Glory Haus {Giveaway}

*UPDATED with WINNERS* Congratulations to random commenters Deanne Riddle (email: and Life’s Good Be Happy

It’s sort of a long [home decor] story.

But, I love stories don’t you?

For months, lo years, I kept seeing this eye-catching, beautiful inspirational art popping up in different places: the tiny gift store at Family Camp,

a random shop along the beach,

in a friend’s home.

It took me awhile to put two-and-two together. Because I’m quick like that. It dawned on me that one company, called Glory Haus was producing the art I had fallen in love with (but had yet to own).

Until now:

When I made the epiphany and discovered that Glory Haus was a growing, amazing company owned by moms, I knew I had to share them with you.

They sent me this beautiful piece of art to hang. I cried when I read it:

Glory Haus is giving away TWO $75 gift certificates today on my blog! Visit their HUGE catalog, and tell me what you love in the comments.

This giveaway ends on Friday.


We always take pictures on the first day of school. Her are the last three years:

I’ll be adding a new picture for another new school year (2010), in the morning.

I tucked a special back-to-school survival bag into each of my kid’s backpack.

All I need is Kleenex to get me thru the day.

Is it just me, or is this growing up thing, hard?

P.S. I’d like to point out a few things you might notice in the above collage: 1. yes, those are fall decorations in the background of 2009. WHAT WAS I THINKING? It was August and over 100 degrees everyday. 2. In 2008, my 1 year old is wearing a leash. You do what you gotta do. 3. YES, I KNOW: my kids are adorable!


School Year: 2010

5th grade

3rd grade


Do you cry at the start of a new year?

P.S. I only choked up once this morning (and that had more to do with the highly developed, french-manicured girl at the lockers!)

Links I Love: Food/Health Edition

The conversation in the comment section of the post, Growing Up Too Fast (about our kids, puberty, and our food) was very interesting! Many of you asked me to put all the links left in the comments in one post, so here they are:

If  you have more, please leave the links in the comment section.


And these links have nothing to do with food at all, but I couldn’t resist sharing them:

Twitter-The Movie: I love Twitter and I think this is so funny!

Rules for Christians who use Twitter-hilarious

WFMW: Make a Family Memory Box

I can hardly believe that summer is nearly over!

If it weren’t for the HEAT, I’d let summer stay forever. But the heat index of 111 the past few days, makes me glisten.

We’ve made some pretty great memories this summer and I want to treasure them.

Last summer, in one of my DIY posts, I showed my readers an old printer’s tray, turned-unique-table. I got it for $10 and wasn’t sure what I would do with it.

Here’s a peek at it:

Several of my readers suggested turning into a memory box to store trinkets and treasures from family moments.

We’ve done just that with our summer memories:

It’s one of my most-prized possessions: every ticket stub, seashell and special rock is a precious memory. Now that we are geocaching, we have a place to store our caches! My kid’s love looking at it and talking about the memories.

A family memory box works for us!

Here are the WFMW guidelines.

Paper Bead Necklaces {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winners* Congrats to necklace winner: Linda R-reader ( and bracelet winner: Tiffany C

Last week, I had a party.

It was a gathering of friends and family. We sat around and talked about these women:

They live in Uganda, many are widows, refugees. They are all heroes. They are a defeating poverty, one bead at a time. Four college girls traveled to their war-torn country, saw a need, and started a company, 31 Bits, to sell their beautiful creations.

I love stories like these. I love world-changers.

Today, I’m giving away this gorgeous 3-strand necklace ($36):

And this pretty bright green multi-strand bracelet ($16):

Visit 31 Bits

and tell me what you love to wear.

If you decide to book your own party (it’s easy: the jewelry is mailed to you), you will get FIVE extra entries. Just let me know in the comments and I can tell you how to do it.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.

When Prayer Requests Go Wrong

My hubby and I have been teaching Sunday School for a couple of years. We teach 5, 6, and 7 year olds.

The lesson is usually taught by my hubby and I tackle the crafts every week.

But I live for “prayer request time.” But don’t let my holiness deceive you, some weeks it’s the best laugh I get.

Because 5, 6 and 7 year old pray about everything. And I mean, everything.

I’ve been jotting down some of the especially hilarious heart-felt ones.

It starts out like this: “Do y’all have any prayer requests this week?”

Every hand shoots up in the air. We go around the table, one-by-one. We pray for scratches and scabs. We lift up sick grandparents and broken toys. And sometimes, we pray for:

  • “The freckle on my butt”
  • “I was late for church because my parents were fighting in the car.”
  • “The birthday party I went to yesterday was fun. Except for the disgusting cake. Can we pray about that?”
  • “My dad says bad words like _______”
  • “My mom called my brother a dork. And that’s very bad.”
  • “I don’t like my sister.”
  • My pet hamster has ring worm.

We thought about moving on to another class since our kids aren’t in ours anymore.

But I can’t give up prayer request time.