I’m a Mom

When I first started birthing babes, I was shocked at how hard it was to juggle everything.
I’m not just talking about play dates, housework and school projects.
I mean literally, juggling a diaper bag, a 100-pound baby carrier, not including a baby who’s thighs resemble a small Sumo wrestler, a purse, all while trying to keep your two year old from scraping gum off the concrete.
I’ve always thought that with the title Mother, we should also grow an extra appendage or two. Because, seriously, an extra arm would come in handy when I’m stirring dinner, loading the dishwasher, calling out multiplication facts, stepping over the mock kitchen my toddler has created underfoot, and paying bills online-simultaneously.
In one day, I accomplish more than some small companies. Heck, I am a small company.
I’ve spent a combined total of nearly 40 hours in labor, delivering more than 20 pounds of human.
And I’ll be honest, when someone has the nerve to ask me in a tone, “What do you do all day?”
I’ve decided this will be my forever answer:
“I’m a Mom. What’s your superpower?”
Mothering is a labor of love!
(Tell me how much time in labor and combined birth weights you’ve had in the comment section)


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    I wholeheartedly agree: being a mom IS a superpower! It’s the hardest, most rewarding experience ever.

    I have three kids, was in a labor around 22 hours, with a combined birth weight of nearly 23 pounds!

  2. 3


    I have three boys and wow…I could use several more hands and arms lol. I’ve birthed 3 totalling 30 hrs and 23 lbs. And I would do it all again!!! Happy Labor Day!

  3. 5

    Sue says

    Amazing, when put down in writing.

    Labor: 159 hours.
    Pounds: 54 pounds

    That is for six children! The last child was 11 pounds all by herself.

  4. 10


    Three babies. (They are now 21, almost 19, and 8 years old, but still my babies.)
    Labored for 40 hours. (All ended in C-sections with the last labor induced for trial VBAC. The second one a scheduled non-eventful C-section.)
    Weight? 28 pounds and 8 ounces of pure sweet chunky love.

    Wow I never realized my babies’ combined weights average to 9 pounds 6 ounces!

  5. 11

    Sandi says

    Mine weighed over 47 pounds then, and weigh over 580 pounds now. Blessedly, I don’t remember how long I labored!

  6. 13


    Oh fun! Let’s see, Chloe was 36 hours, 7 1/2lbs and John was 6 hours, 9 1/2lbs so I guess that gives me a total of 42 hours and 17 sweet baby pounds though I hope to add a little more to that in the next year πŸ˜‰ (though not too much more! LOL)

  7. 14

    heidig says

    I have two baby girls (now 20 and 17) with a combined birth weight of 15 lbs 1/2 oz and a total labor time of 3 hrs 56 mins. I know. I’m one of THOSE moms! I almost had my second baby in the car – 56 mins of laboring!

  8. 15


    Alright, roughly 46 pounds of baby (rounding to the nearest pound) and probably nearly 100 hours of labor (my first babe gave me high blood pressure — the stinker! — and they tried for days! to induce me, so I’m counting those hours, which may or may not actually count). Those are my first-5-baby stats, the 6th one will be added to the totals sometime in October, we can’t wait!
    Blessings and Happy Labor Day!

  9. 20

    Pamela C. says

    2 babies….25.5 hours of labor (18.5 for the second one) and combined weight 17 lbs 3.5 ounces. Love being a mom even when my kids are 30 years old and 27 years old. Bonus…three grandkids!

  10. 23

    Christie says

    3 kids – water broke early (35, 37, 38 weeks) so induced 3x for 23 hours of labor – not including pre-term labor beginning at week 27 with 11 trips to the hospital. Combined birth weigh of 18.8 lbs.

  11. 24


    My kids were 23#8oz…but the labor is incredible. 1st was 24 really terrible hours followed by a c-section. 2nd was 6 weeks of preterm labor followed by a vbac. 3rd started contractions in January and she wasn’t born until the end of April. Seriously…contractions every 20 minutes for months…and I was slowly dilating. This combined with some fun hospital stays and some fun drugs. She stayed in until 35 weeks and then she practically slipped out. So…can I say 5mo, 2weeks, and 24 hours combined.

  12. 25

    Erica says

    I’ve had two little girls au naturale, with a combined birth weight of 16 pounds, seven ounces. With the first being as big as she was, and doing it sans drugs, AND since she came out backwards after two hours of pushing, I think I deserve a title from the Queen or something. I’m fortunate, however, in that my labors are short.

    The first was four hours from start to finish (I woke up embarrassed thinking I had wet the bed a tad to find out two minutes later…and every two minutes after that…that I was definitely in labor and my water had broken), and that included pushing her out turned the wrong way. The second was induced. I had them break my water first, and nothing happened, and I had them start pitocin on the smallest possible dosage, and nothing happened…so if you count from the first technical induction attempt, it was six hours, but if you count from the first induction attempt that actually did something to start labor, it was about one hour. And as the doctor didn’t think it would go that fast, she didn’t make it to the hospital in time to deliver my second little beauty (who I didn’t ever push with; they actually told me to HOLD HER IN. Try that one sometime, sista.)

    So a little over sixteen pounds of female in around five hours (two of those pushing) would be my final answer, Regis.

  13. 26

    Sharalyn says

    One son born at 34.5 weeks at 5 pounds 4.5 ounces, but his head was only 0.1 inches smaller than the average newborn’s. 6.5 hours labor with 4 of those stuck as he was malpositioned. Oh, and he was sunny side up.

  14. 28

    Heidi says

    So much fun reading these comments! :-) I have a combined labor time of almost 30 hours for my 3 kiddos…but for perspective, over 21 of that was for my wonderful firstborn and baby #3 was nearly born in our van! I had never thought about combined weight before, just shy of 30lbs! (and that firstborn who took his time was the smallest at 9lb 6oz!)

  15. 30


    I have spent 89 hours in labor and pushed out 42 pounds and 9 oz of 6 other humans (not including the 16 hours of labor or weight of the two that died and fit in my hand). The labors varied from 24 hours to 4 hours and their weights from 5 pounds 2 ounces to 9 pounds 4 ounces.

  16. 32

    Tifffany says

    I love the post! I labored a total of 14 hours and birthed a combined total of 15 lbs. for my two daughters. I’m not sure the second one really counts though. I had an epidural before labor began and she was out within two hours and I didn’t feel a thing. However, since I get to add travel and gotcha day weight these numbers will be changing significantly next year when we bring home our baby boy!

  17. 34


    I’ve delivered 2 precious girls. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. And hope to labor with more! AND pray to adopt at least one!

    Total labor: 22hrs
    Combined weight: 15lb 2oz

  18. 35


    I love Kim Fuchs’ response!!

    My total is about 72 hours for three kiddos … with a combined weight of 25 lbs. Do I get extra points for the superpowers if I only had pain meds/epidural with ONE of the births?

    Great post, K !!

  19. 40


    For Ruby, I was in labor (water broken, consistent contractions, but trying to keep her inside to gestate a little longer) for 11 days, 9 hours, and 15 minutes. For the last 20 hours, I was dilating consistently, we couldn’t stop it. Once at 10, I pushed (hard) for three hours. When she was born, she weighed 5 lb. 13 oz. One of my first coherent thoughts (after we got out of the NICU and all) was, “Oh my gosh!! What if I ever have a normal sized baby??? I’ll never be able to get it out!”

    I never had to worry about it. At a 32-week ultrasound for Burke, we found out his heart wasn’t beating. I was rushed into a c-section, and he was out of my body within seven minutes. (Less than an hour after the ultrasound began.) I spent zero time in labor (if you don’t count the three-and-a-half months I spent on complete bedrest), and he weighed 4 lb. 9 oz.

    So, my two kids’ combined weight was 10 lb. 6 oz. And I spent a lot of time in labor…or taking drugs that caused hallucinations to stop the labor…

  20. 41


    I was blessed with short labors (8.5 hours and 7.5 hours) for my first two children, so the plane rides home from India with our daughter were actually longer! And just about as painful, since she wanted to be held while I stood in the bulkhead for nearly the entire first 9-hour flight! :)

    I must have “labor amnesia” though, because we’re traveling again next year, to bring home another daughter from India. :)

  21. 46


    Three not-so-petite girls: 26 pounds and 46 hours of labor. During my last labor (very difficult), my husband gave me the greatest gift when he stroked my forehead, looked into my eyes, and said, “You can’t do this anymore.” I don’t know why, but for me, I needed permission to be done.

  22. 47


    I have three amazing kiddos, have been in labor for roughly a total of 10 hours total, and their combined birth weight is roughly 22 pounds. How fun to remember it all today! :)

  23. 49

    Kim says

    Fun post.

    My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks, I had 8 hrs of labor with that. Of course it wasn’t until I went into full term labor that I realized that’s what it was. With my second child I was in labor for 31 hrs (28 drug free) ending in a c-section because he was too big (he got stuck). My first indication that I was in labor was my water breaking….it gushed the entire time! He was 9lbs 3oz. My third child I started having contractions in my upper thighs about 3 weeks before she was born. She was a 6 hr. labor and 7lb 9oz. Drug free and VBAC. Yeah! My fourth I also had contractions in my upper thighs 2-3 weeks before she was born. She was a 4 hr. labor and weighed 7lbs. 12oz. Another drug free, VBAC.

    So, about 49hrs labor and about 24, almost 25lbs.

  24. 50


    Well, let’s see….I think it took the doc a good 15 minutes to pop that baby out….emergency c-section…and the grand total….2 pounds, 13 ounces.

    I may win the prize for smallest total birth weight, but I’d like the BIG box of bon-bons, please! πŸ˜‰

    • 50.1


      My daughter was 2 pounds 10 ounces at birth…I’m not exactly sure how long it took them to get her out. I do know that they raced me out of my room and 12 minutes later she was born. So, I’m going to say it only took the surgeon like 4 or 5 minutes to get her out.

      I hope your wee one is doing well. Mine just turned 3 in June and is doing awesome!…tho, her little brother (merely 11 months younger is the same size as her!!!)

  25. 52


    I have 4 children and have been in labor for a grand total of 45 hrs and 2 of those labors resulted in C-sections. Their combined weight was 37 lbs 3 oz with the biggest being a 10 lbs 1 oz breech baby girl with her foot in my birth canal, and they didn’t believe me when I told them she was trying to kick her way out!

  26. 53


    2 biological babies, 12 pounds and 58 hours of labor . 1 adopted daughter–19 months of paperwork and waiting, over 16,000 miles to get her and she weighed 28 pounds! Whew! Would gladly do it all over again!

  27. 54

    Vicki says

    I birthed 2 of the most awesome kids!
    Total weight was 18.4
    Total time in labor was 12 hours with no drugs!!!!!

    I would do it all over today if I could….I loved being pg and loved giving birth!

    Happy Labor Day :>)

  28. 57


    I’ve spent a total of 70 minutes in combined labor between my two boys (my first was 1/2 hr labor and the second was 40 minutes). They were a combined 15 lbs and 6 oz.
    I don’t know why I labored so fast with them both – I barely had any labor pains and when I began labor with both of them, it was too quick to do anything but basically push.
    A blessing for sure!

    Alyssa Barnett

  29. 58

    Jan says

    We got our referral of a little girl in South Korea on March 15 2006. She came home on January 25 2007. That was one long labor. She was 17 months old and weighed 20 lbs- the first thing out of my mouth was- she’s so heavy! LOL

  30. 59


    This is a fun one to comment on. I haven’t thought about it in awhile. I was in total labor for 13 hrs and 31 min ( 2 different babies) and they were a combined 15 lbs 1 oz!!! I feel very fortunate compared to some mommies! And I can’t believe I have a Van now and I don’t have to carry all the extra cargo….paknplay, diaper bag, stroller, car seat…..It was like packing for a trip whenever I had to go any where!!! Have a great Labor Day!

  31. 60


    2 hours and 20 minutes in labor from the 1st contraction to delivery of a 7 lb 12 oz boy. Not sure how to measure labor for an adoption but 20 years later and more than 2 years after we started the process we had a 14 lbs. No epidural with either one, but the wait for the second was almost enough to drive one to drinking!

  32. 61


    One son
    Four hours in labor (Went in to see my doc for 40 wk appt and was already at 5. Hate me all you want.)
    No epidural.
    7 pounds
    Turned 3 last week. Turns my world upside down every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  33. 62

    renee says

    Two kiddos –

    Labored for son – 3 hours (was on bed rest for 7 months with many scares, so 3 hours was fitting)

    Labored 1 yr and 7 months for my daughter (time it took to get thro the adoption process, which is sadly SHORT compared to the typical two year wait in my state)

    Total weight 15 lbs.

    Blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined!

  34. 65

    Christina M says

    Well, I feel a little behind some of these ladies (seriously, 9 kids, BRAVO!!!) but my total as of right now is 36 hours and 6 pounds 10 ounces of beautiful baby girl. (33 drug free!!) I would also like to point out that she had a 34 cem, head…let that one sink in for a second. (My hubby was a 9 1/2 pound baby, his head was 37 cem) Baby 2 is due in February, and I’m hoping that since my new Dr. isn’t a complete and total idiot that my labor will be much better! (And please for the love of heaven, a kiddo with a smaller head!!!) Loved reading the comments guys, yall are all awesome!

  35. 66


    I have 2 kids, I was in labor for appx 40 hours between the 2, and the combined weight was 18 lbs 10.3 ozs!!
    What a fun way to think about labor day!!

  36. 68


    My water broke in the middle of the night while sleeping, so I called and was told to go to the hospital…where I waited….and waited….and I really wanted to try a natural no meds birth, but at hour 11 with strong contractions, but only 4cm dialated, I took the epidural. And then waited some more. Finally around 10p.m. later that day I was finally dialated, and pushed then for another 3 hours where we could see my daughter’s hair! BUT–she got stuck. Big time. So they (no joke!) PUSHED her back up the birth canal, and wheeled me into the OR for a c-section. 22 hours after I woke up, I had a healthy 8lb 6oz little girl (with a large head).

    I’m due in 6 weeks…this one should be quick–we’re just doing a scheduled c-section. Soooo, shall we say 22 hours and 15 minutes total? :)

  37. 69


    I believe my total labor for 4 kids was 67 hours of labor—54 for the first, 10 for the second, and a few hours for the third…all ended in csections, so the labor didn’t birth the babies..
    The combined birth weight is: 37 Plus pounds.

  38. 70


    So fun! I don’t know many moms who are reluctant to recount their labor stories. My grand totals are: 66 hours of labor and 44 combined pounds. That’s for five kiddos. It was so great to sit and figure it all out because I realized that both my sons were born after exactly 16 hour induced labors, and my two younger daughters were both over 9 lbs and induced and they were the ones I decided to go natural with! I’ve also realized that I’ve been overdue with 3 out of 5, with one being induced early for med. reasons and one coming on her due date, but that I ate a cheeseburger shortly before I went into labor with all of them! Maybe my hubby had it laced with pitocin . . . πŸ˜‰

  39. 71


    4 births-with a total of 70 hours of unmedicated labour (although there was pitocin on board for the first) and 30.3 lbs of baby. My first labour was 13 hours long, each after that was progressively longer with the 4th at 24 hours. I am now pregnant with number 5…I am hoping trend does not continue.

  40. 73

    Kelly says

    4 hrs labor = 8 lb 8 oz boy
    2 hrs labor = 9 lb 5 oz girl
    2 hrs labor = 9 lb 4 oz boy
    2 hrs labor = 9 lb 5 oz boy
    2 hrs labor = 9 lb 4 oz boy

    If I did all the math right, 45 lbs. 10 oz. of babies in 12 hrs.

  41. 74


    3 babes (plus one miscarriage which felt just like real labor) for a total live labor of about 60 hours natural birth. Felt horrid every time like someone was slashing my abdomen and someone else was taking my spine and twisting it like a pretzel. Yet, after the natural childbirth felt great and was ready to eat pizza and “Birth day” cake. Combined weights 25 lbs 6 oz. My girl was due Sept. 15 and I was soooo hoping she would be born on Labor Day. Instead she came the 13th.

  42. 75


    2 kids…#1 born at 28 weeks gestation weighing 2 pounds 10 ounces. 1 hour of labor, 56 days in NICU. #2 full term, weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces. 2 hours of labor.

    2 kids
    10 pounds
    3 hours of labor
    56 long, hard days in NICU. God bless those wonderful nurses and doctors!!!

  43. 78


    Baby/adoption weights 5 7 8 8 212 63

    hours: 11hours 21 hours 3 1/2 years 3 1/2 years

    289.5 pounds 26,312 hours

    If I could just lose that last baby weight – life would be good!!!

  44. 79

    Elizabeth says

    83 long hours (40 with baby #1 and 43 with #2) of drug-free, natural labor/ birth to welcome my little bundles of joy–for a total of 14lbs 6oz (both were 7lbs 3oz). Does I get bonus points since my water had to be broken 3 times during labor with my daughter? Thank God for the midwives and husband who supported me through it all!

  45. 80

    JR says

    3 kids (but only two labors because of twins – they should count as extra in there somewhere!)…about 18 hours of labor….over 18 lbs of kids…

  46. 82


    If guardianship out of foster care counts, when all is said and done, I will have labored (and I do mean LABORED) for over 400 days. Currently she weighs 68 lbs soaking wet. Her attitude? There’s not a scale big enough it seams – puberty you know. : )

  47. 83


    Wow, I just found you on T&J blog party website, and boy am I glad. I love your sense of humor. And 40 hours and 20lbs of baby, that’s quite a superpower I would say.

    I only have 1 baby so far but from start to finish I was in labor for 28 grueling hours, and to top it off she decided to come 11 days after her due date!!!!!! It seems like alot to me, but I can’t even fathom the hours that some of these amazing women have spent in labor. It was very cool though, I labored and gave birth in a tub at a birth center without any drugs and an awesome midwife. She was only 7 lbs, so I don’t take the cake on the weight but I might be up there on hours in labor, at least for 1 kid!!

  48. 84


    Too funny! I can’t decide how to count my labor. I was dilated with contractions almost all day from 30 weeks on. I stayed on bedrest for 7 weeks, so maybe a 7 week labor? LOL!

    The actual day she was born was 8 hours of labor and 6 pounds of baby.

  49. 85

    Tabitha says

    Hmmm. I’ve spent 23 hours in (unmedicated!!) labor and have birthed 16 lbs. 10 oz. in baby.
    I was in labor 18 hours with the first and he was a home birth/emergency hospital transfer and 8 lbs. 4 oz.
    With my second, I was in labor only five hours and he was 8 lbs. 6 oz. Wowza!

  50. 86


    I’ve delivered 4 beautiful girls and 4 angels too little to know a gender. Combined labour would be 82 hours (i was lucky enough to be allowed to “deliver” my angels without medical intervention) and the birthweight would be 35lb 5 oz. – and worth every minute!

    I love your blog, btw. It’s wonderful to read everyday.

  51. 87

    Cyndy says

    Hmmm…for 7 children I’ve been in labor a total of (don’t hate me) 24 hours or so, with a combined weight of about 60 pounds.

  52. 90

    Heather H says

    Baby #1 – 6.5 hours, 7 lbs, 1 oz.
    Baby #2 – 2.5 hours (so far), weight unknown – she will arrive any day now!

  53. 91

    Caroline says

    I honestly don’t know how long I was in labor with either of my kids. Both times I was induced, but nothing really happenned until they broke my water and from then out it was probably only and hour or two for each of them.
    Combined weight 14 lbs 1 oz.

    I used to comment to my kids, I’m a mom, not an octopus when they’d ask me to carry yet another toy/cup/treasure. Soon they started rebuking each other “She’s not an octopus!” One more arm wouldn’t be enough! It has eased a bit now that the kids are a little older (4 and 7) but Sunday I still found myself carrying two cups, two take out containers, 4 crayons AND holding the 7 year old’s hand while the 4 year old was trying to pull the back pocket off my jeans!

    It’s good to feel needed though!

  54. 92


    Baby #1 (girl)- 18 hours, 7 pounds, 5 ounces
    Baby #2 (girl)- 8 hours, 10 ounces (safely home with Jesus)
    Baby #3 (boy)- 22 hours, 6 pounds, 14 ounces

    There are 3 more in there that I lost too early to count labor time, and too tiny to weigh.

    Grand total: 48 hours, 14 pounds, 13 ounces

    Worth it? HECK YES! Would I do it again? Most definitely.

    Right now there is a little person out there who will be mine some day. We don’t know who he or she is yet, but my adoption pregnancy has begun, and our next precious little one is already growing in my heart. I have a feeling this labor will be longer and more complicated than the first 3, and that the “birth weight” will be significantly larger, too. LOL!

    • 92.1


      I must add a comment to my comment and give props to my own mother, who labored for 16 hours before finally popping me out at 9:45 a.m. on Labor Day of 1979! I am a genuine Labor Day labor of love.

  55. 93


    So I’m a day late…but…my 1st daughter was 12 hours (almost to the minute). We induced my labor at home, did AROM 4 hours later, and 3 hours later went to the hospital, and in 3 more hours she was born at 7 lbs 5oz, 19″.

    2nd daughter was 5 hours from start to finish, born at home weighing 7lbs 12oz, 20″.

    My son was just born in March after 9 hours of labor at home- though I was COMPLETE for SIX of those hours!!!! I’m thinking he was asynclictic, though his head WAS 15.5″!! He was born at 9lbs 10oz, 22″!

  56. 94


    I have 1 sweet 8 week old girl… 7 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing, then had to have an emergency c-section b/c she was stuck. She was 9 lb 8 oz with a head full of dark brown hair. My beautiful baby girl!

  57. 95

    C L says

    Girl One: 14 hours, 9 lbs
    Girl Two: 4 hours, 6 lbs 7oz

    Grand Total: 18 hours, 15 lbs 7 oz

    No matter what anyone tells you… there IS a difference between birthing a 9 pound baby and a 6 pound baby.
    *Ahem* The difference is about 3 hours of pushing and a whole lot of pain. But worth every minute, of course!

  58. 97


    Love this! Let’s see…

    #1 girl = 13hrs and 6lb 12oz
    #2 girl = 3hrs and 7lb 2oz
    #3 girl = 5hrs and 8lb 2oz
    #4 boy= 2hrs and 7lb 1oz

    I think that’s 23hrs and about 29lbs?? :)

  59. 98


    Both of my girls are adopted through foster care. I say that I was in labor for just over two years. Two years and 17 days to be exact. It was a long, stressful labor too. When you’re dealing with state agencies and birthparents who are, shall we say, unpredictable, things tend to drag on. And on. And on.

    However, on December 19, 2006, we were finally able to change their last names to the same as our’s! Their dedication at church was on Christmas Eve, which happened to be a Sunday.

    Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday, by the way. I didn’t get to give physical birth to her, and don’t actually know her birthweight. However, she WAS born in my heart the day I saw her at the DCS office, sitting on the floor, stuffing herself with cookies. I walked in and she held up her arms for me to pick her up. I think we both knew even though she was only 15 months old!

    Combined “Gotcha” weight is probably around 70 pounds!

  60. 99


    Girl One 16 hrs. 9 lbs. 6 oz.
    Girl Two C-section 11 lbs. 14 oz.
    Girl Three C-section 8 lbs. 6 oz.
    Girl Four C-section 10 lbs
    Almost 40 lbs of babies – can’t do the math – I’m an artist! They are all a blessing!

  61. 100


    I paid my laboring dues up fron t wiht boy # 1 – 96 hours! he (obviously!!) didn’t want to come out, and I ended up with a c section after all my natural laboring. – 7lbs, 11 oz
    Boy # 2 c-secion 7lb 13 oz
    Boy # 3 c section 7 lb 13 oz
    Boy # 4 c setion 7 lb 11 oz

    Weird weights, right – and it wasn’t at the same hospital…with #2-4 I gained exactly the same amount of waeight and my blood pressure was always 110/70. Apparently my body found a workable pregnancy state and stuck with it…


  62. 101


    Hmm. 33+17+19+18+7?+6? = an even 100. 8#4+7#5+9#6+6#13+8#13+8#15 = 49#8oz

    I’m not as sure about the last two, since labor seemed to be split into 2 rounds, separated by a couple days. By the time I went into labor, I was already dilated pretty far.

  63. 103

    Dawn Norman says

    Two girls, 23 hours, 15 lbs 2 oz and one little boy to add to those totals in a few months. :)
    And one little unknown in between with several days of *really* bad cramps and a month of bleeding.

  64. 105

    Meg T says

    I got off lucky! Less than 10 hours COMBINED labor for 3 kids, for a total of just less than 21 pounds of sweet baby boyishness. My midwife always joked that I was peasant stock… Give birth at night, and up in the morning to work in the fields!

  65. 106


    Hmm… never thot about this, but I found some interesting patterns so I thot I’d comment this late:

    girl 1: 7 hours, 7#8
    girl 2: about 12 hours, 8#6
    girl 3: about 21 hours, 8#2,
    boy: about 3 days (72 hours), 6#1
    Total: 112hours, 30# or so

    My first was 3.5 weeks early so she would’ve been the biggest. (I went bowling) All the rest were overdue. Labour times got increasingly longer! Wow. We stopped after 4 because they were getting smaller, among other reasons, but I’m thankful I didn’t subject myself to a week long labour, lol!

    The doctor was around for delivery of…. maybe none of them. A few pushes each time. The 2nd was sunnyside up and brutal, the last 2 were positioned wrong too, and when I got on my hands and knees they slipped out before I could roll back over!

    No meds, except pitocin on #4 – the only labour that didn’t start with my water breaking, so I didn’t know it was labour for the first half a day at least. Yes, he was small, but his head was not: Doctor came in the room a while later and saw him bundled up and thought he was about 8.5 pounds judging by his head.

    I have just learned that the reason the babies got smaller was because my thyroid is going wacko… nice and slowly. I thank God for 4 healthy, beautiful babies before I had to worry about all that!

  66. 107


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