[FORTY] Reasons Why I Love My Man

He’s forty!

I love my soulmate more today than I did when I T.W.I.R.P.E.D. him (the woman is required to pay) more than 16 years ago. (I took him to a place called Trail Dust, where two-stepping is required. I didn’t know how, so he taught me, of course. Who says I’m not smart??)

1. He forgives the way I load the dishwasher even though it drives him crazy.

2. He understands and supports my meaningful relationship with sweet tea.

3. And brings it to me often.

4. He is an amazing dad-and can get his kids riled up right before bedtime like any good father.

5. He sang to me on our wedding day (surprise!) and still sings me love songs in the dark of the night.

6. He still calls me KC (his nickname for me in college).

7. He wears a cowboy hat every time we visit his parents farm.

8. And sometimes chews on a piece of straw from a hay bale.

9. He helps my daughter with math word problems.

10. And forces himself to play video games with our son.

11. He lets the dog sleep in the bed with us sometimes.

12. He works hard at his secular job, even when his heart longs to work for God.

13. Most days he works for God on his secular job.

14. He cleans, I cook.

15. Occasionally, he does both.

16. He reads my blog.

17. He encouraged the writer in me when no one else did.

18. He makes every copper necklace we sell at The Mercy Shop.

19. And loves bending metal.

20. He traveled to Africa with me in spirit and let it wreck his life too.

21. He is a dreamer.

22. And encourages big dreams in me.

23. His heart is made of gold.

24. He is my hero.

25. He eats my cooking.

26. And never compares it to his mothers.

27. He is a nice man.

28. He is a good man.

29. He is mine.

30. He’s not afraid of bugs or snakes or sounds in the middle of the night.

31. He texts and calls just because.

32. He gave Maureen her first father-hug.

33. He leads our family in prayer and Bible reading at dinner.

34. He carries my purse when it’s too heavy.

35. He helped me build The Mercy House site from scratch -a huge endeavor for us!

36. He hands me a tissue when I cry for no reason.

37. He loves His Savior

38. And his family,his life

39. And his wife!

40. He pretends to be surprised when the kids pull out the silly string. And he enjoys it!

    Happy birthday, honey!

    P.S. I have a new post at The Mercy House site with an update from our amazing launch last week.

    Links I Love

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    Mercy Me-Part III {Giveaways TODAY}

    We wouldn’t have even considered a maternity home in Africa without Maureen.

    We wouldn’t be moving forward with this crazy dream if it weren’t for the power of the local church in Kenya.

    I wouldn’t have been invited to Africa if it weren’t for the readers of this blog.

    I wouldn’t be writing this post if it weren’t for you.

    (So, I can blame ALL OF THIS on you!)

    Y’all have become like family and I love that my hubby and I, our kids, are not alone on this journey. Thank you.

    But I don’t want my blog to be a place where you feel guilty every time you read. I want you to know there’s a need. I want you to know there’s a place for you to help, serve, give.

    I also want you to know that God is calling our family to the work of The Mercy House. I know not everyone will feel compelled to respond in the same way.

    I’m going to present the need. I’ll update as this God-sized dream unfolds and ask you to consider being a part.

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