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  • Sears is selling horrid pornographic posters online-You can object to this and let your voice be heard. Our family will not shop there until they make a change. (This link will explain what’s going on…you can continue to follow the warnings to the graphic images, but I don’t advise it.)
  • Make Homemade Slime-Your kids will love you for this!
  • Where can I go from your Spirit? ?- This spoke to me
  • Celebrate half-birthdays with style-love this idea from my baking neighbor
  • I am Hungry-what a thought-provoking, beautiful post that leaves me hungry for more

Proof My Hubby is Nicer Than Me

My oldest child was born with a creative flare. She can turn a shoebox into a condominium for paper dolls with a handmade wardrobe of  dresses, visors and shoes. I’m not kidding.

Some days I just follow behind her with a rag and a worried look.

The other day she was bent on painting my face. I have no idea why. She woke up and for eight straight hours asked if she could paint something on my face with craft paint. (Oh, and she started a Christmas list with FACE PAINT being the only thing on it).

I told her no, all day long. Because y’all, SHE WANTED TO PAINT MY FACE.

Her daddy walked thru the door and she asked him once.

I think we all know his answer.

Because 20 minutes later, he looked like this:

(The Joker was all her idea. I didn’t even know she knew about The Joker. Obviously, I need to get a handle on my parenting).

Yes, I agree. FREAKY.

But hysterical that he went and put on a “costume” to complete the look and then posed for pictures.

(I live in a circus, y’all).

My hubby isn’t one to do things halfway. So it’s only natural that he in turn painted my daughter’s face and whipped up a sunset scene from Africa:

Just an ordinary night at our house.

I can’t make this stuff up, y’all.

It Feels Like Redemption

We sat in lawn chairs that sat in lush grass. Kids around us, running with cupped hands, catching summer fireflies. Friends, Amber and Seth, drawn together by the uncommon, only to us, common.

Seth leaned in and asked this question as if the night hinged on it, “What was it about Africa that was so redeeming for you?”

I almost laughed it away when I heard the word Africa because I’ve written and talked about it so much. What else could I say? But I didn’t laugh. I stopped and I let the question surround me, sink in. Because in his question, I found my answer.

I’ve struggled with this trip-turned-obsession. I was only in Kenya for 9 days, NINE short days! What is wrong with me, why can’t I get out of Africa?

I was redeemed as a child. I have lived my life serving God. I’ve made mistakes along the way, failing miserably, but God has always been in my life, a push and pull relationship. But before Africa, Jesus wasn’t enough. I sought after the American Dream and treated my Savior like a side dish. Somewhere along the way in my Christian walk, I’d forgotten the most important thing: Christ.

On that humid night in Arkansas, with fireflies lighting the night, I answered his question: It was the time, the place, the emptiness of my life coinciding with the hope that I saw. Africa renewed my purpose in Him. It’s the legacy I want to pass on to my kids: to love others more than I love myself.

Sarah Markley bravely asks the question, “Do I have to go to Africa” to be wrecked by God?”


I believe it comes when you least expect it, but are ready for it: next to a hospital bed, at a birth or death, alone with God or surrounded by friends. God uses the ordinary and often the extraordinary to grab our attention and refocus it on Him.

Compassion Bloggers visit Kenya

But for me, it was Africa.

And it feels like redemption.

What about you?

WFMW: Shower CleaningTip

When we moved into our house almost seven years ago, the shower door in the master bath was disgusting. No, really, it was just plain gross. It had a dozen years of hard water build up and you could hardly see thru it. It took awhile, but we scrubbed and scraped that puppy clean with some high-powered chemicals.

In order to keep it from happening again, I hung a squeegee on a suction cup and threatened my family: if you shower, you squeegee. With a quick swipe, the water is removed and Momma is happy. Seven years later, the door is in perfect condition (for a door that’s more than a dozen years old!), but don’t ask about the rest of my house, k?

What works for you?

You can view the WFMW guidelines here.

Out on a Limb

God is speaking to our hearts.

He’s revealing bits and pieces of a beautiful plan and He’s asking us to step out on a limb.

I hope you’ll join us when the time is ready.

You can read more at (in)Courage.

A Pretty Poppy for You {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winner* Congrats to random #10: Cooking Up a Family!

I have been known to wear a poppy in my hair.

I love the feminine ruffles and colors and the way a simple hair clip can make me feel girly.

It’s true.

I’ve also been known to give pleated hand towels for gifts (to my Mom):

and check book covers as gifts (to myself). I’m practical like that.

The Pleated Poppy is one of my awesome sponsors and I love her things! She is giving away a $50 gift certificate to a lucky reader today. Please shop around and let me know what you’d love to own.

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