Audrey Assad: The House You’re Building {Giveaway}

*UPDATED with WINNERS* Congrats to Patty of South of the Fork and reader (no blog) Megan C.

99.9% of the music I listen to is Christian worship music. (That other 1%? Um , that would be the theme music from Dora and Handy Manny). My last one if almost four years old, so there’s a light at the end of the pre-school music tunnel.

There is simply nothing that drives my heart and mind into the presence of God like worship music.

Audrey Assad is a writer’s singer. She loves words and her music is a reflection of that soul-stirring.

Her debut album: The House You’re Building is fabulous. She has a new fan. It’s deep and mature and leads you to Him.

I love Audrey’s unique style and individuality. Forget Hannah Montana, I want my daughters to emulate these kind of stage musicians.

The title song is probably my favorite, but I also love Come Clean and several others.

Listen to a song or two and come back and leave a comment to win this:

Two winners will receive:  a copy of her record as well as a handmade lyric book and custom bag. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite song!

This giveaway closes Thursday.


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  1. 6

    Rebekah VA says

    I recently came across Audrey and have been hooked since. Right now I am loving Winter Snow but truthfully enjoy all of her songs!

  2. 12


    I have not heard of her either, but thank you for sharing so we can all go listen! :) Some of my favorite songs right now are Kari Jobe songs…Revelation Song, No Sweeter Name, etc. Love her! I’d love to win this cd too, to add to my worship collection.

  3. 13

    Suz says

    Ooooo, thanks for introducing me to a new worship artist! I LOVE worship music! Music really stirs my affection for the Lord so I love finding new meaningful music.

    I listened to the previews of all of the songs, but I think I loved For Love of You the best.

    She kind of sounds like Ginny Owen, dont you think?

  4. 15

    Kristin says

    Thank you so much for introducing me to her music! I’m a missionary in Brazil and am really out of touch with newer artists…so, thank you! I have really enjoyed “Show Me” and “Restless”, but they are ALL great songs. If I don’t win this, I’ll definitely be putting it on my Christmas wish list!

  5. 18

    Lisa says

    I have never heard of Audrey before. I love her music. I really enjoyed the For love of You song:) Thanks for introducing her music to me.

  6. 19

    Alyssa Novak says

    Wow! I hadn’t heard her before but I was moved to tears! Her singing is beautiful and music is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  7. 22


    I hadn’t heard her before, that I’m aware of, and I really enjoyed her music. You’re right about her being a writer’s songwriter. She’s creative with her words, and has a great sound. I enjoyed listening to Carry Me.

  8. 24

    Peggy says

    I am just reading this today and already like this young woman, Audrey Assad. I have a 13 year old granddaughter blossoming in front of my eyes. She plays the piano and is singing on the praise team occasionaly at church. She has a tender heart, but it is pulled by secular singers and messages that confuse and contradict the mind of Christ in her. I want so much for her to be influenced by young women like Audrey who writes and sings and points my sweet grandgirl to Jesus. I plan on putting this kind of music in her Christmas package this year.

  9. 25


    I can’t pick just one ~ they all speak to my soul in different ways! She is captivating! Thank you so much for introducing her music ~ it never ceases to amaze me how music can stir the soul!!! Have a beautiful day!

  10. 29

    Sarah Zimmerman says

    So she’s the one who sings “Restless”!!! I’ve had a rough week with a dear friend dying leaving behind her husband and newly adopted 2 year old daughter. This has helped me keep my perspective when I’ve just wanted to be angry. I’d love to have her CD!

  11. 30


    mmm, i like ‘restless’. so good. and thanks for introducing me to something new. i’m not really up-to-date with new music over here and have really been wanting something new to worship to. would love for the parents to bring me this at christmas. i might have to download this if i dont win. :)

  12. 34


    Darn….I can’t hear it! I’m at work!
    I’ll listen when I get home tonight!

    I feel the same as you….I love it that my teen girls listen to women like her
    as a person to model after!

  13. 36

    Linda R. says

    Just listened to her music. I appreciate the lyrics and the piano. I really enjoyed “For Love of You” and “Winter Snow.”

  14. 37


    I came across Audrey’s music during an iTunes search one time and immediately downloaded For Love of You…and then the title track. LOVE HER SOUND & lyrics. Something about her evokes James Taylor/Carly Simon to me {just outed my age, ha}.

  15. 41

    JenC says

    Thank you so much for introducing me to a new Christian artist. I have not stopped listening to her myspace page since early this morning. My favorite so far is “Winter Snow”. I love snow and this song puts to words what I can not. Thanks you!

  16. 48

    O Mom says

    Thanks for the chance. And yes the end to the toddler music is in sight, but my ‘baby’ is now 6 and I almost miss how she loved them.

  17. 51


    i love her voice. i would love to have this in my car for the ride home today! from what i previewed on iTunes, all the songs sound beautiful. Run Forward and Carry Me are…..aaaaahhhh amazing.

  18. 55

    Andrea says

    I LOOOVE Restless! Whenever it comes on the radio I just want to close my eyes and raise my arms (not so condusive to safe driving but hey, what can ya do!?). I would flip out if I won this giveaway!

  19. 58

    Betsy Negley says

    i love her music. I heard her perform “Winter Snow” at a Chris Tomlin concert last year and she is a wonderful singer/songwriter.

  20. 60


    How do you pick just one? They are all awesome! Thanks so much for sharing her with us. I absolutely love listening to Christian music and always love finding new favs. I really like For the Love of You.

  21. 63

    Karen P. says

    One of the things I have loved about you is that you feature Audrey Assad at the end of every blog entry! I got this CD from my family for my birthday this summer, at the suggestion of my 16-year-old son. Wise beyond his years, that boy. Thanks for highlighting Audrey today.

  22. 66

    goldengirls59 says

    We really like Audrey’s music. We have seen her several times in small concert venues and her voice is so beautiful! Our favorite song is Known. Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway!

  23. 67


    Um, would you think I’m a complete nerd if I told you 90% of the music I listen to is classical?? However, I do really appreciate well-done sacred music like this that focuses on our Savior. Great giveaway!

  24. 79


    I have not heard of her. I listen to mostly Christian music too. KLove mostly. I went to her website and didn’t see where I could listen. So I opened iTunes link in her top page. The songs would not play there either. Sorry. If I win, I can’t wait to hear her. :)

  25. 80

    Jen Gregar says

    What beautiful lyrics. I think my favorites are “Restless” and “Carry Me” just because of where I am in life currently. Awesome giveaway!

  26. 84


    thanks for the introduction, i hadn’t heard of her before either. i think my favorite is for the love of you. she reminds me a little of sara groves who is my FAVORITE!

  27. 85

    Jill D. says

    i just heard a song of hers on another blog and it was wonderful. it is great to listen to music that makes you think and praise Jesus

  28. 86

    Sara says

    I’ve never heard of her – thanks for introducing me to someone new! I really enjoyed them all, but I think Restless stuck out to me the most!

  29. 89


    I heard the song “Show me” the other day but didn’t know who sang it. Thank you for solving the mystery and introducing me to the rest of Audrey’s music. I listened to all the songs on youtube, but I put Show Me on repeat all day as I have been sick and can’t get out. The words of this song minister to my heart. Last year I toured with the African Children’s Choir as a teacher/”auntie” and next year I plan to go teach in India, but this year has been one of difficult growth. I’m working a job that I’m not passionate about but it’s where God wants me to be. As I have sat in my prayer closet and cried many days I have realized that God is teaching me to realize that I am nothing without Him. I tend to want to go and save the world, but the line in this song “But not before you show me how to die” continues to remind me that I must die to self and let Him live through me. To Him be all the glory!

  30. 91

    elizabethk says

    I am curious as to why you say “My last…” in referring to your youngest. If too personal a question – I understand. I will definitely be looking up this gal – I would love to introduce some young ladies in my life to GOOD (Christ centered) singers/musicians. I am bone tired – and just can’t listen tonight – MUST sleep.

    God Bless!

  31. 94

    Erica says

    Oooh! The only song I’ve ever heard her sing is Winter Snow. I instantly fell in love with her voice. I sang the song last year at our church’s Christmas Eve service. Most of me was honored that I could bring the song to the congregation and lead them into worship. A tiny part of me? Jealous that my voice is not hers. :) I need to go buy this CD!

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