Chik Fil A song. Wish I could see him in concert but he’s not coming anywhere close to me this year so I’d love to win this CD.

  17. 45


    The only Tim Hawkins I’ve seen is on YouTube, but he is hilarious!! My 12-year-old brother spends hours on YT watching Tim LOL My favorite of his is where he shares his favorite bible verse – it always has me rolling on the floor!

  18. 47


    I have seen a little bit of his stuff on YouTube and I have to agree that the Chick Fil A song is my favorite.

    And I do give two twits about YOUR tweets! :-) Just so ya’ know.

  19. 48

    Deb says

    I’d not heard of him before, but I watched the YouTube video on Chick Fil A and loved it. Maybe it’s because we used to live in So. Carolina but now live in Minnesota and I REALLY MISS Chick Fil A – woe is me, there aren’t any here :(

  20. 49


    Love Tim Hawkins! A girl from my church went to see him last night too. She was making us laugh just be reciting his jokes. Comedic play by play is the best if you can’t actually be there. Glad yall had a great time!

  21. 51


    I haven’t heard of him before, but my husband is a YouTube junkie, and is always looking for something/someone new to laugh with, so I am betting he probably has heard of him! Sounds hilarious! I may have to look him up tonight, I am always in the mood for a good laugh!

  22. 52

    marky says

    I have heard him before and he is a great comedian. A good comedian doesn’t need to swear or use crude content!
    Glad you had a fun night with him!

  23. 53

    Nancy says

    I have not heard of him but will be looking him up on YouTube. What a fun family outing for you guys (that’s northern for y’all!).

  24. 54

    Heidi H. says

    We LOVE him! So hard to choose a favorite, but we love the Fire Ant song! We joke about it with one of our best friend’s sons as well! At random times someone will start yelling Fire Ants! I’m gonna feed you to the fire ants! We love the things you don’t say to your wife too!

  25. 55


    Never heard of him before, but he sounds pretty funny. I just checked out the homeschool song on youtube, and it cracked me up.

  26. 56


    Our first encounter with Tim Hawkins was an infomercial for his ‘Full Range Of Motion’ DVD. I’m pretty sure that informercial was the first and ONLY one we’ve ever watched all the way through and more than once! He is GREAT!

  27. 57

    Valerie says

    I love Tim! My favorite is his spook on “Jesus take the Wheel” It’s the funniest music video ever!!!!

  28. 58


    He’s my FAVORITE! We got to see him last summer at a conference we were attending. I laughed so hard I was sore in the ribs for the next 3 days. My favorite is also his stand-up. Best line: “Eating a Krispy Kreme is like biting into a baby angel.” LOL!!!!!

  29. 59

    Gigi says

    I only know of Tim from your Chik-fil-A post. Very funny stuff! Thanks for sharing him with me. I can definitely relate!

  30. 62

    Michelle says

    I’ve heard some of his songs. I saw the chick fil a song b/c you linked to it once. It was pretty funny. Every time I drive by on a Sunday with a craving I think of that song.

  31. 64

    Kassia says

    I love, love, love Tim Hawkins! We almost got to see him a couple months ago, but the day we found out he was coming was the day the tickets sold out (grr!). One of the funniest things he does is his “Hedge of protection” bit, or maybe the one about praying for Mcdonalds to nourish our bodies!

  32. 66

    Angela Barba says

    I love his “The Government Can” video – absolutely cracks me up every time I watch it! Sounds like you guys had a fun night watching and meeting him :-)

  33. 68


    Never heard of him, I wonder if it’s a coastal thing? Have you heard of Brad Stine? “Put a helmet on” is one of his tag lines, he is clean, Christian and funny. I would love to win this, we are always looking for clean laughter. :)

  34. 69

    Kayci says

    LOVE Tim Hawkins. I haven’t gotten to see him in person, but his youtube videos are so funny. My favorite is his “Lord, bless this bag of cheetos and jumbo Dr Pepper” bit!

  35. 71


    His name sounds familiar, but I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen him perform, unless he was on one of the Thou Shalt Laugh videos. His humor sounds just like the sort that we enjoy and I’d love to win this dvd. Does it come with a Depends Undergarment, just in case I need one?

  36. 72

    Sue says

    Please enter me in the drawing. I haven’t heard Tim Hawkins before, but he sounds really funny and who couldn’t use a good laugh? Thank you!

  37. 73

    Sandi says

    Tim Hawkins is high-lair-ee-ouse! I envy you for getting to attend his show, but winning the DVD would be a good consolation prize.

  38. 76


    His Chick-fil-A song is pretty fun…we usually sing it on the way home from church on Sunday’s, because we pass Chick-fil-A and all too often we’ve said, “Hey! Let’s go to Chick-fil-A for lunch…oh wait, it’s Sunday. They’re closed.”

    His stuff on what not to say to your wife is good too. All around funny guy.

  39. 77


    I LOVE Tim Hawkins! I’ve seen his YouTube videos about a dozen times each. My family would thoroughly enjoy his DVD.

    My favorite songs of his are Homeschool Family and Hey There Delilah.


  40. 78


    I’ve not heard of him, but I’m heading over to Utube! Even without hearing him, I can tell you that my favorite thing about him is that his humor is clean and family friendly!

  41. 79


    Love, love, LOVE Tim Hawkins! He is absolutely hilarious. I first was introduced to him with his homeschooling parody set to the theme from the Adams Family. 😉 My favorite though – the blurb he does on what moms say. It’s SO true! I even love the Chick-Fil-A one and I have never been to one! (None in my entire state – a tragedy from what I understand.)

  42. 80


    We *love* Tim Hawkins! I’m so jealous that you got to go. He came to our town and my husband, due to his weirdness about purchasing things online, procrastinated too long and the show sold out. Grrr!

    We sing the Chick-Fil-A song about once a week, but we’re also extremely fond of his Super Nannie skit…”say goodbye to your brothers and sisters; let’s go meet JESUS.” Hilarious.

  43. 81


    We love him!!!! The first time I ever saw him was the homeschool family—been a fan ever sense! But my fav is definitely the savio song done to that credit check commercial! Too cool :)

  44. 82


    He’s so ADHD!!
    That’s one of my favorite things about him.

    His musical talent is incredible! Seriously, dude is gifted!

    My college age son……WOULD FREAK OUT if I won this!
    I’d totally give it to him.

  45. 84

    MaryAZ says

    One of the first things I ever saw on YouTube was the Chick-fil-A song…SO funny, I had to watch it over & over!

  46. 87

    Sara L. says

    I love Tim Hawkins and have seen him in person twice at youth events in Texas!
    My favorite is Cletus take the Reel–hilarious!

  47. 89

    Jessica says

    We went to see Tim in Feb. Loved him. Totally understand the laughing until your cheeks hurt! Would love to see his new DVD. I am a Chick-fil-A tea girl and Homeschool Mom. He nailed me with the tea and nugget song.

  48. 90

    Cathi says

    We were first introduced to Tim Hawkins with “These are the Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife,” and loved him. We love to sing the corporate worship songs. Our boys (17 and 12) love to listen to him as well. I think they know all the words to “I Work at Subway.”

  49. 91


    Tim Hawkins makes me laugh so hard no sound comes out. : ) My best friend, Kat, let me borrow this dvd just this week, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. That’s the understatement of the week. : )

    My favorite thing (and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it) is when he’s running around on stage like Mick Jagger looking for his car…AND when he gets the breath knocked out of him. Oh my gosh, it is SO funny!

  50. 92

    Carla says

    I haven’t heard of him, but I am heading to the YouTube site now to check him out!! Thanks for the introduction!

  51. 93

    Nancy H says

    I listen to a lot of Christian comedians, but I have never heard of Tim Hawkins. I would love to win this DVD!

  52. 97


    Oh.My.Soul. I LOVE Tim Hawkins!! I have watched several YouTube videos (chick-fil-A is my fav though) and sat through an infomercial about him NUMEROUS times. He cracks me up. He reminds me of Mark Lowry.

  53. 99


    haha! I had not heard of him. My Husband and I loved him! I posted about him on FB and blogged a link to your giveaway. A few of my Homeschooling friends knew of him:)) Thanks for the fun!

  54. 101


    We LOVE Tim Hawkins. My daughter has a few DVDs, but not this one. This might almost make up for me not taking her to see him when he was in town… almost. :)

  55. 104


    That was too cute. I cant even count the number of times I have tried to go to Chic Fil A on a Sunday. Each time the kids so sweetly remind me “Duh Mom…you always do this.”

  56. 105

    Lorie says

    I love the story he told about signing his favorite verse with his autograph, only to realize it wasn’t the right one. He had Psalm38:7 instead. It says,”For my loins are filled with a loathsome disease…”

  57. 107

    Alyssa says

    Oooooh!! I SOOOO wanted to see his show! I love his songs on youtube, but my favorites are probably either “The Government Can” or his Chic-fil-a song. Both are hilarious! :)

  58. 108


    My whole family–we’re all groupies!! So, in true groupie-like fashion, please sign me up for the dvd! Thanks!! So glad it was such a fun night for ya’ll!

  59. 111

    Katie Martin says

    I have never heard of him but will have to check him out. Thanks for sharing. And we would love to win.

  60. 112

    Carrie says

    He is hilarious. I first heard him on the The Homeschool Song. Also, his story about his favorite bible verse! Too funny! Would love his dvd for the family to watch!

  61. 114

    Jonica Weiler says

    I saw Tim Hawkins perform at our church last year, also!! LOVED every minute of it! He is from the same area where we live so it was funny to listen to him put a spin on things locally. So glad you got to hear him (and meet him). We have that same DVD, so please let someone else have it if my comment happens to be the random one chosen. I was just so excited to see that someone else had seen him and wanted to share my enthusiasm I guess.

  62. 116

    Janey says

    I love when he talks about homeschooling. “We have NO IDEA how our kids are doing. We don’t even know what grade they’re in. What grade is my son in? Uh…how old are you, son? Nine?…..Ninth!” My son likes when he talks about riding the Dallas DART bus, and how you couldn’t name it that in Fresno. But of course, when you’re 14, any conversation that mentions anything about intestinal gas is hysterical.

  63. 118

    Kaitlin says

    Love Tim Hawkins! We have his Chick Fil-A song memorized, but “The Government Can” video’s pretty funny, too!

  64. 119


    Oh my word!! We just saw Tim Aug, 19th – he was such a hoot! :) My favorite thing he does? Wow, hard question. I guess the Chick-fil-A song. We sing it daily in our house.

  65. 122


    The ChickfilA song is my favorite b/c who hasn’t experienced the disappointing realization that you can’t have ChickFilA on Sunday? It’s probably the only thing I don’t like about Sunday. Well, that and its proximity to Monday…

  66. 124


    Tim came to our town last year and we got to see him at a free concert. He was soooo funny. Our church made it a DATE night and we had sitters at the church for the kid. It was a great night.

    I think mine and my hubbies favorites are the Things you don’t say to your wife and Cletus take the reel. :^)

  67. 126

    Jenni says

    He is so funny! Where did you see him? I am so jealous! CHICK-FIL-A song is the best!!!! Thanks for picking up the shoes…how is it going?

  68. 130


    I had never heard of him until reading your blog. He seems great though. Have you ever heard of Chonda Pierce. I’m a Turrbo host for her. She is a Christian comedien as well. I love her so much. Just read my latest entry on my blog!! Can’t wait to learn more about Tim Hawkins.

  69. 132

    Rachel says

    This is my first intro, but after this comment I am going STRAIGHT to YouTube!! I can’t wait! Your recommendations never displease, disappoint, fail, dissatisfy, or let me down!!

  70. 134

    Sue D says

    We have watched him on you tube. We like his Chick Fil A song, home school and our fav the Government Can.

  71. 139

    Debbie says

    I must say I love Tim Hawkins. I have 2 favourites, “My favourite Bible Verse” and “Corporate Worship”. I find that both are hilarious!

  72. 145

    Elise says

    The scary bedtime prayer!!! We watch it over and over… my kiddos don’t quite get it, but my husband and I have tears rolling down our cheeks! (Also love the worship leader bit- we’re Church of Christ, and when he turns his guitar around backwards, well, it’s all over…)

    Thank you!

  73. 146


    I’ve never heard of him, but I’d love the chance! I used to enjoy watching the stand-up comedians on tv, but most of them use too many adult situations for me to watch when my kids are awake. Love the idea that this guy is really funny AND family-friendly!

  74. 147

    beth says

    Tim Hawkins *IS* hilarious. He came and did a show near my hometown. We didn’t get to see it, but we did spend a “date night” watching his stuff on YouTube! Too funny!

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