WFMW: Teaching Kids Phone Numbers

After 6 years with the same home phone number, I changed it.

(It’s a long story which involves me in a panic, overreacting and changing it and then telling my family about it. But those are just details).

There weren’t any numbers left in our area, so we even got a new area code, TWO months ago.

I’m the only one who knows the number. It’s been very hard for my kids to learn.  I saw this idea in the latest edition of Family Fun Magazine and I think it’s going to work!

Beaded bracelets with our new number (to wear only at home):

It works for us!

What works for you?

You can view the WFMW guidelines here.


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    That’s a great idea Kristen! I’ve seen that as a good thing to do when you’re kids are out in large public crowds too (or just in general). Plus they’re just cute:) Thanks for hosting!!

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    When we travel to big busy places (like Disney) I have my kids wear necklaces with my cell phone number.. just in case. I don’t want to risk them forgetting under pressure. Fortunately, we’ve never needed them.

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    That is a great idea! Mine are older now but we just sang a song to learn it. We used to have the same area code in the Twin Cities and didn’t need the area code when calling but now we do so we had to re-teach it. It must have been so much simpler 60 years ago! I don’t know how many numbers they had but I know it was less!

    I just submitted my grilled corn with chipotle-lime browned butter. My kids just like regular butter and salt but I like it different so this way we made all the corn the same way but each of us get to “dress” it like we want!! Me with just a bit of the seasoned butter, my husband with a LOT of seasoned butter and the kids however they like it! One plain, one just butter and the other butter and salt. They keep me on my toes but it works for me!

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    I love that idea and being a military family moving so often I think we shall use it next time we move. Although we never change our cell phones so the kids always know those 😉

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    love the bracelet idea! i say our phone number on our answering machine, and my 4 yr. old has heard it play so many times (when i can’t fly across the room to get the phone in time!) that he has it memorized. i was really surprised to hear him say it the other day… mimicking my inflection perfectly! haha!

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    Oh, neat. As kids, we learned our phone number with a song from “Safety Kids.” (Which I bet is on YouTube or something.) We changed phone numbers when we moved 21 years ago, but I still remember all but the last two digits of our original phone number.

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    Oh, what a GREAT idea!!! I also love the idea of necklaces when traveling! I almost feel like we’re phasing out of our home number…We’ve mostly taught our 5-year-old our cell numbers. But, now I’m all in a panic that she won’t know her home number for Kindergarten! I know I need to chill out…it’s only Kindergarten, and (hopefully) the teacher will not be judging the parent who didn’t teach her child the home number. :-)

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    Michelle says

    My husband and I just have cell phones and no intention of getting a home number. We had the discussion the other day about what number we should teach or child in the future or they can remember both.

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    Really!? I have never seen that idea for this before. Super cute- I would want to wear it out :) I printed our phone# and address large on a piece of paper and hung it right next to BigGirl’s work/craft desk where she spends a lot of time. We said it together at least once a day for maybe 3 months before she had it memorized. I love your bracelet idea too!

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    That is a good idea!! Every time we get a new phone number it is my husband who needs that bracelet! He can never remember our phone number!!

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    I saw cell phone number bracelets somewhere… I don’t know if it was Family Fun or elsewhere… and the person put them on her preschoolers when out, with instructions that the child should ask a store clerk or policeman to call that number if the child became lost. I thought that was a good idea.

    This reminds me: I haven’t taught our preschooler any phone numbers yet. We’ve got the alphabet and counting down, but I totally forgot phone number. Guess I know what we’ll be reciting at bath time! :)

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    Mary Anne says

    One thing that my son’s preschool teacher used to help the kids learn their phone number was to sing the 7 digit number to the tune of twinkle twinkle….1 2 3 4 5 6 7 , 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, etc. If you have to remember a different area code than other area, it might be a problem (which was one that we had) but maybe this will help others that don’t have to remember an area code. :)

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    I also learned my phone number from the Safety Kids song 20 years ago, and I still remember that phone number. Music is really powerful for helping kids (or anyone) memorize things.

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    Did you change your phone number after accidentally posting it on your blog on the birthday party invitation? I’m just wondering if that was the moment of panic.

    Do you have Empire Carpet in TX? I had never heard of it until I moved to IL 20 years ago, but the commercials have a little tune that goes with their phone number. That’s how I taught my kids their phone number – to that same tune. Well, that and writing it on my daughters’ arms when we go to public events. One daughter used a combination of the song and reading it over and over and over again on her arm one day in the bathroom. Another daughter picked right up on the tune and the numbers. My middle daughter just plugs whichever numbers she wants into the song – not helpful at all. Kinda sad that my 4yo knows her address and phone number (and my 10 year old did at the same age) but my 7yo still hasn’t gotten it. The bracelets are up next since she obviously needs a little more help. Thanks for passing on the suggestion!

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    You can teach your kids your phone number (minus the area code) by singing it to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That’s how I taught both my kids our number when they were 4. Works great.

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