WFMW: Holiday Gift Tip {Giveaway}

Congrats to Scene of the Grime, winner of the $75 gift certificate to Show Off Arts!

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I finished Christmas shopping months ago….

Please don’t hate me.

I’m so thankful I was able to shop early this year! But let’s not talk about me. Do you still have shopping to do?

Here are my tips this year:

  • Make it-here’s a great list of 30 little gifts you can make
  • Don’t go in debt to buy gifts, be creative
  • Draw family names, because it’s really about the giving, not getting
  • Choose meaningful gifts- like something from Show Off Arts!

I seriously love this faith-based, mom-run art store! Who in your life wouldn’t love to get a gift like this?

Today, link up a post and you’ll be entered to win a $75 gift certificate to Show-Off Arts! Visit Show-Off Arts and leave a comment telling me what you love and you’ll get a second entry!

What works for you during this holiday season?

And Now a Lucy Doo {Giveaway}


Congratulations to reader Melissa_n and Beth @Sew Anyhow

My sweet real life friend, Lucy Doo, has darling AFFORDABLE  jewelry!

I told you so.

I wore one of my favorites from her in our family photo session (let’s ignore the extreme close up of my crow’s feet, shallwe?)

Today, LucyDoo is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates to help you Christmas shop (for yourself or others).

Please hop over and look around and tell me what you love in a comment as your entry.

[Wait-it gets better]

LucyDoo is offering FREE SHIPPING right now AND 15% of your sale goes towards Mercy House (just mention Mercy House in the comment section)!

This giveaway ends Thursday.

Rite of Passage (with Gory Picture)

This summer on a visit to the farm, we went to my in-laws small-town church. And I mean small.

In celebration of Father’s Day, they passed out pocket knives to the father and the kids, and basically every boy over the age of 0.

I gave my hubby a knowing look that meant OUR SON IS TOO  YOUNG FOR A POCKET KNIFE. He and his dad laughed and told me that the dull little knife couldn’t harm a fly.

[insert foreshadowing]

Once we got home, we (and I mean that loosely) let our son keep the little knife in his treasure box in his room. He occasionally asked permission to whittle soap and chunks of wood with his Dad.

Fast forward to two weeks ago: my son rediscovered his knife and woke with a healthy dose of testosterone and asked me if he could use his knife outside to carve on a bar of soap. I told him no, but to ask his dad when he got home from work. Now, my son is not a defiant kid, but he’s persistent and human (a lot like his mom). He waited awhile and caught me when I was busy and said, “I’m going to go poke at the tree” or something like that.

He and his little sister played while I was inside. I’ll never forget the ear-piercing scream from the backyard.

I ran to the door and threw it open to find my son, with sister following, holding out his hands, covered in blood.

Pocket knife long forgotten, I had no idea why he was bleeding and normally queasy at the site of blood, adrenaline kicked in. I grabbed the hand towel on the counter and applied pressure, barking out orders to my girls. All the while, my son is HYSTERICAL, screaming things like “Am I going to die? It’s hurts!!!! I’m so scared!”

It wasn’t until the girls were safely at my neighbor’s and we were on our way to the hospital that I asked him what happened. “I don’t want to tell you,” he sobbed.

I looked at the hand towel, not knowing how badly he was cut, soaked with my son’s blood and swallowed back fear and tears and said, “I just need to know, so I can help you. I’m pretty sure if it’s your fault, you’ve already gotten your punishment.”

He told me the whole story of using the dull little pocket knife to chip away at the tree bark when the knife closed in on his index finger. “I don’t think there are such things as dull knives,” he hiccuped. I didn’t need to do much lecturing. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

We got to the hospital and my hubby met me from work. While the four pain shots were numbing my son’s finger in preparation for the six stitches he would get, the doctor and my hubby swapped knife and stitches stories.

It was hilarious.

Only it wasn’t because my son was bleeding all over the table.

I looked at the nurse and I said, “How many stitches have you had from playing with knives?”

“None,” she smiled.

“Me either. Must be some rite of passage.”

The good doctor and my hubby agreed.

On the way home, my husband called his father “Dad, remember that dull pocket knife from this summer……?”

My little boy only wanted to say one thing to his Grandpa when the phone was handed to him,

“Papa? I’m a man now.”

My father -in-law responded, “Guess what I got you for Christmas?”

Cyber Monday Silhouette Deal & Winner

Cyber Monday deal!

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The Day After Thanksgiving

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, also known as the day after eating too much.

But it’s just the beginning of being thankful.

I’m talking about a life of return over at Christmas Change.

This December, I turn 38 years old. I was born in the middle of this hectic season and have celebrated with Christmas wrap substituted for birthday for as long as I can remember. My birthday is the day after my wedding anniversary and two days before my youngest child’s birthday and all of that just six short days before Christmas. We call it The Week We are Poor.

Click here to finish reading….


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Thankful Heart


I love Thanksgiving. I don’t like to rush through it to get to Christmas.

I’m going to savor it and try my best to live in gratitude for all that He has given me.

And I’m going to eat a lot of pecan pie.

I’m going to take a break for a few days…

and just pop in here later with some links to posts I’ve written elsewhere.

I’m so thankful for you: for joining me in this life’s journey, for loving mercy so well. Blessings to you.


No Works For Me Wednesday this week….

Will be back Dec. 1 for a Themed Edition:

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Super Exciting News!

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