Paper Bead Necklaces {Giveaway}

*Updated with Winners* Congrats to necklace winner: Linda R-reader ( and bracelet winner: Tiffany C

Last week, I had a party.

It was a gathering of friends and family. We sat around and talked about these women:

They live in Uganda, many are widows, refugees. They are all heroes. They are a defeating poverty, one bead at a time. Four college girls traveled to their war-torn country, saw a need, and started a company, 31 Bits, to sell their beautiful creations.

I love stories like these. I love world-changers.

Today, I’m giving away this gorgeous 3-strand necklace ($36):

And this pretty bright green multi-strand bracelet ($16):

Visit 31 Bits

and tell me what you love to wear.

If you decide to book your own party (it’s easy: the jewelry is mailed to you), you will get FIVE extra entries. Just let me know in the comments and I can tell you how to do it.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 2

    alissa says

    beautiful! i like the stacee necklace and the emma necklace in purple. but they are all lovely.

  2. 5


    Love the earth tones of the Santarini, the earth tones remind me of Africa. What I love the most, though, is the way that these girls joined with these women to make a difference in the lives of those women’s families… and that it’s grown from 6 to 35 women!

  3. 6

    sara-bo-bara says

    i love these & have a few, but would LOVE another =) so happy to help these ladies out too! my fav’s are Northshore, Emma, & Bel Air! all so cute & fun. thanks!

  4. 7

    Mandi says

    I truly love all of them . . . which is why I always have a hard time when I am shopping. I have such a hard time deciding! If I had to choose, I think I would say the Ryan. It looks fun. Of course there are more practical ones that would go with more outfits (which would be great), but I think I would go for the bright orange one today :) Thanks for the chance to win. The necklaces you are giving away are beautiful!

  5. 9

    Emily B says

    My phone won’t let me access the online store and I don’t have internet at home right now. Boo!
    I am a huge fan of Reefs though, and I am sure there would be something I would love.

  6. 10


    Really nice stuff . . . i like the Bel Air necklace {I’m a brown-lovin’ girl!}.
    Thanks for the introduction to their work.

  7. 11


    The Aruba bracelet with the Barbados necklace. What a great ministry. I have some friends moving to Uganda soon, so I’ve heard about all that the North has gone thru, just tragic (with the Lord’s Resistance Army, etc). Praise God for what these women are doing!

  8. 14

    sylvie says

    I love the Barbados and the Kate !!! Thank you for introducing me to their work…I know where I am going to do some x-mas shopping this year !!!

  9. 18


    i love their jewelry….and that it has a story.
    my favorites were Outerbanks and Bel Air.

    kristen….i would love to have a party like this!
    please email the details.
    i was in africa the same week you were. :)
    i went to sierra leone.
    it was my first visit too.

    looking forward to hearing from you.

  10. 20

    Katie says

    Hi Kristen,
    I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I’ve been following your blog ever since you were in Africa. My roommate told me about another blog and you were linked through Compassion. Long story! :) But God burdened my heart for Africa 9 yrs ago when I was 17. I’m praying about going next summer…we’ll see! I couldn’t resist commenting on this post. How beautiful it is to see pieces that these hardworking women are making – I’m amazed! Through your blog, I feel that I’ve come to love the people of Africa even more – thank you for sharing your story so openly and opening my eyes even more. I didn’t mean to make this post so long but felt that I should “introduce” myself. :) All of the pieces are beautiful – I fell in love with the Barbados piece you first posted – great colors and the details are great! I also liked the Outerbanks piece. I’d be interested in knowing how you can host a party…whenever you have a moment to share. Thanks!

  11. 21

    elizabethk says

    I would be humbled to wear any one of these beautiful creations! What talent, what hope. I am not a jewelry wearer, but would show these off – and share where they came from, who made them. I think my next little gift to myself (and others – love how that works!!) will be to buy one!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. 22


    Lovin that Aruba bracelet!

    Also, if you can email me the party details too that would be wonderful. Might be something that I can incorporate into our our women’s retreat.

  13. 23

    Kelley says

    They are really pretty. I love the bright green bracelet you have pictured! The Camryn is nice too and would go with everything! What a great cause!

  14. 25


    I think I love them all. :) But I especially love the ones in earth tones b/c I seem to wear a lot of those. I love the stories behind these women…awesome, awesome ministry!!

  15. 26


    I like the “Ryan” and the bracelet you showed on your post. But what I like more is what these girls are doing! God bless them!!

  16. 27

    Sam ES says

    Those big, chunky ones (Zanzibar and Ryan) are so cool! But not sure if I’d be brave enough to pull it off, would have to start with a green bracelet 😀

  17. 30

    Amy says

    Love the Kate, but the pipeline is cool for my guy too. What an awesome ministry, God is good!

  18. 31

    April says

    I really love the Malibu necklace. What a great company to highlight here on your blog. Kudos and many blessings to you and your family!

  19. 33

    Melissa says

    They are all so pretty…but I really like North Shore! My 5 year old daughter likes the purple Emma, because that’s her favorite color and her name!!

  20. 41


    I love the Emma purple necklace. You could easily dress it up and down. I would be interested in party details as well. Just came back from Honduras and saw something similar there with a group of women working to get out of the trash dump.

  21. 42


    What a wonderful program! Very similar to the Amazima program I think.

    I love the Emma in blue but also the Bel Air. It’d be a tough choice!

  22. 45

    Kristi says

    I LOVE that green bracelet and I am drawn to the Outerbanks necklace. Actually, everything is beautiful! I feel Christmas shopping coming on.

  23. 47

    Mary H. Toth says

    I love the green bracelet you have pictured. I own 2 “paper pearl” necklaces- one from Uganda and one our friends are selling to help fund their adoption. They are beautiful pieces and I proudly wear them.

  24. 48

    Amy J. says

    I love the green bracelet and the blue neckalce on the website main page. they are all very beautiful!

  25. 51


    I LOVE 31 bits. just found out about it a few months ago. my favorite is the mallory white bracelet – so funky and would go with any color outfit. thanks for spreading the word about this awesome micro-enterprise empowering women in uganda! this jewelry is beautiful and represents the beautiful women who make it!

  26. 54

    Kelly says

    I Love it all! I went to their website – they have such a wonderful passion to live and work with these people! very awesome!

  27. 55

    Marcy M says

    Everything is beautiful! I really like the multi colored beads on the aruba bracelet. I saw a pair of reef sandals with these beads on them and they were gorgeous!

  28. 56


    I love them all! I already have one in green – so I would love one in a different color! :) I had no idea you could host a party! I just might do that! :)

  29. 57

    Lauren says

    The Barbados – I just love the colors!
    The bright green bracelet is also lovely. :)

    Thanksk for sharing!

  30. 58

    Mikaila says

    I fell in love with several! My first choice would definitely be the Emma neckalce in purple. My second choice would have to be the Alyse bracelet in red. I couldn’t decide, they’re so beautiful!

  31. 62


    i did something like this last year through the organization Bead for Life! It was an absolutely amazing experience, I just loved it so much that we’re doing it every year now. *LOVE*

  32. 69


    I love companies like this that have a greater good purpose. I would love any of the necklaces but I especially love the Outerbanks one. Thanks for sharing this company with all of us.

  33. 71


    Wow – they are all so pretty! Of the necklaces – besides the one above – I like Santorini, Stacee, North Shore (!), and Malibu. I don’t often wear bracelets – I’m just wearing jewelry again now that my kids are older – but I like Aruba and all of the bright colors of Alyse. Thanks for sharing the story of 31 bits!

  34. 73

    Kim says

    What a wonderful company. It’s hard to choose just one, they are all beautiful-but I’d have to say the Santarini is one that I would wear the most.

  35. 77

    Linda R. says

    Thanks for sharing their story. I love the North Shore necklace and Aruba bracelet. Beautiful.

  36. 79


    Green and brown are my favorite colors… I love the Outerbanks necklace, and the Jessica bracelet!

    Ministries like this are wonderful- not only are these women making a living for themselves, but the wearer of the jewelry has the ability to share their story when people ask about the beautiful pieces they are wearing!

  37. 84


    I love the Stacee and Jessica…matching bracelet and necklace. I have ordered two necklaces for gifts that are similar from my friend that is a missionary in Africa. Love them!

  38. 85

    Tina says

    I love the Aruba bracelet. This is such a worthy cause and beautiful craftsmanship and artistry.

  39. 86

    Bethany says

    Love the aruba bracelet! I don’t usually do parties but this is sooooo awesome. I’m going to check with my husband and then I’ll post back.

  40. 88


    What an amazing ministry! The small beads are my favorites – in the colors of fall in New England. :-)

    Blessings on the journey~

  41. 92

    Jennifer B says

    It’s almost too hard to decide…..they’re all beautiful!! I really like the Channel Islands bracelet!

  42. 94

    Kristen says

    I think Stacee would have to be my favorite – nice and simple. I love the North Shore, too. Will you email me info on how to host a party?

  43. 95


    I am a fall girl and the fall colors of the 3 strand necklace would be in an every other day rotation in my wardrobe!

  44. 96

    monica says

    I love bracelets and necklaces! My favorite necklace is the Barbados.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  45. 98

    Tracy says

    I so, so like the green bracelet on your site, but I didn’t see it on 31 bits’ site. I also like the flip flops and the turquoise on their home page, but I don’t see them under ‘shop’. Seem to have knack for liking things I can’t find on their site :) Love your site, though!!

  46. 108


    I love, love, love supporting companies like this too! I bought similar necklaces from another company recently…the name is escaping me. I love everything I saw on the site, but I’m more of a bracelet than necklace girl most of the time, so I think the Alyse and the Aruba are my faves. I love the sandals too! I might be interested in booking a party. Tell me more.

  47. 112


    So hard to choose, because they are all so beautiful! I really like the Bel Aire and the Barbados best!! : ) Thanks for the chance to win.

  48. 117

    Dawnette Thomas says

    THIS IS SUPER EXCITING! My husband has gone to Uganda three times and my daughter once. I truly love these people; therefore, I try to wear a beaded necklace each day – hoping someone will make a comment and I can share the story and love for these people. This gives me one more avenue to direct people.
    I need to add bracelets to my wardrobe, so I would like any of the Alyse style bracelets.

  49. 119


    Thanks for posting about this — I love Bead for Life (a similar group with the same kind of mission), but I’m so happy to know there is a Christian organization like it. I love that vibrant green color of the Aruba bracelet!

  50. 123


    I also love the Emma purple necklace. To be honest, I love them all though. I think this is such a wonderful organization. I’ve already bought from them for, both for myself and for friends. Beautiful!

  51. 124

    Christina says

    Thanks for sharing this- looks like a great organization. I love the beautiful bright green bracelet!

  52. 125

    Jasmine says

    I love 31 Bits. My favorite thing is how each piece comes with the artist’s story! I have a multi-colored bracelet already and would love more soon! I love “happy shopping!”

  53. 126

    Ellen Niemann says

    I didn’t know I could book a party! How do I do that? And have you thought about expanding your production base? I met some marvelous widows in Rwanda last May who produce this beautiful jewelry. These women are also supporting their families – since the 1994 genocide devastated their country. I could see major growth for your company!

    Ellen Niemann

  54. 128

    Renae Waters says

    I adore 31bits….it is such an amazing thing and makes me emotional just thinking about it. The Emma and Outerbank are my favorites.

    I would love more info about hosting a party!!

  55. 130

    Valerie S. says

    I love 31 Bits! The necklace is perfect for that fall day and the bracelet would add a pop of color to any outfit!!! I would wear the necklace and bracelet in my classroom, as I teach high school math. It would be a great opprotunity to tell my students about what 31 Bits does for the women of Uganda! Thank you!

  56. 131

    Brianne says

    I’m all about wearing COLOR! This jewelry brings so much life…in more ways than one. Thank you.

  57. 132

    Valerie S. says

    I Love 31 Bits! The necklace would be perfect for a fall day and the bracelet would add a pop of color to any outfit! I would wear the bits in my classroom, as I am a high school math teacher. By wearing the bits I will be able to share the story of 31 Bits to my students! Thank you!

  58. 133


    when i first discovered 31 Bits a month ago, i immediately bought two single strand bracelets… loved them so much, i quickly ordered two more! :) they are so bright and cheery, and the $ is going to such a great cause!

  59. 134

    beth says

    Oh seriously!? I think I have just found my answer to all adult and preteen female Christmas presents this year! These are really beautiful and hip! I love them!

  60. 135

    Michelle Parker says

    I’ve only been to your blog a few times, but wow! I keep going back to the 31 Bits website. They have some beautiful jewelry and the ministry aspect of it makes it all the more appealing. I think the bracelets are my favorites…especially Jessica and Aruba. Will definitely go back to their website and order something in the future.

  61. 136

    Ali Roberts says

    I have the Zanzibar in pink and LOVE it! Every comment I get when I wear it sparks a great conversation :)

  62. 138

    Mary Jo says

    I love the Santorini necklace and the Alyse bracelets! I would also love to have a party! My husband is a youth pastor and we are always looking for ways that students can participate in missions – even from their own living rooms. I’d love to know the details! :)