We are *still* THAT family

Just when I think we’re moving past being THAT family…you know the ones, I discover a ringworm on one of my kids, experience a tantrum for the record books and spend two hours in the Emergency Room with my son getting six stitches in a nasty cut–all today.

Nope, we are *still* THAT family.

Quick! Tell me your last THAT family moment. Ya know, so I feel normal.

Pictures by the amazing Molly, of Lucky Horseshoe Photography


  1. 1


    Ah, THAT family moments….

    – How about when Parker (my 2 yr old) and I were at the library and he threw a book at me after getting mad when I said we had to and he then proceeded to lay on the floor and scream.

    – Or today even, when we got home from having lunch with daddy on his break and rather than me letting Parker eat the left over pizza – I put him down for a nap. He screamed and cried the word pizza for about 20 minutes….all while kicking the door.

    Yup we have those moments

  2. 2


    Beautiful picture!

    I don’t know about THAT family but I was THAT mom that her 2 years old daughter pull mama’s skirt down when the UPS guys came home the other day!

  3. 4


    How about when my twin toddlers and their little sister (who is just a year their junior) ran as fast as their little legs would carry them, squealing with joy with an unpaid for teddy bear in tow from me (trying my best to pay the cashier) to the other side of Walmart yesterday? I was totally outnumbered and we were totally (and are almost daily) THAT family.

  4. 5


    Oh my! I could give you laundry list of the messes we get into as our family of five lives at a home for children caring for five others right now! But as for our most recent…my (then) two month old daughter was asleep on our bed (which are not supposed to move around alot, right?- this is my thrid!) while I talked with a social worker in our home office and my hubby was managing the act of getting a dinner for 10 to the table. I then heard a blood curdling infant scream that sent me into “mommy-alarm mode”. I found our three month suspended, upside down between my night stand and the bed. I dislodged and held her so tightly praying that she was okay! And she was! It just took an evening at the ER to put my mind completely at ease! THAT LITTLE WIGGLEWORM ROLLED OFF A CALIFORNIA KING BED! She’s been on the move ever since! How is it possible that I’m trusted to foster other children, but can’t even keep my own out of danger????

  5. 7


    Love all of the photos, but especially that last one. It’s just so sweet.

    My kids saw Marmaduke over the weekend and now they keep quoting some section of the movie where he has gas and everyone makes a big deal out of it. Does that make you feel better?

  6. 8


    My 6 year old threw a tantrum on the floor of kroger because I asked him to not touch the asparagus. Then a guy came and picked up the same bunch of asparagus my son had had his hands all over. Did I mention that I have no idea about the state of cleanliness of my son’s hands?

    Then he threw a tantrum at bedtime. I asked him to give his dad a hug and go to bed. He picked up a toy and when we asked him to put it down, he started screaming that he just wanted to go to bed. He spent the next 15 minutes screaming that he wanted to go to bed – which is what we wanted him to do in the first place!

    And then there was the other day in the car. The boys were making farting noises with their mouths. My 6 year old (again!) said, “These kind of farts are much better, Mama! They aren’t stinky!” I’m thinkin’, “Yeah, you know what’s even better? NO FARTS!”

    Hope your kiddos heal quickly.

  7. 15


    I spent 3 hours in a very non-baby proofed home today with my 3yr old daughter and 20 month old son. They broke one clay pot and a framed glass art. 3 yr lied and wouldn’t apologize for breaking pot. 20 month old got all wet, muddy and was crying because of a diaper rash. It was a fun afternoon!

  8. 16

    TracyDK says

    My son is almost 2. I could write an “Ode” to the things he has done. To name a few, he likes to take his diaper off and streak out the door whenever it is opened…no matter the weather. He likes to talk about “burping out his butt” in restaurants. (OMG! I about died on that one!) He was acting out at Walmart and I pulled him aside to give him a stern talking to and he screams “NO HIT!”, which is what we’re teaching him to not hit, we pull back away from him and say “No hitting!” So yeah…I think my permanent place is under a rock somewhere. And he can’t even talk well yet….*sigh* I’m done for.

  9. 17


    OH, MY!
    Probably the last time we were in the ER with my two year old little girl who split open her chin on a bowling ball. yes, a bowling ball. I know it sounds bizzare. All the doctors thought so too, but We are THAT Family!

  10. 18


    Or the time a client shows up at my door. He is 73, bald, a bit short, big blue eyes. Molly opens the door and screams, “Look Mommy! It’s Cailou!” Sigh…

  11. 19


    That last picture of you and your son? Has me all verklempt!!

    And last night, when my youngest proudly told me he had washed his hands before dinner……IN THE TOILET…..I had my very own “We are THAT family” moment :)

  12. 20


    This week we have had a few “We are THAT family” moments…a rash on our 5 year old that made our pediatrician say, “Hmmmm….not really sure!”; our two year old having a nervous breakdown when she realized she couldn’t find her favorite “night night” froggy and then once we found him continuing her meltdown because he was all yucky for she had wiped her nose on him earlier that day! Yes, we all have THOSE moments where we realize that we are THAT family! :o) You are not alone!

  13. 21


    Wow, I sure needed to read all these comments this morning. I have been home with the flu for 5 days now with a 2 year old and a 3 year old. I thought there was times I could have ran away. It really should not make me feel good to hear about everyone else’s days but it make me feel normal. Thanks

  14. 22

    Mandy says

    I’m with you girl … I have two boys, ages 6 and 3 … probably don’t need to say anymore. :)

    Here are two stories for laughs …

    A few nights ago, while I was trying to clean out the bathtub (b/c my eldest didn’t wipe well enough and left a trail in the bathtub … no more details needed), my youngest was sitting on the potty, using it correctly … or so I thought. He was actually scooping up the toilet water and drinking it out of his hand saying, “YUM!” That could explain all of the gastro issues he’s had lately. EWWWWWW!!!!

    When my youngest was a year old, I noticed something shiny in his gum right behind his two front teeth … it was a STAPLE! He had picked up an open staple, and SOMEHOW (I’m thinking by the grace of God!) didn’t swallow it, but got it stuck up to the hilt in his gum. You should have heard the questions we got from the urgent care doctor … “Who gave this child a stapler to play with?” HELLO?! “Why, sir, I always give my baby a Swingline to chew on, don’t you?” GOOD GRIEF!

    Yep, we’re that family too!

  15. 23

    AmberK says

    This morning, I thought I spied ringworm on our middle son-it’s being watched. Our oldest is about to get his license and I’m FREAKING out and our youngest…well, he’s a buttercup who only speaks in high pitched baby talk…uh-oh…then I arrive at my place of work…which is a family business and my sister and I have cried for the past two hours over some things that we’ve been exposed to and don’t know what God wants us to do. Innocent children are our hearts. We are THAT family, too, Kristen. I wish we lived closer to one another, you and I, because we totally should.
    Here’s to it being FRIDAY, ha ha :)

  16. 24


    2 weeks ago, was my daughters birthday and she got guinea pigs, my son went to bed with his eyes swelling shut. he woke the next day which was my husbands birthday to a swollen shut birthday and a 5 hour trip to the hospital

  17. 25

    Susan says

    I have a three year old boy who thinks every song should have the word “poop” in it somewhere;)

    Beautiful Pictures Too.

  18. 26


    Last week we had a meeting with our thirteen year old’s principal. Our eldest is our least likely child to ever get into trouble. Not only was she in trouble for kissing a boy in the library on a dare, but apparently she had also been licking a few of the other children. Licking! Yuck! Our four year old doesn’t even lick!

  19. 27


    Oh GOODNESS! Love the pictures.
    I just got over bronchitis and the kids like to pull THAT kind of stuff when Mom is down for the count. They kept beating each other up, destroying their rooms, ignoring me.. they know I’m less effective and not likely to get out of my sick chair unless I have to, so they try to get away with as much as they can. My son has taken to telling me “Never!” when I ask him to do something.. Um.. I don’t think so! Gonna have to do something about that. =p

  20. 29

    Alexia says

    Well, let’s see…I’ve cleaned poop out of underwear AND had my four year old holler at me “Christmas IS about gifts!!!!!” over and over again…LOL

  21. 31

    Christy says

    Before my 3 year old son had his stage debut as one of 28 pilgrims at his preschool he had a total meltdown. He wadded up the paper pilgrim collar and refused to wear it. Finally one of the other mom’s put it on while I held him. Then the teacher had to drag him in. Instead of standing up and singing for a crowd of 80 people, he sat in the teachers’ lap. Yes…..we are that family..too.

  22. 33


    I was “that mom” when I mistakenly took my 5 year old on a short shopping trip with me. I had 3 places to stop. The P.O, Joann’s and the grocery store. She did great at the P.O. I called my mom from Joann’s and had them talk while I picked up and paid for one thing. She started getting “fitty” because she wanted something and I said “no”. We got to the grocery store and she wanted a little cart, but she wanted to sit in it. I kept telling her she couldn’t sit in it and she started to yell at me. I picked her up and carried her out of the store. She starts screaming that she doesn’t want to leave. I put her down and said “Well, then you need to…”. At this point she ran back into the store. I went in to get her, she ran out the door, looked at me and stuck her tongue out. I walked after her, and she ran down the sidewalk to the other end of the parking lot. At this point, it was a lost cause, so I sit on the wall and wait for her to come back. I knew she would. She came barreling back with a shopping cart, straight for me. I sidestepped the cart, grabbed her by the arm, picked her up and carried her, kicking and screaming to the van. I actually got a few looks of sympathy.

    I thought I knew what I was doing with my first 3. My 4th makes me realize that I have no clue.

  23. 34


    We have our days also. The boy child was in the hospital for 2 days because of surgery and it rained when we came home. I had to lug him into the house while also carrying the bags from the stay in the rain. As I was walking down the walk in the back yard (in pouring down rain), I realized the dog had pooped on the walkway AFTER I had stepped in it. 😛

  24. 36


    We love THAT family because you make us feel normal!

    The closest thing I had today was a potty trainer that pooped her pants. As I put her on the potty to use my husbands method of turning back the undies in hopes of the poop falling into the toilet it fell right on to my hand…as I was on my way out the door to one of my last OB appointments before baby #3 comes on November 29!

  25. 37

    Jennifer says

    We are at the Dr monthly for our son’s fever, and if our monthly dr visits weren’t bad enough, on Halloween he fell and hit his head on the floor. It swelled so much, so fast, that we felt it necessary to call 911, and they also sent out the sheriff. And while we’re concerned for his health and safety, my 3 yo son was horrified, and crying, because he was going to miss a Halloween party.

  26. 38

    Mama Tia says

    Oh, these comments have had me laughing so hard. Just what I needed after day 6 of my husband being out of town on a business trip and my three-year-old throwing up at least a dozen times in seven hours (starting at 4 a.m.)

  27. 39


    Here is one….I am having my first stamp class in months. (This is where my “friends” (which they really are!!) come over and “play” with me for a few hours…its a couple of hours of true girl time which we all NEED!!!!) We make a couple of cards and a fun gift card holder project. Just as we are finishing up my son, (whose stomach has been hurting ever since lunch), proceeds to throw up all over my living room!
    At least it is at my house and it’s on the hard wood floor. It could be worse!……I went to pick up my paycheck at the school and he threw up everywhere there as well!
    I guess we are **THAT** family too…

  28. 42

    Ann M says

    I made it through a warehouse shopping trip with my (then) two toddlers. As a “treat”, we ate lunch there splitting a piece of pizza between the 2 kids. When it was time to go, my stubborn first born decided she wanted to shop more. As I began to wrestle with her to put on her coat, she started screaming LOUDLY. She got into that “no bones in my body” flail on the ground and was impossible to get a good hold on. I got a few alarmed looks from other patrons when she screamed. “YOU”RE NOT MY MOMMY!” My mind actually started thinking of ways I could prove she was mine, like what pictures of her did I have in my wallet?

  29. 43


    I seriously thought about you (and your family!) Thursday when I had to call my husband to come home early from work and take us to the emergency room after my almost 2 year old (who was unattended for 2 minutes… seriously!) found a bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol (Rapid Release of course), opened it, poured it out, and started chomping happily away…. Thankfully, after just 4 lovely hours of monitoring and labwork, he was cleared and was able to enjoy his birthday party today:)

  30. 44

    April says

    You have a beautiful family… thanks for sharing the photos!

    My we are THAT family story:

    We were living in a rental house for a few months b/c I had “literally” burned the kitchen down with a grease fire right before Christmas. We had 3 children at the time and so one morning while we were getting ready for church… my baby girl (age 2) decided that she wanted to copy her older brothers and she jumped off of the “rental” dresser on to the “rental” bed… ughhh… she busted her eyelid wide open. Wouldn’t have worried so much except blood starting coming out of her eye and her nose. So instead of church that morning we spent the whole morning in the ER with 3 children.. they glued her eyelid and she never missed a beat. We now have 4 children.. 3 boys and one precious girl. Out of all 4 children my daughter is the only one who has ever been to the ER and last spring she had to have a cast put on.. & I thought the boys were going to be the ones to give me a heart attack… but my daughter is proving me wrong!

  31. 47

    Susan says

    at this very moment, my 15 year old is trying to re-hang the curtain rod he somehow tore down when he stepped on the curtain.

  32. 48


    Love the photos!

    My last THAT family moment was this Saturday when I brought my Flip video camera and still camera to my youngest daughter’s soccer tournament that hubby could not make it to. When I got home I realized I did not take a single photo or minute of video even though I had several videos and 10 or more photos from my older daughter’s tournament the week before. Nothing like favoritism in a famly of 5, even if unintentional!

  33. 49


    I have a 3 year old, 1 year old and 3 week old and I decided to be brave and take all 3 kids to the local soft playroom. The older ones were having a blast and I picked up the baby and she promptly pooped all over me. I was trapped. What to do? I couldn’t go into the bathroom without bringing the boys and I couldn’t change her there (the have strict sanitary rules). So I marched all 3 into the bathroom where there were older ladies changing from the pool while my oldest yelled those are big boobs and why are they naked and my middle one tried to play in every toilet while I tried to scrub the baby poop off of me and the baby. Yes, we were a spectacle and totally “that” family! Hope that makes you feel better. I love your blog and tune in frequently!!

  34. 50

    sarah watson says

    hey Kristen,

    I sent you a message through fb and want to send one here too :)

    would love to go to kenya with you…and I think there are a few more of us who would like to go to…specifically my twin sister, a couple at our church, and a friend in the JL…

    will you email me? it’s sarahwatson78@gmail.com :)

    love, sarah

  35. 51


    This makes me feel sane after a 2 hour tantrum by my 3 year old. My 3 yr old who refuses to say sorry to me for anything. My patience is spent! I told my husband I was going to find a new job far, far away this evening. Thanks for making me feel human!

  36. 52

    Jody Gregory says

    Your blog is so wonderful! I don’t feel as bad, b/c I think my family is also “that” family! Once when I went in for a school meeting, to meet with my 3rd graders teachers, guidance counselor and vice principle to set up an academic plan, I brought my oh so cute little girl with me who was 2 at the time and wearing the most adorable little ballet outfit. I just thought she was the cutest thing in the world! After about 15 minutes of her playing on the floor with a little basket of toys, and the grown ups talking, I noticed a very foul smell. Then so did the others. So I excused myself and my daughter and realized she had diarrhea in her pull ups! I took her to the car and realized I only had 1 wipe left, so I did the best I could to change her. Then when I came back inside, the janitors were having to SHAMPOO the carpet in the conference room b/c of her! I was so embarrassed!!!!! Then we still had to finish the meeting.

  37. 53


    Love those photos, you all look like you love each other! It’s amazing how well kids pretend while the camera is on them. At least when someone ELSE is taking the photos. If it was me trying to capture the love, they’d be beating on each other and giving me totally lame cheesy smiles! Thank you photographers!!

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