Someone is Waiting on You to Jump

[God spoke these words to my heart while I was at the Relevant Conference. Perhaps they are for you? I wrote them down for me.]

We could have said no. We could have pushed away the beckoning to respond in such a manner. The months of churning and wrestling, seeking and struggling, the labor pain that gave birth to Mercy.

Would you have thought less of us? Sponsoring more kids, changing our priorities, losing the American Dream….they were enough. Maureen would have understood if we’d answered, “No, we can’t help right now.” Right?

It would have been okay for our response to be okay.

I know this.

And the truth? Standing at cliff’s edge, we wanted to say no. We asked if there was another way. We researched and begged. We cried it is too big, we can’t, we are afraid, we don’t know how.  We don’t want to love mercy.

We didn’t throw caution to the wind. We didn’t just jump into the chasm of the unknown.

We jumped into the very hands of God.

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Why? Why do the uncomfortable? Why go beyond the comfort zone and risk so much? Every one of us has a unique purpose for our lives and our blogs. It’s a risk finding that purpose. It leaves you exposed and open to criticism and fear and failure.

It leaves you open for the supernatural, the extraordinary.

Stepping into the unknown re-destines your life.

When we jumped, it was as if He had poised people all over the world, who were waiting. Waiting for someone to say yes. We said yes, so they could say yes. Jumping, unleashed a force we didn’t know existed. Hundreds and hundreds of people who were waiting, praying, wanting the opportunity help us without even knowing us.

We are on the adventure of our lives. Yes, it’s scary. It’s uncertain. Control is gone, we are asking, believing for each new step, every day.  This journey isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon of hills and valleys.

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

I believe everyone who believes will stand at the edge.. You can say no. You can push away the beckoning to jump. Everyone would understand if you walked away. It would be okay to be okay. Right?

You won’t know what you’re missing, your path will continue and life will go on.


What if life is better, God is nearer, peace is more certain, faith is found in the jumping?

“This is how God works: he puts his people in positions where they are desperate for his power, and then he shows his provision in ways that display his greatness.” -David Platt

What if someone is waiting on you to jump?

So they can say yes.

What are you contemplating today? What are you waiting on?

I’m linking this post up to Muthering Heights series “How big is your But?”….


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    Oh Kristen. Your words are so powerful, you have no idea. They stir my heart. Of course I’m in the middle of reading Radical and working towards changing my heart and attitude the way you already have, but I know there is more…always more. If only I could convey this message to my risk adverse husband, because in many ways I can’t jump alone. He’s my partner in everything and he’s got to be willing to jump with me.

  2. 3


    Excellent post…and so well written!!! You have put into words how I have felt for the last 8 plus years and how I wish I could have expressed to so many in such a concise way. I am so thankful we “jumped” 8 years ago when we became missionaries to Central America. I wouldn’t change any of the experiences for the world and have seen God work in ways I would have maybe missed out on had we not “jumped”. Bless you on your journey. God’s will is the best place to be!!!

  3. 5



    We are going through “Radical” right now in our small group and really our church as a whole. Praying that God will show us where we need to jump.:)

  4. 6


    Yes… You were saying yes and I felt like no one understood what I was feeling or thinking…

    YOU were very instrumental in me seeing how God sees the bigger pic.

    Thank you. Our life is forever changed.

    Love the David Platt quote…. He is just amazing.

    I wish I was better at my words,


  5. 7


    Thank you for jumping, so we could say yes! You encourage us all with your faithfulness.

    We are watching, and praying, and waiting on God to take us to the edge of the cliff. We don’t know yet into what He wants us to jump. But I will hold your words tight and remember them when the time comes. I want to have the faithfulness to jump when He asks.

  6. 8


    I do feel like we are all called by God to jump. He wants big things from everyone. Some people’s jump may never be seen by others. Others (like yours)will be seen by hundreds, thousands, millions. Lately, I have been asking God to ask more from me. I want to do more for him. But, we are being obedient in the small jumps he is calling us to do now. They seem small as most others don’t see them (not upsizing our house, radically paying off the one we do have so that we are not tied to specific jobs, etc). I feel like God is calling us to these “small” jumps so that we are ready to take the bigger jump coming up. I cannot wait to find out what it is!
    Praying for you and your family. Thank you for being faithful to your dreams, God and your readers. Thank you for your honesty in the struggles and triumphs. Can’t wait to continue on this journey with you!

  7. 9


    You just stirred the already crammed pot that is my head. So much has been going through my head lately and I don’t even know how to process it all. I feel like I am under water in a swirling current and can’t quite tell which way is up or down…and just when I think I’ve gotten up figured out, I get swept away in undirected thought and lose it again. Will you pray for me to find God’s compass?

  8. 12

    Seth says

    This is just plain fun to watch.

    Thank you for living it in front of us all. We can all learn much from the story you are walking.

  9. 13

    Robin says

    We jumped when we decided to adopt from foster care. Even though it was five years in the making it was still scary. Right now I feel like we’re hovering in the waiting for a placement. We’re not sure what life will look like when we land. That is scary. But I know God has called us and he will sustain us.

  10. 14


    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been struggling with my own issues, standing on the edge of the cliff. God just really used yor post as an encouragement to me.

    I just started blogging, after feeling compelled to do it, and not knowing how I could–where would the time come from? Why would anyone be interested in my thoughts? The doubts are never-ending. But I’m taking the leap…hoping that I don’t screw it up…knowing that I’m doing my best and leaving the rest in God’s hands.

    Thanks again,

  11. 15

    Jenn B. says

    So beautifullly you say it! So, So Perfectly. “Say yes so others can say yes”. I will not soon forget those words Kristen…thank you for nudging me towards my cliff! Many Blessings to you and to The Mercy House.

  12. 16


    This speaks to me in so many ways, Kristen. In so many moments I feel God whispering…”here it comes, are you ready?” It’s scary as hell – but I know when it all comes down to it, whatever he asks will be worth everything and more. Thank you for the reminder.

  13. 17


    Love this post. It leaves me to think of what God is asking me to do. All in a really good, God-sized dreams. Praying for you and your family and praying for Mercy House.

  14. 18


    I know I said I was scared and I didn’t want to jump, but these words God spoke into your heart at Relevant went deep down to my soul. I’m jumpin’! (well right now I’m peekin’ over the edge, but I’m about to jump) Thank you, Kristen.

  15. 19


    I jumped today. More than once. I don’t comment often, but I do pray. For you and your family, for Maureen, for The Mercy House. You are inspiring me and many others daily and as you step out in faith, others are following. Little undercurrents of movements the whole world over, little God-surges. Even way up here in Newfoundland, in the middle of the cold North Atlantic, your faith is having concrete effect on others. Just wait… there is so much more coming…

  16. 21



    Just had to comment and say you are such an inspiration! These words truly speak to my heart… thank you.

    I haven’t been by in a while and I’m so glad I came over here today. And what great news about your book coming out in March too. I can’t wait to read it!

    Hugs to you,

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