*I heard a story about a woman who had a dream: She was in a vast stadium filled with thousands and thousands of people. The crowd was focused on the field.

There were people bringing children out, one at a time, and they were looking for homes for them…just giving the kids away. The kids were beautiful and as each one was on display, people in the crowd vied for the child.

It happened over and over.

Then another child was brought out. But this time the child was ugly. Hideous. It was hard to look upon her face without turning away. No one stepped forward for this child. The crowd was silent. There was no tug-of-war for this child like the others.

But then, a man stepped forward. He lovingly took the child in his arms. He scooped her up like she already belonged to him.

It was Jesus.

When the dreaming woman looked closer she recognized the child and her gestures.

She stared intently and recognized Β her own face.

She was the unattractive child.

I used to think the word adopted was reserved for orphans from third-world countries or the lucky kids rescued out of the foster care system.

Until Jesus came and chose me in my ugly sin. He took my orphaned spirit and became my father.

Jesus adopted me and grafted me into His family.

Adoption isn’t just a word splashed on fundraiser t-shirts or reserved for those who are following God by bringing an orphan into their home.

Adoption is a part of my story, too.

Is it a part of yours?


Knowing that according to the United Nations latest results, there are more than 160 million orphans in our world today, I would be bereft if I didn’t mention a day I’d like you to champion: Nov. 7 is Orphan Sunday. You can read about it here. Would you consider talking to your church about praying for the orphans of the world on this day?

After all, adoption is a part of all our story, isn’t it?

Why Love Orphans? from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

*as told by JD Greear at the Together for Adoption Conference


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    Kristen, I am ALWAYS telling people this!!!!!

    We are planning on adopting, and people always tell us the horror stories, or how hard it will be, or how awful the children are -you know, they are just “so messed up.” I tell them I thank God that He didn’t give up on me, but adopted me into His family.

    Adoption is God’s idea.

    Thank you for posting this!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow! WhT a beautiful story. I am so thankful to be adopted by my Father. I am also thankful to be an adoptive mom and an adoptive grand mom. Blessings abound!

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    I love this! One of my earliest journaling techniques – from the time I was 12 or so – was to write scenes between an adopted Princess, her Older Brother and Her Father, the High King. :-) It’s a beautiful way of thinking about it all and it always made me feel special and included- still does!

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    Beautifully written!

    And for Sarah Mae I’d just like to say that our family recently adopted a 12 week old baby girl (our 5th child) and I heard all the negative stories too and even how we shouldn’t ” mess up” our perfect family but I’m here to tell you that My daughter completes our not so perfect family, perfectly!

    Amidst all the neigh sayers I prayed for unusual peace and speed as we navigated what God’s plan for our family was. Can I tell you that our adoption was the fastest placement our agency has ever done? We finished our last requirement, our adoption class, and as we walked out the door we got the text about our daughter. She was home with us 3 days later!

    Pray for a specific sign and God will reveal himself to you.


    Although it starts as an idea for following Him. It ends as a blessing for our family. Remember, children are a blessing. Who wouldn’t want to open their arms and receive God’s blessing? When your child is in your arms you will feel peace. You will be blessed and you won’t be able to imagine that child not being yours. It’s uncanny how God knows us and even through adoption His hand meets our needs and desires.

    Our daughter and her situation was perfectly matched to all of my “secret” ideals and wishes. Perfectly. Even my worries were met. How would I Homeschool with this new child? Easy. She is the easiest baby on the planet. god who called me to Homeschool would not work against His own plan!


    And I apologize for this long post that probably breaks blogging rules I’m not yet aware of. I just felt compelled to reply, and yes I’m long winded like that!

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    We are going through the adoption process right now, to adopt a child currently in foster care, and as I read this story, tears began to overflow… I recognized myself in that child when you said Jesus came forward to claim that child…

    And then I could barely finish the story through the tears.

    Every day should be adoption day. As long as there are Christians in the world, there should be no child left behind.

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    Yes yes yes!!!! Thank you Kristen so much for posting this. I am so passionately trying to share this message with those around me. Even my mom, a lifelong Christian, didn’t seem to understand the connection between adopting orphans and our own spiritual rescue and addition to the family of God. I am more determined than ever to adopt, but I need my husband to get on board, so I would love it if you would think to pray for that πŸ˜‰

    • 8.1


      Hi there!
      I feel the same way about adoption, especially after reading Radical, but right now with 3 kids and number 4 on the way, adoption is not feasible for us. Anywhoo, the point of this is that when I started feeling so burdened about adoption I talked to my husband who is pretty much completely against it. (I will be praying for you and your husband :-) I asked God what I could do NOW (I’m a ‘now’ kind of girl) and I really felt led to pray. As soon as I started a bunch of my friends announced that they were adopting! It was so much fun to pray for them. One of them in particular got a newborn placed in just over 2 months! That RARELY happens! People normally wait years for a newborn and here they were, just a mere 9 weeks after they posted their profile.

      God wants to involve us in what he is doing. Maybe He has made our husband’s hearts hard to the idea so we would get involved in what HE is doing….
      Blessings on you :-)

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    Natalie says

    So beautifully said! Grateful that we worship a God who is the defender of the fatherless. I’m not sure about adoption yet, but God keeps bringing up the subject of orphans for me… particularly with respect to missions. I’ll be pondering this post, as I am considering a short-term mission trip to Zambia, Africa this summer. MANY who are orphans and vulnerable there. Praying for them and God’s wisdom and guidance regarding possible trip.

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    Hey Kristen- read this earlier today and I sent a link to my pastor about Orphan Sunday. Hopefully we will be able to do something at our church.

    One of my friends who is adopted, made a point that adoption means your parents CHOSE you. When you have a baby biologically, you don’t get to choose the child. They don’t put the baby on your chest and say,
    “Here you are, ma’am. Please examine it, make sure you are happy with it and then make your decision.”
    They hand you your child and that’s your child.

    But with adoption, you get to choose. You can say no.
    Jesus could have said, “No.”
    Knowing all of our issues that we were going to have throughout our lives, he instead said “Absolutely. This one is mine.”
    Just like in your story.

    Thanks for writing this….

    p.s.- cracks me up that you wrote this and that Ann Voskamp wrote her post about Xiomara today…God had something to do with that.
    Can’t wait to meet you at Relevant!

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    As a foster carer for children with special needs my heart is full for adoption. This April we applied to adopt our beautiful foster child who was so poorly due to alchol fetal syndrome. Nobody wanted him I certainly did. My heart was broken when Jesus called him home two days after his second birthday. The loss of two children in the last two years has left me with a raw aching heart yet I still plan to move forward and if I can be cheeky I ask for prayers that we find a child soon. Yes the child will have special needs and yes they will have my heart.

    I know Jesus is calling me to love his orphans and I pray that one day soon I can say yes Lord I’m doing it,

    thank you for your post xxx

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    So beautiful! What a wonderful way to word this message and pull more of us in. You’re absolutely right, adoption is part of all of our stories, isn’t it? Great post, and yes, I will talk to my church about it.

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    Dani says

    Beautiful. By the end my eyes were filled with tears. It’s so true.

    My husband and I want so badly to adopt… We are working on becoming financially stable so we can start the process. I check your blog regularly and am always encouraged (or convicted!), thank you for posting from the heart!

  12. 17


    Exactly what this mum needed to power through those ‘poor me’ moments. Well spoken, and so very true. Thank you so much for writing this!

  13. 18


    I’m thinking of Psalm68:5: “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.”

    I’m adopted by the creator of the universe. How cool is that?!

    A little closer to earth, I have a very strong feeling that one day I will hold a little red headed girl in my arms and call her daughter. If this were to happen, it would be through adoption, since my baby factory was shut down last year. Now is not the time for our family, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’ll happen.

    Until then, my heart aches for those who need a home, and I pray for them. That they will be adopted twice. Once into a physical family, second into God’s family.

  14. 19


    Thank you so much, Kristen, for posting this!! Our church has truly JUST launched an adoption and foster care ministry! I am working hard to help get it off the ground and we have big plans for Orphan Sunday!! :) We need a good video to share as well!! Girl, I just love your heart, and how God seems to just keep stretching you!! Can’t wait to see you next week!

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