The Unlikely Jewelry Shop

Our garage is a hammering workshop:

Our kitchen table is a beading hub for friends, family and neighbors (love you guys!):

We have become an unlikely jewelry shop:

We have some VERY EXCITING! NEWS concerning the jewelry we make to benefit The Mercy House.

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

P.S. See my cute headband in the photo? It’s called a Mercy Band-for days when your hair could use a little mercy. I will have 50 of them (all different prints) for sale at the Relevant Conference for $10 each!! I altered the pattern for our Mercy Bands from Tacky headbands. If you want to buy one online, you can here from Because Every Mother Matters. 100% of their profit goes to moms all over the world.

(This is a perfect excuse to ask you to shop mercy).


  1. 1


    That is so awesome. Seriously. We’d probably drop by to lend a hand if we were closer!

    I can’t wait for our order to get here. I just KNOW the necklace we got for my husband will start some conversations at his work. And the necklace I got for me will too when I’m out and about. Can’t wait!

    I LOVE that headband!!!

  2. 2


    Whoa. First commenter?! I’m NEVER first on here!! There’s almost always at least a hundred comments before I get on to read the post. ROCK ON LOL

  3. 5


    Your jewelry shop looks like quite a bit of fun! :) I LOVE the Mercy Bands and I’m so sad that I’m not going to be able to go to Relevant 10. Any chances that you might have some for sale for those of us who aren’t able to go?? 😉

  4. 8


    Love seeing all of those helping hands around your table! If I lived closer, I’d be there too! Can’t wait to see you at Relevant!

  5. 16


    I’m liking your jewelry. It’s beautiful hanging in the window with the light shining through. I guess that your jewelry is going to be manufactured someday, maybe soon, may be later. The headband is adorable.

  6. 25

    says I received my news my beautiful necklace today. It is GORGEOUS. Thank you so much!!

    My guess is? You’re pregnant with quintuplets. 😛 : P: 😛

  7. 27

    Rachel says

    26 comments and only 9 guesses? I hope that means only 9 others in the drawing so far! My GUESS is that MERCY HOUSE IS FULLY FUNDED!!! I pray I am right, although if Dayspring (or any other sponsor) would feature you and/or fund your project(s), then GREAT!!

  8. 29

    Elaine says

    I LOVE these and the work that you and your family and friends are doing for these precious ladies!! I so wish that I lived close enough to come and help!!! I hope the big news is that MERCY HOUSE is fully funded too!! God Bless You and your vision!!

  9. 31


    Love your jewelry and those bands! Very cute!!!

    My guess is that the jewelry making/selling is going very well and is able to fund The Mercy House. You have to share soon…the suspense is rough!

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