October First

This is my favorite month of the year.

I love the orange.

I love the breeze.

I love pumpkin-flavored things.

Today, I’m dropping my kids off at their awesome grandparent’s house and heading to Austin, Texas for the Together for Adoption Conference. We are excited to learn more about orphan care and represent The Mercy House.

Monday, I’m going to Bunco. In a Halloween costume. More on that later (in other words I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M WEARING). But I’m feeling bold.

Tuesday, I’m learning how to knit! I even bought a skein (using a knitting word because I’m an overachiever). When we spend a month in Africa next summer, knitting is a skill we hope to teach in The Mercy House. Did you know you can make really cute stuff out of “plastic yarn?” Plastic bags are an easy resource to find in Kenya.

Then there’s church, YMCA flag football practice, friend’sΒ birthdays, lunch with an old friend…and that’s just the first week.

Hello, October.

I love you already.

What do you have planned?


  1. 1

    Johanna says

    I LOVE fall and especially OCTOBER!, too. But, then, I may be biased – it’s my birthday month. :)

    re: the crocheting. Here is a great resource: http://www.myrecycledbags.com/ — she posts regularly on knitting and crocheting projects made from re-used items. Old t-shirts, plastic bags, etc.

    Now if only this TX weather would cooperate and *feel* fall-like…..


  2. 2


    I LOVE October too! I love it so much that I chose to get married this month 9 years ago. I’m finally starting to feel the cooler weather here in Florida and I can’t wait for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, the county fair, Halloween and my anniversary!
    Have fun at bunco! Something I really want to try to play.

  3. 3


    Oh, we are busy… Noah’s 5th Birthday, volunteering for a healthy county event, working at the YMCA, church staff, 3 of us in my sister in law’s wedding, my birthday, Halloween, and deciding if we’re taking the next step in this foster care to adoption process. Should be a full month…

  4. 5


    I LOVE October too! October is HUGE for us so many things to celebrate!
    17th- 19yrs ago hubby & I became boyfriend & girlfriend
    19th- Hubby’s 39th birthday

    I’m planning on making a pumpkin cake our our special day. Usually I make a Jack cake from Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Happy October 1st Everyone!!! Now…if we could just get that cooler fall weather. I’m sick of this upper 90’s here.

  5. 7


    Someone I know casually from our church community will be @ Together for Adoption doing a breakout session. His name is Randy Bohlender, and he and his wife have pioneered several ministries in recent years related to adoption.

    From reading your blog over the years I know you love the Lord, you believe in the power of prayer, and you obviously have a heart for orphans and all those who are vulnerable. I don’t know what your schedule is like while you’re at the conference, and I know the array of options if probably huge. But I wanted to mention his session because I think you would be encouraged to hear the message he has to share about partnering with the Lord from the foundation of a lifestyle of prayer. Also, Randy and his wife Kelsey have “jumped off the cliff” in following after the Lord several times in recent years. They are, like you, just a normal family who trust a big God and are willing to do “crazy” things when He calls them to respond. I think you would find their testimony a great encouragement in this season as you and your family embark on this *awesome* journey of seeing the Lord move through you to bring His Light into dark places in Kenya.

    Bless you!

  6. 9


    Knitting is a great skill for anyone. You can find videos on youtube.com to help while you are learning. When I was a new to knitting, I had found various videos were great help. I can’t begin to tell you how many times that I needed to remind myself how to purl or cast off.

    Good luck with your new project. Are the kids and your husband learning too?

    • 9.1

      kristen says

      I think they are going to let me learn first (thoughtful, huh?) My oldest daughter is excited about learning though.

  7. 10

    Robin says

    Did you just call me old? :) Wish I was the one teaching you to knit, bring it with you and I’ll check your technique! Can’t wait to see you!

    • 10.1

      kristen says

      I almost linked to you AND called you old :) But I forgot-in my old age! I really am skeptical about learning to knit, but I want to–that should count for something, huh? Yes, I’l bring my project-but no making fun, okay?

  8. 11


    Have fun in Austin! I could really go for that drive about now. :)

    About the knitting with plastic bags- here in Zambia (may be the same in Kenya), they also do that with old VHS tapes. I don’t know how easy it is to get the old tapes over here, but I bet I know a few hundred bloggers who might help you! πŸ˜‰

  9. 12


    Hi, Kristen! Easy, great costume – buy a light blue sweatsuit, cover a hat (preferably like a fishing hat that’s sort of tall) with cotton balls (kids LOVE to help with this!!) and suddenly – you’re a Q-tip!

  10. 13


    I’m looking forward to attending a ‘girls night IN’ event at our church tonight and a family trip to the pumpkin patch Saturday morning! YAY for October! I’m sure that the fact I love fall so has nothing to do with the fact my birthday is in october…. πŸ˜‰

  11. 16


    I also LOVE the Fall! I’m in Austin, so welcome to the coolest city in the world! πŸ˜‰ We’re oh so hip. We’re getting a cold front Sunday sometime, yay!!!!

    For us, this kicks off a very busy time. We were just talking yesterday about how we have to be even more intentional about spending time with God and each other amidst the wonderful holiday season coming up. We do a lot of missional outreach events this time of the year just because it’s easy and seamless with other people’s rhythms. Halloween block party, Christmas Wine Tasting Party, going to others’ parties (hello!), and then there’s FAMILY of course who want to see the grandbaby all the time. It’s all wonderful!!! But it’s so easy for me to take my eyes off of Jesus at this time and just survive until it’s over.

    This year, I’m going to thrive under His throne instead.

  12. 17


    If knitting blows your mind (it did mine…I gave up! But live in hope!) try crocheting. Way easier, and it requires less coordination, which, um, works well for me. πŸ˜‰

  13. 18


    You HAVE to teach me knitting once you get it. I bought a skein of yarn and wooden needles while on vacation in California this summer- have NO CLUE how to use them- it just looked fun – so they sit in a basket next to my bed waiting to be used.

  14. 19


    We also love October around here. So much goodness, especially in Texas!

    A list:
    1. College football–we tailgate for the Mean Green of the University of North Texas.

    2. Baseball: Usually we are merely observers, finding a team to cheer for, but this year our Texas Rangers are in the playoffs and we are going to a game! Woohoo!

    3. Scottoberfest: Our annual fall party. We have four kid birthdays from 9/14-10/14 plus Husband’s birthday and various extended family. We make the barbecue and everyone brings sides and it is lots of fun.

    4. Husband will burn a fire once the thermometer hits 55 degrees or lower.

    5. Sleeping with the windows open.

    Yea October!

  15. 22


    Fall is my favorite! I have big plans… lighting candles and getting the crockpot out and dreaming of long days in sweet pants on the couch.

  16. 24


    October is one of my favorite months also. It’s when it starts to get consistently chilly here in central PA and I can wear a sweatshirt nearly every single day of my existence! I LOVE sweatshirts!…especially hoodies!

    Plans…right now we have 2 major fundraisers going on. One at a lumberjack festival…we’re selling candy and bookmarks and notepads there…and then one at the beginning of November, a dinner.

    Wish I could get to Relevant. It’s soo close but the money is just not there. :( Are you coming early? If so, let me know! Maybe we can do dinner! I’d love to get together!

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