Different is Good

Twice in the past month, we’ve found ourselves at a Middle Eastern, Mediterranean specialty food market about an hour from  home.

The first time was a whim.

The second time was a good idea.

The strong smells, bright colors, burqa-clad women and the whole experience was so different.

But different can be good:

We ate a lot of one of these:

Lunch was inexpensive and unbelievably delicious: tabula, hummus, kabobs, hot pita bread

What have you tried lately that is different for you (food or not)?

Was it good?

P.S.  I thought my kids might be leery, but they keep asking to go back!


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    MMMmmmm you’re making me slobber!

    You know, I haven’t tried anything recently that made a difference, but as I was thinking about this, it challenged me to really engage people – you know, eye contact, intentionality, etc. … instead of being on my phone or constantly buzzing about the house to get something (anything) done. So thanks!

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    Different: I was passed a book about a biblical topic (spiritual gift of prophecy), and, instead of reading the book first, I went through the entire new testament (Acts twice) and re-established my biblical knowledge before jumping into someone else’s opinion. Usually, I would have read the book, then went to the Bible and compared/tested the author’s opinion.

    Different was SO good. After digging into my Bible, I lost all of my motivation for the other person’s opinion. (That might change, but, for now, God’s opinion is perfect for me!) :) It was a really good reminder of how I’m *supposed* to be studying.

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    My hubby always tries to get me to try different things, which recently has included Mediterranean food and sushi. While I didn’t like all of it, I found some of it to be quite good. My kids, however, have not been as adventurous.

    I also recently went zip lining and horseback riding. While I had done both of these things in my youth, I hadn’t done either in at least a decade. I’m glad I took the chance.

    I hope that when I embrace life and try new things I am teaching my children to do the same. I do not want them to live in fear of things that are new or different.

  4. 4


    Just went camping for the first time in my life (I’m in my mid-30s). Our family went along with two others, for a total of 12 folks (more kids than adults). It was one of the best weekends I can remember in a long time – dirty nails and all – and I can’t wait to go back!

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    (Sorry if this is a repost, I tried to post once before, and it disappeared.)

    On Thursday, a friend sent me a book about the spiritual gift of prophecy. Normally, I would read the book (another human’s opinion), and then I would go to the Bible to compare/test my new knowledge.

    Since this topic feels very important in my life right now, however, I decided to go to the Bible first and re-affirm my understanding of the subject. I read Acts (twice) and studied all the NT references to prophets and prophecy…checked the cross-references, and prayed.

    When I was finished, I didn’t have any desire for a further opinion. (At this time.) I’m going to spend some time absorbing God’s opinion about this subject, and then I might look at the book again.

    It was refreshing…and exciting. It reminded me that God’s word is wholly sufficient. And reminded me of how I *should* be studying.

    Different is definitely good! :)

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    I made dal last night and my son asked me to make it again – and the neighbor girl liked it too. You just never know! I LOVE going to Asian, Indian, and ethnic markets. They are so cool!

  7. 8


    We haven’t tried any new foods lately. Tho, I did try a new recipe for pork loin in the crock pot and it was fabulous!

    As for trying something new in general…usually Hubs and I don’t work on computer stuff together. Our ways of communicating are different and we often find ourselves arguing at each other and then realizing we were both saying the EXACT same thing, only we were coming from opposite sides of the issue. This week we started working on the website for the store and between his techy abilities and my graphic design abilities, the website is looking really nice. We’ve made it a point to consciously think before we speak and to ask questions about what the other person is trying to say before getting upset and misunderstanding what the other is saying. Apparently thinking and asking questions before we get upset or frustrated is different for us…and DEFINITELY a good thing! :)

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    2009 began the year of trying new foods for my family. I wanted to not just try new cuisines, but also to try foods that I’d previously shunned as ‘yucky’, in an honest attempt to eat healthier stuff. It was a massive success, and as a result, my children now eat more things. And I’ve discovered that I absolutely love Indian food. Not helpful with a nursing baby, but I do love it. :)

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    Just last weekend we found an Ethiopian restaurant in our area! Since we are adopting from Ethiopia, it was part of our education to try Ethiopian food. No forks- you grab the food with a spongy flat bread. My boys (almost 5 & 3) thought it was fun!

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    Sylvia says

    Firstly, I love your blog. You inspire and convict with your wonderful writing. What I am writing isn’t meant to be harsh but as I read your description of the burqa clad women, the word halal immediately popped into my mind. I think this is something Christians should be aware of as we are exposed to different cultures/religions in our neighborhoods.

    • 12.1

      kristen says

      I hope I didn’t offend by my burqa comment. My kids asked
      A lot of questions….sometimes different can be scary for kids. But different can be good too.

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    Hello, this is the first time I visit you, and this seems like a nice place to visit, however, I wanted to leave you a kind note, letting you know that It appeared on the right side bar (under ads by RGN) a pornographic image of a cartoon woman, saying “click on any part of your body you would like to improve”. (I am in Mexico and the sign was in Spanish: I am pretty sure this doesn’t go with you!)

    Please feel free to delete this comment after you read it.


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    I bought raw goat’s milk for the first time about a month or so ago. I was leery, but it really tastes pretty good–just don’t like it heated up–bleh!!! Also bought eggs from pastured hens, and they really do taste better! Now, I am trying to get the nerve up to make homemade mayonaisse.

    • 16.1


      I just started making mayonnaise a couple of months ago and it is SO easy (I mean, I can do it in two minutes while the kids are waiting for me to make lunch). I grew up on Miracle Whip so I’m still getting used to the taste by my husband thinks it’s good.

  13. 17


    I *love* Middle Eastern food!! Hummas and I go way back. 😉

    Lately, I have been wanting to make butter and cheese. So far, I’ve made butter and it turned out really well. Next is up cheese!!

  14. 18


    Hmm … the last new thing we tried was a month ago I think. We tried Ethiopian Lentil Stew. I wanted to make it because we were teaching Gabriella a bit about one of our Compassion girls, who lives in Ethiopia. Unfortunately the lentil stew was not a hit.

  15. 20


    We have a middle eastern restaurant near us and your pictures have just set off a pregnancy induced craving….MUST.HAVE.HUMMUS.NOW.

    Something new I tried recently…I tried a new recipe for Corn Chowder. It was pioneer woman, so it was yummy. I tried sewing last week and sewed my first ever purse. That was fun.

  16. 21


    I have decided that this is the year to try new things…No fear! So far I tried sushi, not bad, but not my kind of thing. I also tried a sweet potato latte at a local coffee/tea shop (All About Cha). It was heaven in a mug! No joke, I can’t wait to get it again!!

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    Heidi says

    Eating with *chopsticks*!! I’ve tried a few times to figure it out and always failed. Recently we ate at a Chinese restaurant-yummy!- the waiter offered chopsticks and showed me how to use them. I ate the whole meal, including rice, with them. Lots of fun!

  18. 25


    We are all for trying new foods with our kids and they have eaten almost everything – well not haggis!!! But I have always avoided the hot curries thinking they would turn away from it!!! Well on Friday night – desperate for a dinner date… and I mean desperate!!! We took them to the only place within walking distance of home for dinner – an Indian restaurant… with heaps of curries and interesting sounds and vibes and things to taste and try… they totally loved it and practically licked their plates!!! We will definitely be going back for more!!! I blogged about it here: http://www.se7en.org.za/2010/10/19/saturday-spot-se7en-visit-bihari-indian-restaurant-in-fish-hoek

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