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Show Offs Art Giveaway Winner:

Congrats to random commenter,  reader Lauren (

Everyone else? Here’s a coupon code for 20% off just in time to order a beautiful piece of inspirational art for Christmas:



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    Kim B. in AZ says

    Well this comment probably should be done on last Wed. post but it was just easier for me to do it here. We just finished giving out 500 pieces of candy with tracts attached to them. (It is all we had this year) Yes you read that right. Yes this was done from our front door. This happens every year that we have lived here. There have been some years where we have given out close to 700. You might be wondering why on tonight instead of Halloween (Sunday). We live in a very L.D.S. community and so today was the day. Oh and yes we attach the candy to tracts every year.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Oh you might be wondering if we bought all that candy. No, our church members donated it to us for this very purpose. My hubby is the pastor of First Baptist Church here in south eastern Arizona.

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