I’m heading to The Relevant Blogging Conference early Thursday morning and spending the weekend there.

If I could be anything in this online world and in my real life, it would be this: relevant: bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent

What makes a person connected, pertinent?

Tell me.

I want to be that.


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    That sounds like an amazing adventure and daunting task alone. Praise God that He’ll see you through this adventure/learning experience/growth. Your heart continues to amaze me.


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    I am trying to start my own little blog carnival and I am having troubles getting the linky thing to appear correctly is there any way you can email me and let me know how I am to do that? I went to linky tools and have the code and everything just not sure how to do it and make it appear on my page like yours does?

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    praying for you… for all of you. Maybe next year for me. I do not think I am a very experienced blogger… but would love hearing all of you and MEETING everyone.

    Kristen…. I can’t begin to tell you how REVELANT you have been to me…. How God has knit us together the past month…. HE is awesome. YOU my friend are revelant…

    JESUS. Oh precious JESUS.

    love you much,

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