The Power of 3

The odds aren’t in her favor. She lives in a country where rape happens every day, all day long. By neighbors, fathers, brothers, even policeman…The majority of these crimes aren’t reported. But she bares the scars, inside and out, and the stigma for the rest of her life.

Three dollars.

It isn’t much in today’s world. You can buy a couple of candy bars or a large drink. Three dollars just doesn’t go very far.

Unless you add your $3 to my $3 and I add mine to her $3 and she adds hers to theirs…before you know it, $3 becomes a lot.

There are so many who have wanted to contribute to The Mercy House (maternity home) we are opening in Kenya, but can’t commit to $25 a month. And you know what? We need your help. Because every dollar counts.

I started thinking about how I can’t do this on my own. Even with my immediate and extended family pitching in and about 1% of my readers giving $25 monthly, it’s still too big. But if we all do a little, it becomes a lot.

Even when we were dirt poor (by America’s standards), I think we could have scrounged up $3 a month in the cushions of our couch and in the bottom of my purse.

Three dollars.

On the Third of each month.

To remember the Three girls raped every 45 minutes.

My stat counter tells me that I have thousands of regular readers a month. If just a half or a Third of you have gave three dollars, it would be monumental.

Are you in? Click below to make a Paypal donation:

The above button is for a one-time $3 gift. I will post a reminder on my blog and at The Mercy House site on the 3rd of each month. If you’d like to subscribe to a recurring, automatic $3 monthly gift, please use the button below:

This money will go to the huge financial undertaking of launching The Mercy House, which will counsel and minister to pregnant girls and rape victims for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Repost from October 2010

Updated: Hundreds of people are monthly Power of 3 donors. It makes a huge difference!


  1. 2


    This is the best idea! :-) I found out how $1 is actually a lot when I raising money for a mission trip. Every donation, between $1 and $200 was essential in sending me on my trip.


  2. 3


    ok, I’ll try it, but I have to let you know my paypal accnt isn’t up and running yet (long story) so…. give me a bit but I will jump on this wagon when I can :)

    • 4.1

      kristen says

      Thanks, Stacy! There isn’t a way to do it automatically right now. But on the 3rd of every month, I’ll post a reminder.

  3. 8


    I’m in, girlfriend! I was sad that I couldn’t do the $25 a month but I can definitely do this!!! Can I use your picture (the 3 for 3 on the 3rd) on my blog with a post back to this post to try to get more donations? Thanks!


  4. 9


    Hi Kristen. God is doing such amazing things through you! I signed up but wanted to let you know that my PayPal account is under my husband’s name and has his email listed. Please use my email ( if you’re going to email reminders each month. Otherwise it will be lost in his inbox forever. :)

    I will pray for you and your family’s mission!

  5. 11


    Great idea! I have read your blog off and on and I just wanted to say I love what you are allowing God to do through this blog! I live in Baytown, so if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask! I have my own business too and when I get time, I am going to try and see if I can make some things for your mercy store. For now, I donated my $3. What a great way for us to be able to help!

    Summer Suzette couture

    • 12.1

      kristen says

      Hi Alicia,
      I finally figured out a way to have recurring payments w/o a church. You’re more than welcome to use that option. Blessings and thank you!

  6. 13


    Hi Kristen, I tried to do the monthly subscription but it wouldn’t take me to the payment page so I did the one time gift for now. I probably did something wrong! I clicked on the subscribe button a few different times and it would only take me to my paypal transaction page instread of the “pay now” page.

    BTW- working on your PPk now!

  7. 14

    Laura says

    I’m a long-time lurker, but just wanted to say that my husband and I are in for the $3 a month. He cried as I read to him about the rape statistics, and our hearts are both moved by what you are doing in Kenya. It is good to be a small part of that, and we hope in the future to be able to help more.

  8. 17


    I really wanted to do the $25.00 per month…but I knew that right now that wasn’t an option for me…I’m thrilled that I could do something!!

  9. 18


    I couldn’t commit to $25 per month, but my conscience wouldn’t let me say no to 3. That’s less than a smoothy at McD’s that I’ll just pick up on a whim. It’s sad that we’re so privileged that a $3 smoothy would take priority over a pregnant women dieing (or worse) across the globe.

    • 19.1

      kristen says

      Thanks, Nicole. I’m working on a button and hope to have it on my sidebar/The Mercy House site soon. Thank you for supporting this project!

  10. 23

    Lisa says

    He has no hands but our hands…
    This time, you are his hands, but I can help with my checkbook. And I just did. Thank you for being the one to make us aware.

  11. 28

    Marci Lincoln says

    Totally forgot to take care of this until today, but I just sent my three dollars. Funny thing is, I’m a member of a survey site that pays for completing online surveys. Know how much per survey? Three dollars. It’s no coinsidence that I still had the money sitting in my paypal account, wondering what I was going to do with it. Question answered. Kristen, how you and your family are living your lives is an inspiration. I will continue to be in prayer for your God-sized dream!

  12. 29

    Jennifer Lata says

    I’m in for the $3 a month- I need an address to send money to monthly pp is not an option for me (DH doesn’t like doing $$ stuff online)

    I want to share with you, and ur readers. Six years ago almost to the day now I was raped, it was a date that went wrong to say the least. I was stunned and didn’t even understand that I had been raped, I was so confused I was mad at myself that I let this person “have” me even though I said no. It took a lot of counseling for me to realize I wasn’t an easy girl I was raped by someone that I trusted. The night of the attack a dear friend took me to the police station, and then the rape center, and then sat with me all night while I cried myself to sleep. I was ever so blessed to have a trusted friend to turn to, to have trusted police to turn to, and to have the rape center that I went to. The people were so nice to me and kept reminding me that it wasn’t my fault, no means no. I have tears in my eyes right now just remembering this story. I can also tell you that recovery is far away for me, I am married with three kids now. I can’t stand being surprised from behind me and I worry I never will. Sometimes my 4 yr old will quietly come up from behind me and kiss me on the check that should be a prized moment, but instead I am simply trying to calm my body down to realize it’s okay and it’s just my daughter loving me. My heart and prayers go out to these poor girls who have no one and nothing to turn to, may God be with them and help your organization come to fruition.

  13. 31


    I just signed up on paypal. $3 seems like nothing but it can mean everything. Thank you for reminding me how much little things do count!

  14. 32


    I followed Ann Voskamps link, then started looking around and am just so appreciative of YOU. Thank you for setting this up and helping to make it EASY to give. I am going to post a link on my blog, sending people your way. I don’t have a lot of readers! 😉 But every little bit helps, right?

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