And Now a Lucy Doo {Giveaway}


Congratulations to reader Melissa_n and Beth @Sew Anyhow

My sweet real life friend, Lucy Doo, has darling AFFORDABLE  jewelry!

I told you so.

I wore one of my favorites from her in our family photo session (let’s ignore the extreme close up of my crow’s feet, shallwe?)

Today, LucyDoo is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates to help you Christmas shop (for yourself or others).

Please hop over and look around and tell me what you love in a comment as your entry.

[Wait-it gets better]

LucyDoo is offering FREE SHIPPING right now AND 15% of your sale goes towards Mercy House (just mention Mercy House in the comment section)!

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 3

    Julie says

    I’m not a big jewelry girl…I love it on other people, just don’t get very creative in that department. Lots of cute things! I’d probably go with the large silver hoop earrings!

  2. 6


    I love the Green Rhinestone Magnetic Bracelet and the N107 (Green) Wooden Pendant and Brown Beaded Necklace
    w/ matching earrings

    And lots more!
    Thanks for the link to this beautiful store

  3. 12

    LB says

    I love the Chocolate Brown Zebra Necklace set! I have looked at it several times in just as many days and would be thrilled if I could own it. Of course, I would never be able to have something just for me so I would certainly want to gift a beautiful set like the Silver Cross Necklace set or the Black, Teal, and Red Button Beaded Necklace set to a young woman from church. She recently lost her husband in a horrible traffic accident and she has been working really hard to care for their two young girls. I know these first holidays without her husband have been and will continue to be difficult so it is my hope that something special just for her might bring a smile to her face. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. 13


    Wow!! Her prices ARE awesome…thanks for sharing her with us! I think I need to have that silver swirl watch….but I also see a lot of things I’d love to get for my sisters-in-law….hooray!

  5. 19

    sarah zblewski says

    i just adore the brown beaded necklace and matching earrings. Her jewelry is so beautiful and awesomely affordable. I may be able to get myself a set no matter what.

  6. 23

    Tina says

    I love the brown beaded with matching earrings, but I also love several of the cross necklaces. Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. 27


    So many beautiful pieces…so hard to choose!! I love them all! I think my favorite is the Silver Cross Necklace w/ matching earrings or is it the Silver Flower on Black Cord w/ matching earrings or the Brushed Nickle Teardrop Earrings , no wait the Silver Cross & Heart Magnetic Bracelet ahhhh! I can’t choose lol!

  8. 28

    Cheryl in AL says

    I love the turquoise set on page 3. It is so pretty. I love that everything is so affordable. I am now looking at her site for gifts for my girlfriends.

  9. 29

    Sarah Z says

    I’ve yet been brave enough to buy such chunky beautiful jewelry because I’m not sure if I’d wear it enough (though I REALLY know I’d probably wear it all the time), so maybe I’ll get my start with these? Or gift them to my sister who always looks perfect in her jewelry! :) I especially like the two you put on your blog!

  10. 35


    Lucy is amazing! If I don’t win, I’ll order so Mercy House gets a donation! I love the Turquoise Stone set, but my favorite is the silver ball set!

  11. 36

    Valerie says

    I have recently started a love affair with earrings :) It was hard to choose one, but I love the Black Filigree Round Earrings. Her jewelry is beautiful and she has great prices :)

  12. 37

    Sam ES says

    I’m one of those people that LOVE it when jewelry come in sets (like, earrings match the bracelet match the necklace) because I can’t handle matching things on my own. Seriously. S110 looks gorgeous. And wow, they really are affordable!

  13. 38


    Lucy, Lucy Doo ~ Where are you? Or Rather where have you been all my life! Sorry, my kid is in a major Scooby Doo phase right now..sigh! Anyway, I LOVE so many of the sets! The two you posted are both super cute and I really like the black and blue set as well! :)

  14. 45

    Darby Brion says

    WOW! I was really impressed with the jewelry and the prices! I have to admit I loved everything I saw until I got to the Longhorn pendants! Being a true Husker fan those are the only pieces I wouldn’t go for!

  15. 48


    I LOVE her shop!!! I bought my son’s kindergarten teacher a Christmas gift there, and she is going to LOVE it!!!! I love the ‘S104 Black Beaded Necklace w/ matching earrings $18 ‘ — my favorite!


  16. 57


    I love accesorizing with jewelry! It can make an outfit for sure. Or can change an outfit you wear frequently into a new outfit. I’ll admit accessorizing is how I keep my number of clothes down in the closet! :-)

  17. 63


    Love all her stuff! I esp love the chocolate zebra necklace/earring pair! Darling and affordable!

    Sweet! Thanks Kristen!

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and you look beautiful in the picture silly girl!

  18. 68

    Wendi says

    What beautiful jewelry. I love the amber rhinestone cross on black beads necklace, and any and all of the cross earrings. Thanks for your friends link, I will have to do some shopping on her site. Beautiful!

  19. 73

    Rachael says

    I have a few of her pieces and always get great comments when I wear them. They also go great with other pieces that I already own. I also have my eye on a Piece that she just posted on FB.
    I think it is GREAT what y’all are trying to accomplish with MERCY HOUSE!!

  20. 81

    Stacey says

    I have bought several of her necklaces for myself and as gifts! Love them all and I definitely want more! Adorable for sure!!

  21. 85

    Lyndsi says

    My little sister would love the Black Filigree Round Earrings. I like the Silver Flower Necklace w/ matching earrings. And since we are UT grads I might just have to get the Orange Rhinestone Longhorn Pendant.

  22. 87

    Jen P says

    I can’t decide between the Large Multi Color set and the Green with rings set. But I DO know that I love all of her stuff and it’s so affordable Thanks for this giveaway!!

  23. 98


    I think it’s great that this will help support Mercy House and would love the turquoise and brown bracelet. It’s versatile enough to give, or to keep… ha!

  24. 101

    Crystal says

    Everything is very pretty! I like the Black & Clear Rhinestone Magnetic Bracelet . I like Lucy Doo’s creations because they can be worn dress up or casual with jeans :)

  25. 102


    She has wonderful items, but I think one of my faves is the Silver Open Cross Magnetic Pendant. Such an original cross! Lovely things and so generous of Lucy Doo to donate such a large percentage of proceeds to the Mercy House!

  26. 103


    Well, I thought I found my favorite, but have since changed my mind a dozen times! The best prices around and for such a great cause too! Thanks for sharing and pointing us to Lucy Doo and for such a wonderful giveaway…hope I can make up my mind once you choose me! :)

  27. 112

    jenleahlynn says

    i usually keep my jewelry pretty simple and classic. i really liked the watches, the heart cuff watch is cute, but the offset oval is really neat as well, so maybe i would try something a little more modern…

  28. 115

    christel says

    Wow–lots of pretty stuff!! I’m not sure how I’d choose–probably end up spending more to get lots, lol! Very cool site, beautiful jewelry, and totally affordable!!

  29. 116

    Heidi says

    Wow! That is really affordable! And that necklace in the second pic of your post would be perfect for my mother in law!

  30. 117

    Joclyn S says

    I love the sets that have bright colors in them! All of them. I wa just looking at the website last week thinking about how I can’t buy anything else right now. BUT Oh how I love her neclaces. I was also thinking, If I hadn’t already donated in her name, these necklaces would be perfect as a gift for my mom.

  31. 120

    Rebekah says

    I love her necklace and earring sets, especially the lime green, bright, silver ball, and orange/brown/turquoise beaded sets.

  32. 122

    Rebecca says

    I am having a terrible time narrowing it down to just 1 thing I like….I love jewelry!! I like S310, the silver flower on the black cord set. I also liked the turquoise and black beaded set. I like the S204 Black, red and teal necklace set. Great giveaway!

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