Links I Love: Food/Health Edition

The conversation in the comment section of the post, Growing Up Too Fast (about our kids, puberty, and our food) was very interesting! Many of you asked me to put all the links left in the comments in one post, so here they are:

If  you have more, please leave the links in the comment section.


And these links have nothing to do with food at all, but I couldn’t resist sharing them:

Twitter-The Movie: I love Twitter and I think this is so funny!

Rules for Christians who use Twitter-hilarious


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    Sarah says

    Your interest in documentaries is great!
    There is a new documentary being produced you might find interesting called “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer.” I thought maybe you could post something about the film on your website. It’s about the secret practices of monks and nuns across the world.

    Here’s the website:

    And the trailer:



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    I saw that in your previous post that your hubby watched Super Size Me. He (and you too!) should watch the follow up to it “Fat Head.” It is very, very interesting and really makes you rethink what you’ve been led to believe about nutrition. He has a blog too

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