Mimi’s Babies {Giveaway}

*Updated with Random Winners* Congrats to Sarah of Letters 2  My Sister and Karrie of 5 Happy Campers!

MiMi's Babies

Some things just make me happy. Visiting Mimi’s Babies Shop is one of those things. This creative momma donated some DARLING things to benefit The Mercy House and this item sold five times in a row:

I love this.

And this literally makes my womb ache:

Oh, and please, how cute:

Today, Mimi’s Babies is giving away a BOY and a GIRL Monkey Hat-TWO winners!!

Product details: What a cute and funky crochet monkey beanie! This monkey beanie would be a great addition to your child’s wardrobe. Or the perfect prop for your next photo session.

These monkey beanies have been handmade using crochet and cotton yarn. The cotton yarn is soft and wears well. It is a natural fiber and feels great on baby (or big kid) skin.

The beanie is pictured in 2T – 4T, but the following sizes are also available (newborn all the way to preteen)

If you’d like the cutie in your life to be EVEN CUTER, this giveaway is for you. Go visit the shop and tell me what makes your womb shutter.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 1

    Angie says

    The Elmo hat would make my daughter smile! I don’t know as I would ever get it off of her. Hmmmm, saving this site to send to Santa!!

  2. 2


    I am obsessed with owls, so the owl shirt for boys is awesome. But my little guy needs something to keep his head warm this winter and his clothing seems to trend toward monkeys. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. 5


    anything baby related makes my womb shutter at the moment. i’m currently 6 weeks pregnant – expecting our first baby, and it feels like God has made all of the dreams i didn’t know i had come true

  4. 10

    Tracey says

    What don’t i like???? i do really love the roll tide girls beanie & since my daughter is turning 4 in a couple weeks the birthday shirts with matching skirts are adorable. how fun, i bookmarked & we are from Bama like the etsy owner.

  5. 15


    Chocolate brown crochet beanie with the scalloped edges. I’ve bought flower headbands from her before, and we LOVE them! The quality is great, and we get compliments all.the.time. when my girls wear them. Thanks for the chance!

  6. 16


    well, see, my womb is still shuttering from all the work it went through 10 days ago birthing my wonderful, sweet sara! who, as it turns out, would look fabulously cute in a little monkey hat!

  7. 18


    Oh my! I love everything for the tiniest little ones, maybe because there isn’t a tiny one here right now. My big girls would love the polka dot ear flap hat. The little one would love the monkey hat.

  8. 20


    I love the Girl Monkey Earflap Beanie with Braids in Hot Pink and Lime Green, but I don’t think you could go wrong with these choices!

  9. 22

    Melissa Fiske says

    wow- hard to choose! i love all the girly hats for my 3 yo but i’d have to say my womb shutters when looking at the little man beanie- our little man is just 6 days old and would love something new and cute to cover his bald head in this cool weather! i love all the hand-me-downs from friends but theres nothing like something just for him!

  10. 23


    The Little Hoot Owl Beanie with Braids….TOO cute! My little man needs something cute – his big sister gets everything! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  11. 30


    Wow! What a cute shop! I love the monkey hats pictured on your post, but I also love the raspberry crochet sydney beanie hat. I can just see my daughter wearing it!

  12. 37

    Heather says

    Oooh, I added MImi’s BAbies to my etsy faves! I love it all & the monkey hat is my absolute favorite but I also like Little Birdie Birthday Shirt Toddlers Girls Retro Bird

  13. 39

    Emily C says

    We just lost a baby, so everything makes my womb shutter…I just want one so badly! Our little girl is wonderful, and I’m so thankful for her–she’d look smashing in the monkey hat!

  14. 40

    Sarah K says

    Oh my, that very first item, the sock monkey beanie makes me want to cuddle that gorgeous babe wearing it and nibble those cheeks. I may need to contact her about having a larger-sized version made for my soon to be 5 year old. I love it!

  15. 42

    Courtney says

    oh my goodness!! I am absolutely in love with those monkey hats. My two toddlers would love them!! I hope I win one and I might just have to purchase a second for my other little boy. I added this shop to my favorites! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  16. 43


    the little blue monkey hat would be perfect for our soon-to-be son from Ethiopia! :)

    I love the friendly ghost onesie – mostly because our last name is Casper! 😛

  17. 44

    Amy B says

    The monkey hats are simply adorable…my son has to have one…..but I’m also expecting a little girl in February and her homecoming outfit needs a matching raspberry flower headband or it just won’t be complete. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  18. 46

    beth says

    I’m not sure anything could get my womb to shutter, but I have a little niece who I’m really tempted to get the monkey ears for!

  19. 50

    Carissa says

    Oh my – what a cute shop!!! I love all the beanies but my fav would be the zebra infant crochet knit fabric beanie! So cute!!!

  20. 54

    Tyler says

    So much to choose from I can’t narrow it down to just one 😉

    I am a huge Bama fan so anything bama is def. a fav.. love the beanie the best though! Also really like the Christmas hat.. oh yea and the Elephant one. OK I will just take one of everything!!

    Thanks so much for such a precious giveaway

  21. 58


    those monkey hats are oooooh so cute!!!! And there are so many things on the site that are ooooh soooo cute!!!

    One of the cutest ones is the long tailed elf hat! Sooooo cute!! :)


  22. 61


    WOW those are all so cute! I have to order a cutie patiootie hat for a new baby girl my friend is having! For me, I love the monkey hats and the boy hats with the visor. oh and the brown ruffle hat with the pink flower!!!!!!!! So so cute! She is very talented.

  23. 62

    Elizabeth says

    Little baby feet make me very happy- I love those little brown and pink booties! And the owl shirts are incredibly cute.

  24. 64

    Kim Anderson says

    LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the White INFANT Crochet Beanie with Extra Large Pink Lemonade Interchangeable Crochet Flower Hairclip. SO. CUTE!!!!!

  25. 65

    jenleahlynn says

    i’m torn between the sock monkey hat, and the t-shirt with the tie on it. my youngest started kindergarten this year. it reallly does go by fast.

  26. 68

    Rachel Watters says

    I’m going to have to go with the Baby Boy Shower Gift Set – Crochet Newsboy Beanie and Booties, only because I’m expecting in December, and I *think* we’re having a boy! But also, any of the items that were taken with an actual infant in the picture- they’re just so tiny and precious!

  27. 69

    Aleta says

    I love the crocheted beanies, especially the yellow with white flower. My three year old has taken to wearing an old infant knit hat (with the band rolled down and the seams showing so that it fits), and she looks so adorable that I really want to get her a beanie that she can actually wear outside the house!

  28. 71


    Oh my! There is not ONE thing in Mimi’s shop that I wouldn’t love to own! How can a flower make a hat or a headband 1,000 x cuter? And stuff for boys that is fantastic as well! My womb is shuttering!

  29. 73


    The Sock Monkey Beanie did it for me! When my son was a newborn, I was always finding such cute sock monkey outfits for him to wear. I bought books and made him sock monkey booties! I even got a sock monkey for his first christmas ornament. I also made my daughter a sock monkey dress, so she wouldn’t feel left out! :)
    You can say I am a little “obsessed” with sock monkey’s!
    GREAT Giveaway! Cute shop! Thanks! :)

  30. 75


    I love the chocolate brown beanie, with the purple flower. We’re crossing our fingers for a female baby soon! LOL or the baby cocoon, that is adorable!

  31. 78

    Rose Reyes says

    Mimi’s babies is wonderful, I got some crocheted brown and pink booties with a pink crocheted flower on it made for my daughter, those were my favorite!!

  32. 82

    Amelia says

    I LOOOOVEE the sock monkey hat – been eyeing it for months – would be perfect for my little monkey! Thanks for the chance!

  33. 87


    I love this shop too. What great products and creativity. I really do love the monkey hat. My Princess would look great in it. Nothing at this point makes my womb ache. Well almost nothing. Having a 2 year old is hard work. Hard Hard Work.

  34. 88

    Christie says

    The baby girl shower gift set…but really, it doesn’t take ANYTHING to make my womb ache…I’m desperate for a baby, but we’re trying to wait until my husband has a job so I can stay home with a child. Dear Lord, give me your patience and peace!

  35. 89

    Sarah says

    Okay, you want us to pick just one!?! We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl… we now have our precious little girl in our arms and so I would say the Chocolate Brown Crochet Beanie Hat with Soft Pink Flower.

  36. 91


    I don`t know about making my womb shiver…as it has forgotten:) But I really like the little man single initial T shirts. Hoping I win:)

  37. 92

    Rachel says

    I like the Elephant Crochet Earflap Beanie- so cute! But when I saw the Baby Pink and Chocolate Brown Crochet Flower Hairclip and Headband Set, I got that ache for another baby! I want a tiny little bug to cuddle and smooch again! I also like the little one pictured in the Pink Lemonade Crochet Flower Hairclip and Lime Green Crochet Weave Headband Set! I want the Elephant Crochet Earflap Beanie and the Crochet Holiday Long Tail Beanie in two sizes for myself and my son, and my mom would love the Knit Football Hat!! I might have to see if I can get a discount for a bulk order…

  38. 94


    I LOVE the owl shirt. I love the hats too, but I just think that all hats in the world are adorable so I couldn’t possibly choose my favorite hat!

  39. 95

    Laurie Cox says

    The Baby Girl Shower Gift set in chocolate & pink w/ hat & booties!!! I’m a sucker for baby feet!!! Gets me everytime!

  40. 96


    YaY! I am so excited! Of all the blog give aways I have entered, I have never won! Now I can’t say that anymore! What a blessing. I can’t wait to put it on my daughter’s head!
    Thank you

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