WFMW: A Halloween Freebie

It’s an old debate.

Christians and Halloween.

Some do.

Some don’t.

Some just like to tell others what to do.

It’s totally up to you and while everyone won’t agree, here’s what we do:

We consider it an honor for people (who normally wouldn’t) to come to our front door. Rather than hide in a dark house and pretend we’re not home in an effort to NOT celebrate Satan’s day (as some would call it), we turn on the porch light, buy the good candy (no candy corn here) and even pass out tracts.

Here’s the one we’re using this year (after our church Trunk or Treat Party):

It’s free and printable.

Click here.

It works for us!


  1. 1


    I was actually just thinking about this as I purchased “the good candy” today at Walgreens. All our neighbors know we are Christians…and most of them are not. So I was wondering what they think of us and the fact that we DO pass out candy on Halloween.

    I love that handout!

  2. 2


    We don’t celebrate Halloween either (and holy cow the commentors at my Houston Chronicle site can’t wrap their minds around it!) but we also give candy out to trick or treaters. If we know our friends will be stopping by, we have something for them!

  3. 6


    We view haalloween as a great opportunity to meet the neighbors. We also buy the good candy and we often have pumpkins carved like veggietale charachters – it is a great conversation starter! :)

  4. 8


    I agree – a good chance to meet your neighbors. I personally hate Halloween, don’t like dressing up in a costume, don’t like that it encourages greed and hoarding. But oh well. Kids love it.

  5. 10


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  6. 12


    We do take our seven-year-old son trick-or-treating, but only to a couple of homes in our neighborhood, and also to the downtown merchants (our Chamber organizes a downtown trick-or-treat event each year). We also don’t allow gory costumes (which our son doesn’t really like anyway), and prefer to celebrate Oct. 31 as “All Saints Eve.” Nov. 1 is celebrated at our home as “All Saints Day.”

  7. 13


    Great post. We don’t celebrate halloween either, but we are giving out candy along with homemade tracts. They are shaped as pumpkins and when you open them there are two Bible verses inside. Matthew 19:14 and John 3:16. It’s our first time doing this since we’ve always previously lived in apartments and didn’t have the privelege of being able to witness on halloween in this way.

    Love WFMW. Thanks for the linky!

  8. 14


    We did last year but we have been convicted this year, so from now on, we won’t. It started when we read that Compassion International doesn’t want us send ANYTHING relating to Halloween to our kids. (If you do, they will cross it our or not send it along.) As an advocate for Compassion, I had a check in my heart when I read that.
    We live out in the Boonies and no one will come to our door, but I just LOVE your idea!!

  9. 15


    This is my daughter’s first Halloween. Our church does do a harvest party and a Trunk and Treat on Halloween night but I think this year we are just going to stay home to pass out candy. I love the chance to see the neighborhood kids. Last year was our first opportunity to give out candy in our neighborhood since both my husband and I had been gone the first two years we lived in our house for Halloween. I’m not a big fan of the scare fests but enjoy other aspects of the American version of the holiday.

  10. 17


    I happen to LOVE Halloween!!! (Never heard it called Satan’s Day….yikes!) A holiday with candy, little Dorothys with their red sparkly shoes, Buzz Lightyears, Lego Men, fairies, cowboys…love them! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of teenagers in Jason masks roaming the streets, but overall, I think it’s such a fun time for families to spend together. And did I mention the CANDY?!?

    Kiddo has decided he is TOO OLD for trick-or-treating this year *sob*….I hope your little “goblins” will come next door for candy!

    PS…the only way I like candy corn is mixed with peanuts. Mmmm….

  11. 18


    Great post! Here are some other coloring sheets (with a Bible verse) you might be interested in. I’m not affiliated with the site at all–they simply have some awesome resources. :) I’m the nursery director at our church, and I’m likely to use these for the 3-5 year olds on Sunday. There are several other coloring sheets with other themes, too.

    Now, WHAT did you say about candy corn?!?! 😉 (Although I agree there are some really bad brands of candy corn out there…)

  12. 19


    Candy corn…YUCK! I agree with you. :) My husband and mother-in-law, however, love the stuff! :)

    The kids are dressing up this year to visit our direct neighbors. We’re delivering some homemade yumminess. We’ll also be handing out candy at our house. This is the first year we’re participating (for a host of non-spiritual reasons…mostly a severe life-threatening peanut allergy), so Ruby is excited to find out what all of her other friends have been talking about.

  13. 21


    That sounds like a great idea. I am Catholic and as far as I heard it isn’t against the Church to celebrate Halloween. I just make sure it is good clean fun for my kids. They dress in positive costumes and we avoid anything scary or demonic. When they come home we take a close look at their candy before letting them have it and only allow a couple of pieces per day. Usually after a few months they forget about all the candy they got and it gets tossed. (usually it is about 50% of what they started with) We also turn on our porch light and pass out candy to the Trick or Treaters.

  14. 22


    I think that’s a great and health attitude. Not a fan of Halloween myself, but my kids love it. They are older so now it’s about the Haunted Houses. Again, not a fan, but high school kids love to be scared. I remember those days.

  15. 25

    Heidi says

    We’ve always downplayed the whole Halloween thing and since the kiddos were little (and we live in the country so no one comes to our door) it worked– until last year. A grandparent gave the kiddos costumes so we let them dress up and stopped at 2 houses (grandparents!) Then met some other family members for dinner. This year our church is having a Children’s Festival w/ trunk or treat. The kiddos saw the flyers & have been begging to go. So this year we will do that.

  16. 26

    Blessed4x says

    We are still trying to figure out the whole halloween thing here…

    Ummm….. On your link-ups…. seriously? #140… retro playboy costume? Just thought you might want to delete that one!

  17. 27


    KRISTEN, I am really concerned about your heart.

    Not because you celebrate Halloween.

    BECAUSE YOU DON’T CONSIDER CANDY CORN THE GOOD STUFF. I (and my elastic-waist pants) would beg to differ.

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