Her Name is Precious

My three year old picked her  pretty face out of a sea of brown faces.

“I WANT HER!” she demanded as only a toddler can.

There was smudge on my computer screen and on the face of a 19 year old girl from the Philippines. Her name: Precious.

It was just a week after I’d returned home from Africa and our family sat crowded around the laptop laboring over each face. My husband chose Mohammad from India, my son -a boy named Nad from Vietnam, my oldest daughter chose Uwimana from Rwanda and I wanted Millicent, an orphan from Kenya.

The pictures arrived and took priority on our fridge, we have monthly letter-writing sessions and pray for each of the kids.

From the moment Precious’ picture arrived, my toddler insisted on it being at the bottom of the fridge, so she could reach it. The picture is smudged with dirty fingerprints along the edge. We’ve reread Precious’ letters in her perfect English and clear handwriting over and over to our youngest.

We always laugh when we read the part of the letter where Precious has written her favorite things: “My favorite food is chicken, My favorite color is purple, etc” because our daughter pipes up loudly, “MY FAVORITE FOOD IS CHICKEN TOO! MY FAVORITE COLOR IS PURPLE.”

At bedtime and sometimes dinnertime, our little girl prays for Precious. It varies, but she prays that she won’t die, that she’ll have food, and that Jesus will live in her heart. She tells everyone that Precious is her best friend. “Pwecious lives in da Phiwapines. I’m going to Africa to meet her next week.” (She’s a little sketchy on the geography and timing of it all).

They  are an unlikely pair: a three year old American with everything and a 19 year old Phillipino young lady with very little.

But they have been united through Compassion International forever.

The other night my little girl was singing all the songs she could think of, including “Jesus Loves Me.” She ran out of songs and asked me tell her another. I sang “Jesus Loves The Children of the World.”

Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world.

Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

She jumped up “Mommy, that song is about PRECIOUS!!”

Yes, yes it is.


Today, a group of bloggers left for Guatemala to set some kids free from their devastating poverty. Will you follow their journey and pray for them? Open your hearts to the stories? Consider rescuing a child from poverty?

Compassion Bloggers: Guatemala 2010


  1. 1


    what a beautiful relationship between your little one and Precious! :) Thank you for sharing the story!

    Will be thinking and praying for those traveling.

  2. 2


    I love that song too and have taught it to my own children and those in my Sunday School class. A few years ago, I learned a version that’s a bit less stereotypical and it has become a favorite too!

    Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world.
    Every color, every race, All are covered by His grace.
    Jesus loves the little children of the world.

  3. 3

    Destiny says

    This post made me cry … it really touched my heart. Praying for the Compassion group and the lives they will change.

  4. 9


    My daughter and her husband sponsor a Compassion child named Precious from Uganda who is 8 years old! They also sponsor a little boy, too. Your little girl is so sweet to be so excited about her “sister”. Love this.

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