The Devil is a Sly Old Fox Remix

I haven’t turned on my video camera since July. When I did the other day, I was tickled to find a plethora of forgotten music videos from my 3 year old.

She’s got quite a gift for noise music. The tune usually eludes her, but that never stops her.

The following 2 minute video is a musical review-of-sorts. It’s got a little bit for everyone.

Featuring a tune from my childhood: The Devil is a Sly Old Fox

(lyrics: If I could catch him, I’d put him in a box, I’d lock that box and throw away the key for all those tricks he’s played on me. I’m glad I am a Christian, trusting in the Lord).

Overall impression: The theology is questionable, but her delivery is right on the mark. I really like her expression and the way she interpreted the song.

Featuring: All the Single Ladies

(lyrics: all the single ladies, all the single ladies, put your hands up and shake like you just don’t care)

Overall impression: I really like the artistic hand expression and the backup singer.

Featuring: A Whole New World

(lyrics: Aladdin Come Out -repeat 942 times or until  your momma says ENOUGH)

Overall impression: The electric guitar adds a nice touch and while riding on an exercise bike? Memorable rendition.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. 1


    Whoa……”the ladder comes out” got me moving towards the pause button; however, All the Single ladies was rockin’!

    She is TOO stinkin’ cute!

  2. 5


    Too cute!! Single Ladies is awesomely adorable!

    I found some videos on my phone that my oldest two did from the backseat of the car. They even filmed an anniversary message for my husband as we were on the way to pick him up from to go out to dinner. Inspiring little surprises.

  3. 9


    LOL – this is sooo sweet – my 2 year old was sitting on the couch by me and says “me, that me….me sing….my house….my bed.” I think she’s off looking for “her” guitar now! 😉

  4. 11


    The Devil is a Sly Old Fox is one of my 3 year old’s FAVORITES! You can imagine her sheer joy when I clicked on play and found your ‘little one’ singing it. I have no clue what the other two songs are, but I just love watching her joy as she sings.

    It sounded like your oldest was singing back-up during the second song…her voice was pretty. :)

  5. 15


    Uh oh, was that a “pole” in Aladdin Comes Out??? Just kidding. :) So cute. Love that age. My daughter is 5 and she tells me she wants to sing her goodnight song, Silver is the Moonlight on American Idol. Goodluck with that, honey!

  6. 16


    Love the single ladies rendition! Adorable.

    Did I read on twitter that you’ll be at the T4A conference? We are going, and I can’t wait!

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