WFMW: Snack Baskets

My kids love snacks. They get it from my hips me.

I keep fun snacks and healthy snacks in the pantry. I make them alternate. Something healthy, something not-as-healthy.

Something that has really helped me to do this: snack baskets.

I keep three baskets on the bottom shelf of the pantry at kid-level. I always open up the packages of peanut butter crackers or honey buns (which would fall under not-as-healthy) and dump them in the baskets. They can have their pick of what’s in the basket.

It really cuts down on the “Moommm, there’s nothing to eat!”

I keep a fruit snack basket out on the counter all the time, too, for healthy choices.

Snack baskets work for my hips me!


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    i have snack baskets too. i do mine a little different, but same idea. So much easier than me having to make snacks each time they ask! this way they can get their own when i give them permission!

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    I do something similar. My kids are all “grazers” and if I don’t, I spend half my day cutting them a piece of this, getting them some of that, etc. etc. It works for the fridge too…containers of already cut fruit, cheese slices, etc. on a low shelf.

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    I always put fruit on the counter too, plus I often put a veggie plate out. If I were to ASK the kids if they want broccoli and carrots for a snack, they would say NO WAY. But if I leave a plate on the counter for awhile, they will eat it and then not ask for crackers and stuff.

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    I try to keep self-serve healthy not-too-messy snacks accessible to my 3-year-old. When I see him going for the whole wheat graham crackers or pretzals, I know it’s time to serve some real food. Or just let him snack away if I don’t have time right then.

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    HONEY BUNS!!!!!! What I wouldn’t give for a slightly heated up honey bun right now!!! Ummmm. Okay, besides that–what a great, and easy idea! Thanks. :-) (No thanks on the craving, though!!!)

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    We have a snack drawer in our fridge. It has fruit and already cut up veggies in it. We don’t keep processed foods in the house, so those oh-so-yummy things you mentioned aren’t really an option for my kids. Thankfully at ages 2 and 3, my kids are perfectly happy with an apple, pear, or plum. My kids often snack on apples cut up into cottage cheese also…they love it soo much that I can pull it out as dessert after dinner and they party like it’s 1999!

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    My basket holds snacks for the little ones still at home, and items for lunch. I try to pack the basket on Sundays, and then check it on Wednesday to see if I need to add in more supplies. I also keep extra thermoses in the basket just in case we need them for lunch, but they do take up a lot of room.

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    What a SMART idea! I never thought of that! *scurrying off to go make snack baskets* Everytime I open my very small pantry, my daughter is forever bombarding me with Mommy, I want that ______ fill in the blank with a not so healthy snack! And since she already saw it, I automatically know it will be a fussy afternoon if I refuse. I never thought of emptying various stuff into baskets and letting her choose.

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    We have a fruit basket out. As well as the kids have a basket much like yours in the pantry that they can choose from.
    We also have a basket of snacks that they can take to school each day.
    When everything is in the basket it helps me to see how much is there and when I am running low and need to go to the store.
    Helping you store what matters most!
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    cheryl says

    Thank you so much for WFMW. I look forward to this every week. From this batch alone, I bookmarked six ideas and emailed myself 4 ideas to try and two articles for my husband to read. I find inspiration, craft ideas and sometimes, “kicks in the butt” of things I need to work on.

    thank you!!!!

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    Emilee says

    I just had a hint for the corn kernel removal, try putting the corn into the center of a bunt pan to hold in place as you slice down the ear of corn- you won’t be juggling and making a big mess because the bundt pan catches what you are taking off.
    Here is someone else who does this but I have been for years, MIL tip.
    This is someone else I found who does this not me (I just googled to find a pick to add)

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    Is there not a Search feature on your blog? I could not find one. I was looking for Christmas posts… I am sure you have great ideas for how to keep the true meaning of Christmas intact for your children and I am interested in hearing them.

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