Mercy Me-Part III {Giveaways TODAY}

We wouldn’t have even considered a maternity home in Africa without Maureen.

We wouldn’t be moving forward with this crazy dream if it weren’t for the power of the local church in Kenya.

I wouldn’t have been invited to Africa if it weren’t for the readers of this blog.

I wouldn’t be writing this post if it weren’t for you.

(So, I can blame ALL OF THIS on you!)

Y’all have become like family and I love that my hubby and I, our kids, are not alone on this journey. Thank you.

But I don’t want my blog to be a place where you feel guilty every time you read. I want you to know there’s a need. I want you to know there’s a place for you to help, serve, give.

I also want you to know that God is calling our family to the work of The Mercy House. I know not everyone will feel compelled to respond in the same way.

I’m going to present the need. I’ll update as this God-sized dream unfolds and ask you to consider being a part.

There are many ways for you to support The Mercy House:

  • Give: We need around 50 people to commit to support The Mercy House by giving $25 a month (you get a beautiful necklace free if you choose this option). You can click here to sign up as a monthly sponsor.

  • Shop: The Mercy Shop offers unique, handcrafted jewelry (custom jewelry available also), African-shaped cookies, made from scratch by Bake at 350 and in the future-products made by the girls in the maternity home. (I would seriously consider it amazing if all the products were SOLD this time tomorrow. *Hint*) We are also open to accepting items from you (see below).

  • Supplies: We will be collecting supplies (prenatal vitamins, blankets, clothes, etc) for The Mercy House a couple of times a year through DIFO projects on my blog.
  • Advertise on my blog- All the profit from my blog is going to The Mercy House. You can see my stats and pricing here.
  • Buy my book-the proceeds from my first book will also go towards this ministry. Pre-order available for only $8.10
  • Share-Tell your friends, family and blog readers about The Mercy House. Please follow The Mercy House on Twitter and Like it on Facebook. The more exposure it can get, the better!
  • Grants-With all that we have planned, we will need some hefty donations or grants. Do you know of a family foundation that might match the work of The Mercy House or does your company have a grant program? Would love to talk with you about any opportunities.
  • Donate- Do you have an Etsy store or make/sell something AMAZING?? Please consider crafting and donating an item to The Mercy Shop. I will provide a link to your store/blog on the Etsy listing. Email me if you’re interested!
  • Pray: the best for last-We need all you can give us.

We are giving away FIVE beaded necklaces (like the ones here) and a dozen Africa-shaped cookies to lucky commenters-more than $300 retail!

Visit The Mercy Shop, leave a comment with what you like (or what you’d put on a necklace) and that’s your entry. If you’d like more than one entry, please follow The Mercy House on Twitter, become a fan (or like) it on Facebook, Tweet about the work of The Mercy House, or share it with your readers. (leave a comment with each of these as your extra entry).


  1. 152

    Jean says


    Through reading your blog, we sponsor a boy in Kenya. The maternity house project is wonderful. I am praying about being a supporter.

    I love the My heart is in Africa necklace. Not sure if you wanted a comment here or on the Etsy site, but I’ll leave it here.


  2. 156

    Jenn B. says

    I am so amazed by all that has happened in your journey to “respond” to what you have seen. It is such a beautiful picture of Proverbs 24:12 working in real life. I will find a outlet to help with this mission! I love the copper africa necklace and everything else in your store. I will pass along all the info.
    Many Blessings, Jenn

  3. 157

    SallySally says

    This is a wonderful mission! Bless you. I will try to donate from time to time.
    Everything in the Etsy shop is nice!

  4. 158

    Christie says

    I am so excited for your new adventure, and thankful you are following the Lord’s gentle prodding (sounds more like shoving, though!).
    I love the necklace your hubby made you. I have a dear friend who grew up in South Africa as a MK. She still loves all things Africa. This could be a perfect gift for her. I will be telling her and her hubby about this, so they can partner with you in prayer, too.

  5. 160


    Kristen –

    Once upon a time, I decided I would try to supplement our income by making refrigerator magnets and Christmas tree ornaments and selling them at craft fairs. This did not work out quite as well as I had hoped, but I still have a very large inventory. I have thought about selling them on Etsy or eBay, but it never felt right. I am very interested in donating them to you. I realize that they do not fit in with adoption or your Africa them, so I understand if this is not what you have in mind. However if you think you would like to try to sell them to support Mercy House, I would be thrilled to send them your way.

    I could not find a link to your email address which is why I am writing this in the comments….but if you would like to discuss this further, please email me. I would be happy to mail you a sample.

  6. 162


    Wow. This is amazing…I love that God put something on your heart and you totally responded with a big, huge, emphatic “YES!” I can’t wait to see it all unfold! Sending lots of prayers your way!

    I’d put “Mercy” on everything because it would be a great way to start conversations about the cause! And all of the jewelry is gorgeous!

  7. 163


    I love the idea that someone else posted about putting a charm braclet on your website. Perhaps instead of just adding the charms that spell out the verse you can add one that is the shape of Africa, one with your Mercy House logo, ect?

  8. 165


    My Heart is in Africa Copper Pendant Necklace is beautiful, as is everything else! Thanks for all the info on supporting locals. We try to buy all our gifts to support them. We esp. love Katie at Amazina! I’m sure this one will be seeing more of us also!

  9. 168


    I completed the form to commit to the $25/month donation……….hope it comes through (?) – Please email me if you have questions or need additional info – Thank you for the opportunity.

  10. 169


    I LOVE the beaded Africa Love Mercy necklace. I think I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping in this Etsy store this year! What an awesome opportunity to serve!

  11. 172

    Ginny says

    I love these beaded necklaces, especially the “dream big” one. Good look with the house; I’m sure great things will be done in HIS name. I also “liked” on Facebook.

  12. 175

    Niki Blake says

    I would put AN INEXHAUSTIBLE LOVE…..and give it to my friend (this is their blog name) who is trying to adopt from Ethiopia.

  13. 177


    So excited for this new outreach to Africa!
    Really like the beaded necklace with the Africa with the heart over Eastern Africa!
    We’d love 3 entries for the giveaway!
    1) Following on Twitter
    2) Commented on Twitter
    3) “Liked it” on Facebook

    And, for a bonus, we’re happy to add your link to our blog! Will do shortly!

  14. 180


    you already know how excited i am! will definitely be praying!

    [actually, SO excited that i already purchased a necklace, tweeted and blogged about this…which i rarely do!] =)

    okay, so if i picked another necklace, i’d pick the one of the Love Mercy ones and give it away to one of my readers to raise more awareness.

  15. 190


    I love the “My Heart is in Africa” because yes I do believe that. I hope that I can help you in some way as my income has started to increase a bit! Bravo for such a huge step!

  16. 195


    I’m so proud of you Kristen. I’m proud that you’re diving in (to quote one of my favorite musicians) and demonstrating audacious belief in God.

    I would chose the Africa Heart pendant, because our favorite babysitters returned this past spring from a year-long missions trip to SE Africa. Nicole (and her new husband Josh) are like siblings to me. That necklace will be the perfect Christmas gift.

  17. 197

    Karyn says

    Oh my. To say this project has me written all over it is an understatement. I spent 6 weeks in Ghana last year, working as a student nurse, finished my education, and now work as a maternity nurse! I have such a heart for women in this situation, and have an Africa-shaped hole in my heart. I can’t imagine never going back.
    I would LOVE the necklace with the Africa/heart pendant, and I will seriously be praying with my husband as to what God will have us do for/with The Mercy House. My girls have also recently started a little business with a friend of theirs, and they are making crocheted/knitted hats and other things to sell and raise money for Africa and Mexico. They hadn’t found a mission yet in Africa (they’ve made over $100 the other day going door to door!), but I think we just might have found one!
    I’ve also ‘liked’ The Mercy House on facebook.

  18. 202


    I am in awe of your energy and determination to do what you feel is right. Lots of people talk about problems, few take any action to actually solve them. So, WAY TO GO!
    I will definitely keep Mercy House high on my list when extra cash is available.
    As a quilter, I DO want to try to make some cozy blankies for new moms & their babies. Since it takes me a while…..I’d better start now! If I get more done that I expect, Mercy House is welcome to sell/auction any quilts in whatever way they choose to raise funds. Better get sewing!!
    And now, to open a can of worms…….. Please pray hard on this. No one believes God wants young gilrs to die alone in an alley from a botched abortion. Pregnancy prevention counseling and access to contraception is a critically important way to empower these girls. I hope that a part of Mercy House’s mission is to help girls avoid an unwanted pregnancy.
    Hoping that you get all the support for this project that you need, and more!

  19. 206


    Wow, Kristen, this is incredible. I am SO excited about this and praying for you and how the Lord may want me to be involved. I would love to wear one of those necklaces to share Africa with others! I love the Heart in Africa necklace and the Love Mercy one. So awesome you only have 2 left! Praise the Lord!

  20. 209


    Oh Kristin, what a wonderful calling for you and your family!
    It’s been such an interesting journey, and what a wonderful thing to be called to!.
    Love the radical necklace on the ETSY page.
    Prayers for this great adventure!

  21. 210

    Racheal says

    I like the love mercy necklace. I have already told you how excited I am over this new endeavor for you and your family. You are in my prayers (really). I am so excited to see what amzing things God has in store.

  22. 215

    Lyndsi says

    The beaded necklace you are giving away is beautiful. We have some dear friends who went to Zambia two years ago and I would definitely give it to them for Christmas if I won.

    My husband and I started sponsoring a little boy from the Dominican Republic through Compassion because of your testimony. Thanks! We will be praying for The Mercy House and helping as God leads.

  23. 218

    Rebecca says

    Love the copper Africa necklace and practically anything in the shop. God bless what you’re doing. Praying for you tonight.

  24. 220

    Sheri says

    I went straight over to The Mercy House after the first post *grin.* I was one of those who couldn’t wait. I looked at every piece of jewelry and lucky for me, I remember what I liked best, because it is SOLD! {Yay!!} I adored the Grace necklace with amber toned beads! My second favorite was in tones of purple and I think it had Hope on it.

  25. 221

    Sheri says

    Now, for my ‘extra’ entry – just to let you know, I liked The Mercy House on FB, an following on FB, and retweeted your latest tweet! 😉 Hope that helps spread the word!!

  26. 222

    Julie says

    I can’t help financially, but I will be praying for your mission. Also, there is a way to “advertise” for donations that you may not know about. Jeff Schroeder (he and his girlfriend, Jordan Lloyd, were on Big Brother and Amazing Race reality programs) is doing a web-based series called, “Around the World for Free.” He has already been across the United States and through Asia. He is currently in India. One of the things he did in Thailand/Cambodia was to help with a mission called “People for Caring.” They distributed water filtrating systems to the boat people in Siem Riep (spelling?). It was a wonderful way to promote this charity. You can look up the series at and offer to host Jeff at a stop in Africa. Or if you know a connection for them, that works, too.

  27. 223

    Marcy M says

    I am so excited to watch God work through you and your family. You are truely an inspiration! I love the copper Africa shaped necklace, it is beautiful. I have signed up to donate monthly, added your button to my blog, and “liked” you on facebook. I will get the word out wherever I can!

  28. 224

    Marcy M says

    I couldn’t find anyway to contact you other than here. I have some things I would like to donate to the shop for you to sell. Contact me for more info.

  29. 226

    jenleahlynn says

    i like the variety in the shop, the cross pendant on the leather cord is my favorite, though i would like to see it with mery written on it or simply plain…..

  30. 228


    I love the mens cross necklace and I’m a girl. I think I would get it with FAITH on it. That’s what I need to be reminded of most, just to have faith.

  31. 232


    I really like the boys leather radical cross. I think “faith” would be a good word to have stamped on that too. May be back to buy two (or one, if I win one!). . .wait, my older daughter would want one too. . .
    You are an inspiration Kristen.

  32. 233

    Jamie says

    I love the Heart in Africa necklace!! A few years ago we were in the process of adopting from Africa, but God closed the door to that at that time. My heart is STILL in Africa though. I’m glad I found your blog 😀 I also will become a follower of the Mercy House on facebook and also this here 😀

  33. 234


    I didn’t see when the giveaway ends, but I”ll comment anyway. I love love love those Africa necklaces. Especially the one saying Love Mercy. I’ll either buy one or ask for one for my birthday! :)

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