I Have a Diagnosis

On the last night of Relevant at dinner, I was sitting with new friends. The atmosphere was heavy with all that we had learned and experienced and were trying to prepare our hearts for what God would surely deliver thru His servant, Ann.


(Why yes, I do get a red splotchy neck when I speak in public. Thanks for asking).

We were eating large amounts of roast beef and everything was striking me as funny. (I call this being OVERLY EXHAUSTED).

It was about that time that Alyssa announced she didn’t love (or even like!) sweet tea.

I had a moment of silence for her.

The conversation turned to the habits of highly successful sweet tea drinkers and eventually the conversation ended up on exercise . My new friend, Meagan, was telling a woeful story about how she couldn’t run any longer. I told the table that I was ALLERGIC to RUNNING. They laughed, only I wasn’t being funny.


(My new friend Meagan, only I can’t find your email anywhere—would you email me?)

“My legs itch violently when I run,” I said convincingly (and by that, I mean, I WHINED).

“No way! Mine do too!!” Meagan confessed. Everyone just looked at us like we were oddballs.

They had a point.


(Turns out I’m a “hand talker.” Me trying to sound smart next to the lovely Angie Smith.)

I didn’t expect what happened next: one of the gals at the table turned to Google. (When you’re at a blogging conference with the Internet at your fingertips, what else are bloggers to do?)

“Wait!” She said. “There is a real medical condition for “itchy thighs while running!”

Meagan and I looked at each other in disbelief and I’m pretty sure embarrassment. (I just kept thinking, please don’t let it be a sweet tea allergy).

Well. It turns out, there is a diagnosis:

Symptoms: When you start running, you feel an itchy sensation that is sometimes so bad, you have to stop running. It most often occurs if you run after a long period of inactivity.If the itching is accompanied by a rash, it might be a different condition, such as exercise-induced anaphylaxis (see Embarrassing Running Problem #6).

Causes: The most common cause of itchy legs is actually because of what’s happening inside the skin, not on it. When we exercise, the millions of tiny capillaries and arteries inside our muscles expand rapidly because of the demand for more blood. If we’re fit, these capillaries remain open allowing maximum blood passage, but, when unfit and inactive, they tend to collapse, allowing only minimal blood passage (which, by the way, is fine for a sedentary person). The expansion of the capillaries causes adjacent nerves to send impulses to the brain, which then reads the sensation as an itch.

Prevention: The problem should go away once you have increased your fitness level.

It turns out my diagnosis is called being unfit.

Who knew? Oh, wait, me. I knew.

We laughed hysterically. The girls at the table laughing at us, not so much with us.

I’m just thankful I can still drink sweet tea.


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WFMW: Share a Fall Recipe

[Having trouble coming up with new tips every week? Join in with this week’s suggested theme: Share a fall recipe! Feel free to link up older posts, too.]

I make a mean potato soup. The first time I made it, more than fifteen years ago, my new husband kept going back for refills. I had made enough to last us for a few days, but at the rate he was going, we wouldn’t have any leftovers. When I told him so, he walked right over to the trash and poured the whole bowl in the can. That is affectionately referred to as The Potato Soup Fight.


3-5 lb. potatoes, pared & diced
1 med. onion, chopped
2 chicken bouillon cubes/or can of chicken broth
8 slices bacon, very crisp
Salt, Pepper to taste
1/2 gal. milk
1 cup cheddar cheese

Boil potatoes, onion and bouillon cubes in just enough water to cover until potatoes are tender. Add milk. (I like to mash the potatoes once they are very tender). Thicken with cornstarch. Crumble bacon and add to soup, add cheese.

Now, go have your own fight!

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