WFMW: Grill Tip (that might just save your life)

We like to grill a lot in the Fall because of the (mostly) cooler temps.

My hubby is Lord of the Grill. I am not. I don’t know much about it.

But, oh, have I learned an important tip! Thus, this post.

After defrosting and marinating some thick steaks from my father-in-law’s beef (which my toddler affectionately call’s Papa’s Cow Chicken), I impatiently waited for my hubby to get home, so he could fire up the grill.

He called and said he was going to be late. So, I decided I could heat the grill up to 5 or 600 degrees and sear them like he usually does, since he was on the phone to talk me thru it.

To make a long story short, I did everything he told me to do. Except open the lid to the grill (which technically, he did not mention. Although who forgets to open the lid before pumping said grill full of propane??? That would be me).

So when I hit the “ignite” button and then opened the lid, a BALL OF FIRE knocked me back 3 feet, my phone flew into the yard, my wrist got burned and the left side of my hair sizzled. I saw my life flash before me. (On a positive note: I saw a lot of sweet tea in my future).

Anywho, my tip? OPEN THE GRILL. As a matter of fact, I suggest YOU NEVER CLOSE THE LID TO THE GRILL. I know I won’t. Ever again. The end.

What’s your tip? Ready, set, go.


  1. 12


    I think I’ll just stay away from the grill altogether. Hope you were thinking about changing your hairstyle anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 16


    WOW! When I light mine I usually turn the burners on and then hit the ignite button without ever opening it. Once I think I’ve heard them light then I open to make sure. I guess I will change my routine from now on! My hair and eylashes thank you :) Glad you’re okay.

    • 16.1


      This place is terrible. After an uabensonarle wait, I ordered a salmon burger and what I got was a bun with a Costco salmon pattie! And it was summer! Prices were outrageously overpriced for the poor service and poorer food. My recommendation: Stay away!

  3. 17


    I’m so glad you are OK and praise God that none of your kids were close enough to get hurt! Isn’t it nice when we learn lessons like this – that scare the snot out of us – but don’t actually get seriously hurt (I’m assuming your burns hurt, but aren’t serious – at least they weren’t devastating). Makes it memorable so we learn from it and don’t ever forget. Sometimes God has to shout. At least to me. Know what I mean?

    Seriously, I’m glad you were not hurt badly and that the kids weren’t either!

  4. 20


    Wow! I’m so thankful you are still around and that none of the kids was in the way! What a blessing that was.

    Thanks for sharing; I never bbq, and now I know why. :)

    Annie Kate

  5. 22


    I am sorry but I have to chuckle – I have a mental image of this drama – you flying, flames flying, tea flowing – all at once… chaos… you are definitely the mother of THAT family!!!

  6. 23


    Oh, how scary!!! It could have been so much worse. How thankful that your little ones weren’t nearby! Just reinforces my fear of gas grills! That’s why we no longer use ours….I prefer my little George Foreman! It Works for Me! 😉

  7. 24

    Sheryle says

    Yipes!! Glad it wasn’t any worse! That happened to my husband ONE TIME…he lost the hair on his arms and singed his hair in front…maybe that explains the high forehead these days! ha Be careful my dear!! :)

  8. 27


    Oh My Word!!!! Pretty safe to say you won’t be grilling again any time soon. Not because you are too scared (which I am sure you are) but I’m guessing your husband has permanently pulled you off grill duty.
    Glad you are ok.

  9. 31


    Oh my gosh, my hubby did that this summer! It wasn’t his fault; it was a case of miscommunication between him and my dad, who were both helping grill at the same time. Too many cooks on the back porch…. Scary few seconds there.

  10. 32


    I have done something similar. My husband told me that I was capable of firing up the grill. I pumped it, tried to start it, pumped it tried to start it. Stared at it for 15 seconds, pumped it, tried to start it and it exploded in my face. Seared my hair, my face and my eyebrows. I was well done!

    He never mentioned that if it doesn’t start, turn it off and let it sit.

    We have since bought a new grill, but I will never forget that.

  11. 33


    I love to grill…and I tend to leave the lid down when I light the grill. Tho, I usually just turn a burner on and hit ignite right away. I’ll have to make sure I’m lifting the lid from now on.

    Did you know you have to be careful of spiders in the line to the propane tank? They can make webs inside of the line if you don’t use the grill for a while (like during winter) and it can be a real hazard. And a few summers ago we discovered that rodents like the smell of propane and will chew right through the line to get to it!!

    I’m soo glad you weren’t hurt more than just your wrist and some hair. Your wrist will heal and your hair will grow. It would be pretty hard to replace you, tho.

  12. 35


    That does sound scary! I hope your burns are healing well. Now I know why I have my husband do the grilling! But thanks for this tip!

  13. 38

    Sheri says

    I don’t have a tip, but a similar story. I even took pics of what has become affectionately known as the Hair BBQ with my laptop camera so my (then “guy I was dating”) hubby could see what I had done!! We laugh a lot about that now, but it was not nearly as bad as what you described. Luckily I only had a tabletop grill at the time!

  14. 39

    Stephanie says

    O My Goodness!! I did the exact same thing! Lesson learned the hard way. Thank God He was watching over me, cause it could’ve been bad!

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