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We’re in full school mode in Texas. But you know that already because you saw THE BAGS under my eyes, eh?

I’ve actually been in bed by 10:30 pm every night! But that’s because I’ve mastered sleeping standing up.

Here are a couple of tips that help get our mornings going:

  • We make lunches the night before
  • We lay out clothes for the next day and make sure backpacks are ready
  • We try to have a quick devotion over breakfast-makes everyone’s day run so much smoother!
  • We pray with our kids to have a great day
  • We do homework, go over tests, sign papers, etc. in the afternoon, so our evenings are free to be together
  • We put important dates in ONE place: a family calendar

How do you make your school days run smoothly?

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Here’s a sampling:

What works for you?


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    Your list sounds very much like ours – we concentrate on routine, getting everyone to bed EARLY, marking important dates/events on a calendar in our kitchen, doing homework as soon as the kids come home, etc. I’m OCD, so I am always organizing, re-organizing, and organizing again to make sure that every day runs as smoothly as possible!! :) Great giveaway!!

  2. 6


    These are great tips. I home-school my son, so staying to a schedule is essential for me. It would be so easy to let school go by the wayside otherwise! And that includes getting things ready the night before. :)

    As always, thanks so much for hosting!

  3. 7

    Lorie says

    Re: the soggy sandwich question from Crystal & Co. – with PB&J I always put a little bit of peanut butter on both pieces of bread with jelly in the middle. For sandwiches that call for mayo or mustard do the same – a thin layer on both pieces of bread. Seems to work for us.

  4. 9


    Hmmm, I wish things were that easy at our house. We still have one more week before school starts, so loving that. I finally have both kids in high school and my oldest decided she wanted to switch to the public school. Now we have to figure out how to get both kids to school (fairly close) on time in one trip.
    I make my lunches in the morning. My son has to put all his things by the door the night before since he is the one that tends to forget things. (Our kids get things brought to them twice, then I start charging a $1 for gas to bring homework and such to them.)
    Even with sports we manage most dinners together and in the past the rule has been any help you need or papers signed have to be done by 8pm. That frees up our evenings.

    Thanks for hosting!!!

  5. 10


    As someone who doesn’t have kids it’s so interesting to read all these back to school posts. I can’t imagine trying to get someone else ready in the morning! Most days I barely can get myself out the door on time.

  6. 11


    At the beginning of August, I start waking up my teenager earlier each week until we get to the official wake up time for the first day of school. With my other four who are six and under, I set the routines for the morning, plus they get up early anyway.

    This year I have to pack snacks for the kids in addition to their lunches. I’ll be doing this the night before plus getting the water bottles ready and then my dh will pack the rest of the lunch the next morning. I couldn’t get through the morning routine, plus get my walk in, without my dh’s help!

  7. 12


    My children are young (my son goes to pre-school only), but being a teacher I can tell you that having a good morning helps students have a better day. The more stress you create in the morning before school, the more likely the day will have stress for everyone. Make sure kids go to school well-fed! And praying with them is a GREAT way to start the day.

  8. 14

    Dawnette Thomas says

    Even though I homeschool, I still have to get them going in the morning. We try to do breakfast all together and sing while preparing it. Praise songs have a way of calming the spirit of tiredness or stress: It-works-for-me.

  9. 15

    Sylvia says

    As a teacher, I love these tips. As a Christian teacher in the public schools, I urge Christian parents to pray for/with your kids and pray for the teachers, as well.

    Love your blog, BTW. Very encouraging and uplifting and…. convicting at times :-)

  10. 16


    We start the day with staggered bathroom times. Mom starts at 530, oldest at 6, youngest at 630 and husband at 730. Dad makes breakfast while the kids are in the bathroom getting ready and down stairs by 645. Then 15 minutes for morning chores- feeding animals, picking up, etc. At 7 we eat, pray and mom leave for work. Kids get on the bus at 730. Kids get off the bus in the afternoon grab a snack and start homework. Once homework is done chores must be completed. All this is done in the dining room. I have extra school supplies available in that room. Once chores and homework is done we get to hang out. We do devos in the evening right before bed. Once a week we have a family meeting that we go over schedules and topic in the house. We have a family calendar on the wall as well as use cozi for electric calendar- we love it but youngest cant use computer yet. We also have chores charts to keep mom from nagging or worrying about chores.

  11. 19


    This is why I’m loving having teens. The boys make their own breakfast and lunch, and pack their own bags… all while I’m stumbling into the kitchen looking for coffee. But the older they get, the more essential that family planner/calendar becomes!

  12. 20


    Very good tips! I have to be extremely organized to get things going properly so I GET it! I think if the house was on fire, I’d grab that family calendar!! It has everything on it!

    I linked up a favorite back to school treat that my kids love to do. We homeschool so when school is done, we like to do something fun. This fits perfectly!

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