On Flags, Dreams and Mercy

Since I was in high school, then a youth pastor’s wife, now a mom of school-aged kids, I’ve gotten up early on the third Wednesday in September and held hands around the flag pole and prayed. It’s not a strange, cultish ritual, it’s See You at the Pole. And it’s awesome. I love hearing nervous, young voices pray in front of their school. I love seeing teachers take a stand and join us. I love that we live in a country that allows us this freedom.

And for my own comic relief:


I’m talking about God-sized dreams that are a size too big with Holley today. I’d love for you to dream big with me. (Plus, there’s a giveaway!)


Speaking of giveaways, here are the winners from The Mercy House launch last week:


Shop Mercy. New donated items are added every day to benefit The Mercy House.


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    This post bring me smack back to high school! Love See You At The Pole and the quiet stand that kids made to devote that time and their school to God. I remember realizing just how many other Christians I didn’t know at my own school, and the solidarity as the “yet unsaved” kids walked past us with confused looks.

    What a great capture of your event!

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    I remember hearing about this a few years back.

    So alien to us here in N Ireland as we still have assemblies, hymn practice, christian union/scripture union/bible club here in most our state schools. At Christmas we have a carol services and nativity plays. We even have a parents prayer meeting for the school, which meets IN the school once a month. The staff are very supportive.

    We are blessed, and we don’t appreciate it as much as we should.

    Praying for kids and teachers everywhere which don’t have these opportunities to share and proclaim their faith in schools.

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    Arlen says

    I certainly hope this isn’t happening at a public school or on school premisis as that’s illegal and should be stopped imediately. I’ll be on the look out for it here next year and be forced to call the police to have it stopped if it is.

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    Nothing better than seeing students praying!

    Thanks for the cookies! Can’t wait to share them with my girls and tell them the story behind them.

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