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I’m going down that aisle. I’ve talked about all sorts of things on this blog o mine and when Quilted Northern contacted me about being their spokesperson, I couldn’t flush the idea away. (I also can’t resist bad jokes, apparently).

This is the first of 3 posts in which I go there. And since the majority of us are moms or wives and we buy toilet paper and the only ones GIFTED enough to actually replace it when the paper tubes are empty, I thought you might like to participate (and WIN a year’s supply of The Good Stuff next week-stay tuned).

So, I’m starting off this party in the bathroom (on a stool by my sink, don’t panic), confessing an embarrassing moment:

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But not so we can do this:

This is what we do with cheap toilet paper that doesn’t make the bathroom cut.

Start thinking about your bathroom confessional (keep it clean, literally) and share it next Monday in the comments as your entry to win a year’s supply of toilet paper (The Good Stuff) and more!

Do you have creative uses for toilet paper besides entertaining your children? Do tell.

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Quilted Northern Soft and Strong®. Please join the conversation at or on Twitter each week @QuiltedNorthern for opportunities to win free Quilted Northern Soft and Strong® and help make the taboo talkable. Proceeds generated from these sponsored posts are going to benefit The Mercy House. See? I’ll do anything for Jesus.


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    Toilet paper has to be the cheapest cat toy. My cats will play with a rolled up ball of toilet paper for hours. Don’t get me started on the empty roll itself. More hours of pleasure for them and/or the hamster.

  2. 3


    Oh gosh…..I have NO bathroom confessionals. None that I would speak about publicly. As a matter of fact, I don’t even use the bathroom, Kristen. On airplanes or otherwise. 😉 My dream is his and hers bathrooms. My family does love Quilted Northern, however.

    Can I give you a blog award for VLOGGING about a bathroom experience FROM the bathroom? You deserve one.

  3. 4


    no, sorry, I dont know any particularly embarrassing moments to share.
    My best mate knows I generally don’t ‘sit’ when Im out and about, and she’s joked with me about it a few times, so I kinda got her back in a nice way today… here : click on the link at the end of the post for some interesting toilet information.
    Happy Blogging… or was that “bogging”??? haha

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    Do you remember the Northern Girls from WAY back when? They were cute, pastel-colored girls that adorned the packages of Northern toilet paper. When I was about three years old, they offered prints of them (there were five, I think), and my mom ordered them. They arrived rolled up in a tube. One of the few memories I have from that very young age was carefully unrolling them and staring at them. My mom framed them and they hung on my bedroom wall for years.

    {Just did a little research, and they started using the Northern Girls in the late 50s; I was three in 1974! 😉 I didn’t want to age myself too much! }

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    Well, I don’t have a confessional right now, well, actually I do, I just remembered one. Okay, so I was babysitting for a family about 4 years ago and they had three little girls from 11 to around 4 years old. Well, it was one of those adventures in babysitting nights where a whole bunch of stuff goes wrong. You know, the kids are fighting, crying, etc. and the dog poops on the floor under the kitchen table, and you realize the four year old is missing, and you find her, downstairs in the bathroom, shoving toilet paper into the toilet and trying to flush it! Not only is there toilet paper in there, there are other bathrooms things, soap, hair ties, and of course her body excrement. So I washed her hands, took her upstairs and set to clean up their bathroom and unclog their toilet before they came home. I did succeed, but boy, what a night. And for a creative use for toilet paper, when my brother and sister were younger they loved making towers, and castles, and anything else out of toilet paper rolls. You know, using the full rolls as blocks. My parents always bought the large, family pack and we would break that open and build, of course knocking it down too for fun!

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    When my son was about 2 years old he decided to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and try to flush it to hide that he had put one of those scented oil plug-ins down the stool. We had to take up the toilet off the floor to find out what was causing the back-up. It was not a fun day for us at all!

    The only creative use I can think of for toilet paper is to put little pieces on my legs to absorb the blood from the little nicks I get from shaving.

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    When I worked in an office, one of my managers typically left about an hour before several others of us did. He is a Christmas freak–brings a 6′ tree in, has lights, brings in ornaments, the whole shebang. Well, during mid-December one afternoon he had brought the tree in, but hadn’t had time to decorate it, so after he left 2 of my coworkers and I took all the chotchky stuff off his desk (bobble heads, magnets, stuffed animals, etc.) and decorated the tree with them. But there was something missing…. toilet paper! We decked it out with TP as streamers, and it looked pretty impressive. Instead of his being upset about it, he left it that way!

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    This is so funny! I am actually guest posting on later this week on this exact topic- toilet paper! I will see if there is a way to turn that post into something else, meaning…a year supply of toilet paper. Nice!

    This is my first time on your blog. I’m likin’ it!

  9. 15

    Carrie says

    I actually have a TP problem *blushing*. I hoard it. I keep approx. 300 rolls in the house at all times. and I am partial to two brands only, with QN being one of my approved brands. :) Some people have linen closets, I have a TP closet! So, I don’t know if it’s a creative use, but TP is my habit :)

  10. 17


    I have no creative uses for toilet paper, because I am too cheap to waste a single square!!! I am a big fan of Quilted Northern… it’s all you will find in my house!!!

    I have seen it used in baby showers for “guess how many squares big the pregnant mommy is?”

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    I will have to think about that one… I agree with Andrea though… I use to use it on my leg for little cuts from shaving. Our household is known for leaving late at night and Toilet Papering someones house…I did it as a teenager and now I have taught my teens to do it…..and Yes…our home has been Toilet Papered right back…LOL.. Does that count?

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    I know the giveaway is finished, but I was in one of your breakout sessions at Relevant, and just wanted to stop by and see your toilet paper post, which I enjoyed immensely!
    I have to tell you that something very similar happened to me when I was 17 and on my first flight ever. I was traveling to France with my senior French class. I wasn’t sick, but was having “monthly female issues”. Anyway, I went to the bathroom, never having been in one on a plane before, and did not even think to lock the door. So I’m in there, and suddenly the door flies open. It wasn’t the pilot, but a male flight attendant. You know the embarrassment I felt. Thankfully he shut the door quickly…I would have died if he hadn’t. For the next 6 hours, I sat in my window seat and pretended to be asleep everytime that flight attendant came down our aisle. I even missed dinner b/c I was “asleep” when he came by to take my order!
    Loved hearing you and meeting you at Relevant.
    Blessings to you, your family, and the women of Mercy House.

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