BeWee Shop {Giveaway}

Congratulations, Michelle (! You’re the winner!

I love pretty things. Little hair clips and headbands and hats.

My 3 year has not acquired that love, HOWEVER. She often hands me a clip with a chunk of hair attached to it.

Thankfully, my big girl loves feminine touches. But that has it’s drawbacks too…because I now parent a borrower. And we’re the same shoe size. Let’s just say my accessories are her accessories!

The BeWee Shop is a collection of adorable hair accessories. They sent me a pretty headband to wear to the Relevant Conference (woot!) and my oldest a beautiful beanie…which I was going to save for Christmas.

But when her orthodontist asked her to be one of the kids in a photo shoot for the cover of our town magazine, I caved.

(The other girls and the dental assistants LOVED her beanie!!)

Not only does BeWee Shop have adorable items, for every beanie they sell, one is given to a girl at Dell Children’s hospital in Austin, Texas. (Now, y’all know how I love a good cause!)

Each pair of beanies is numbered before they go their separate ways, and the beanie givers can leave get well notes for the little girl that receives the other beanie in the hospital… or people can just write notes of encouragement to help fill those long hospital days.

Seriously, LOVE.

Visit the BeWee Shop, tell me what you like, come back and leave a comment to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 2


    My 3 year old must be in cahoots with your 3 year old, because she doesn’t like girly touches, either. Today, she wore a ponytail for the first time in more than six months. (Hallelujah!) I, however, am seriously committed to changing her mind and convincing her of the CUTENESS of wearing bows and cutesy things. :)

  2. 4


    I loved the Chloe #6 & #4! How unique to use feathers like that!! I love the brown and blues, and the irridescent look of the peacock feathers! Just beautiful headbands!!

  3. 6

    Kim B. in AZ says

    The beanie buy one and have one sent to a sick child is such a neat idea. I thought that beanie number one or number two were so cute.

    I have 3 daughters and one of them is a girly girly, one is not into frills at all. They all 19 and 20. I also have one who is 12 and she likes girlly thing but not as much as her oldest sister.

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. 7

    Kristen Mildner says

    I love beanies!! A woman from our church gave them to all of the little girls and I love to put it on my 1 year old!! But my favorite thing is the Bella Silver…I just started wearing my hair down alot lately and I am in love with headbands with flowers and such!! I aslo loved the Amelia….Thanks for the site!

  5. 9

    Sheri says

    Everything I saw made me visualize my beautiful nieces in the adorable bows, beanies and headbands! The Betty clip and Molly beanie for Amanda and the Tina Hard headband for Samantha! Wow! What gorgeous accessories!!!

  6. 10

    Tanya says

    The Sophia stretch headband is adorable and so are the others. I’d love to give the cute baby headbands as baby shower gifts because they would be perfect for photos. Thanks so much for the giveaway

  7. 11


    Love the Sydney H. headband with the “Gold, Light Pink, Brown, Crystal,and Sky Blue” jewels. Plenty-o-bling for our 5 year old!

    And, for me, I love the Bella Silver headband. Plenty-o-bling for mommy! :)

  8. 13

    Mandy S says

    I can’t decide whether I like the Betty clip or the Rose beanie better, but I don’t think a girl should be made to choose between pretty things! :-) Thanks for the chance.

  9. 15


    What cute accessories! My little ones don’t have enough hair to rock the bands so the Betty clip is my favorite! And what an awesome ministry to match a purchase with a gift! And what a great reminder for us to be in prayer for the one who gets our match!

  10. 17

    Michelle says

    I love the Reilly headband or the Rosie Beanie. We’re having a baby girl in December and those would be SO cute on Sophie! :)

  11. 24

    Heather H says

    What a great ministry they have with the beanies. My favorite beanie is the Molly beanie and my favorite headband is the Amelia stretch headband.

  12. 25

    Shelly in Kansas City says

    Those are so cute!! I have three daughters, and so far two of the three love extra little accessories.

  13. 26


    Adorable. I would use them for my daughter since any attention this short white hair might be a bit much!!! I think she would love the hard headbands or the beanies. She is 8 going on 14, if you know what I mean! The babies on the site are so darn precious. I could just pinch those chubby cheeks!!! Have a blessed day!

  14. 27

    Sam ES says

    My baby sisters would LOVE one of these headbands! The Elle H. is adorable, but I think I should try something bolder for once… Oooo the Cecilia…

  15. 28


    I love the beanies and the bella woman’s headband – in silver. These are so pretty! I may just have to save my money for a beanie (it’s more than I would normally spend but hey they are so pretty!) My best friend would love the beanies too! If I won I would definitely have to buy one for her (or maybe for her daughter….) too.

  16. 30


    why, the bow beanie of couse – lol! it’s cool! and i’d want it to fit me :) (my daughter can buy her own – hahah! just kidding, i’m sure she would get this one if i won!)

  17. 35

    Kirsten says

    Well, first of all the company sounds amazing! And I love the Charlotte headband. It would be perfect for my sister’s flower girls!

  18. 36

    Monica says

    I love how each beanie is numbered! I would love to get a Molly beanie for both of my girls! So cute and yet so thoughtful!

  19. 37


    I love love love the Fleur Gold! I would be giving it to a great friend of mine who LOVES “hair flair” and is one of the biggest LSU fans I know! She would just die!!

  20. 40

    Jen says

    Wow– this site has some beautiful creations on it! I think one of my favorites would have to be the “Lynn”, but there are so many other fun ones– especially some of the feather ones! What a lovely site to look at– and fun ideas for gifts!

  21. 41


    Oh! These are beautiful! I love the Emily, Amy, and Cecilia. They would be perfect for my beautiful baby granddaughter (we are still waiting for her to grow hair!) Thank you for sharing this site, and their special cause.

  22. 43

    VickiS says

    I loved the “Reiley” so cute and whimsical!! And I read on their site that not only do they give beanies away for each bought but they also give 10% of all proceeds to a women and children”s shelter. What a great site to get and give!

  23. 44


    Well, considering I’m now in the hospital with my two year old with no end in sight, I am touched by companies like this one. Simply amazing. I love the third beanie. I think it is called the Molly. When we get out of here, I might seriously have to think about getting her one.

  24. 61


    That lula beanie is so cute, and I am a big fan of Dell Childrens’ Hospital. My nephew was there a lot as a baby and it’s amazing how they tend to the kids’ needs.

  25. 67


    I don’t usually do accessories for my daugher but I love that they give a hat away with each purchase (amazing!) and the beanies are super cute. My fave is the Rose Beanie. Thanks for the chance!

  26. 69

    Leslie Schneemann says

    I would get a beanie for my daughter. She would absolutely love one. I love that they donate one to the hospital too.


  27. 77


    I like the #3 beanie hat (bow beanie I believe) for my little baby who everyone assumes is a boy! Then I would have to get a matching one for her big sister.

  28. 87


    Love this shop! I want the purple feathered beanie (sorry, forgot to look at the name of it- gotta run to make lunch)! I have several ideas on how to use these items for my clients! 😀

  29. 88


    Now I want to go to Relevant even more!!!! (It’s only an hour from where I live!!!)…just to see what you’re wearing!

    Anyways, I LOVE the Betty clip in blush or fuchsia (my girl-child loves to wear clips in her hair) and I also really like the Molly beanie in ivory and pink…Baby Girl would love fabulous in it.

    Take pictures from Relevant so we can see what you wear, k??

  30. 90

    Patty B says

    I love the beanies. My daughter Sarah is an accessory girl. What a great cause, too! Thanks for the chance to enter for a chance to win the gift certificate.

  31. 91

    Rebecca says

    I would love to get a beanie and the Olivia clip is pretty. Would also love some soft headbands. I have long hair and I also have 3 daughters… accessories are big at this house!

  32. 95


    Wow! That is such a cool idea. A bet those beanies just brighten the day of those little sick girls. I am a nursing student and those little things can cheer a patient up in a way that no one can really understand! I love Be Wee’s stuff!

  33. 96


    I just love all of the headbands. It is very hard to chose a favorite. My two girls would look beautiful in some matching headbands. The best part of all of it is that one goes to the children’s hospital and one of my daughters could write her a nice card of encouragement.

  34. 97


    Obviously not entering the contest, lol. I just got my copy of Living in and your daughter is so adorable. The beanie is super cute too! Just wanted to let you all know that the picture was great and it was so exciting seeing her face on the cover when I got it from the mail today.

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